WEALTHY ALIENS NFT | 6987 Unique Wealthy aliens from the planet KOA-198

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NFT’s have taken the world by storm, especially in the art world where digital pieces artworks and collectibles are now selling for millions of dollars. Budding talented artists who once used to post their work for free or sell them for cheap are now getting an opportunity by using the power and technology of NFTs and blockchain and have found an incredibly profitable way to monetize their creative work.

NFTs have already made a huge impact in the world, with Beeple’s “Everydays The First 5000 days” selling for more than $69 million dollars.

Just like Beeple, there are several Artists and NET projects that have made millions of dollars. However, there has been a big shift in what NFT, are really about. Propects like Boss Beautes, World of Women, NFTrees and many others are some examples of NFT projects that are doing more than just gaining monetary benefits from their project. These are some of the NFT projects that has been helping and supporting the human society and earth and have been creating a positive impact to the world.

They are using the power of NFT, for the good of the society. This proves us that the power and utility of NFT’s are far beyond what we can actually imagine.

This brings us to one amazing NFT project thats hoping to build a community of business people and entrepreneurs by utilizing the power of NFT; in hopes to educate, win and grow together in the community and create a better world for everybody.

This unique NFT project is called Wealthy Aliens NFT. Its a collection of 6987 unique wealthy aliens that come from the planet KOA -198. The NFT protect is very unique because of the fact that the project is designed in way for holders to earn.

With cool looking alien themed NFT’s with lots of traits, its one of the most exciting NFT project currently in development


Wealthy Aliens is a collection of 6987 aliens NFTs that have somehow managed to reach the earth out of millions of them. They have come from a distant part of the universe called planet KOA-198.

Planet KOA-198 is a unique planet because it is habitable similar to our own Earth, however, the planet is currently suffering from the shortage of resources.

For thousands of years, due to the lack of resources, the Koans have been at the forefront of financial resources. To combat that, many of the Koans have left the planet in search for opportunites and resources. Over the millennia, they have developed unique qualities in the Universe, becoming the best at networking, commence, and opportunity discovery.

Koans are one of those unique race of aliens who are actually peaceful and they have never been involved in conflicts. They are very friendly, lone luxury, enjoy life and lone opportunities.

The story of Koans begins on a space cruise attended by the KOA elite where everyone is having fun, partying, networking and just enjoying life during the space flight.

Until suddenly, the space cruise is hit by a big meteorite damaging a big portion of their engine system. Luckily, no one is injured but it seems that their engine is very close to failure and they will need to drop to the nearest planet.

The Koans flee to space pods to launch to the nearest planet which is the Planet Earth.

Only 6987 of them manage to reach the earth where people call them Wealthy Aliens,due to their extravagant clothing and Jewelry.

The Koans then realise that they are on a distant and primitive planet in the Universe. They then start to build from scratch and for that, they have to find each other, network and work together.

In total, there are 6987 Unique Wealthy Aliens as we already know. Each of those Alien NFTs are unique and come in different styles, background, colors, traits and rarity and they have their own unique traits and personality

The NFT’s come in 7 colors most common green, grey, white, red and purple. The NFT collection is based on the Solana blockchain and the rarest in the collection are NFTs that come in gold and diamond variation and thousands of variation of accessories and clothing.


Quarter 1:

  • Website & Social Media Launch
  • Community building
  • Whitelist
  • Collection minting

Quarter 2:

  • Investments in marketing and metaverse land for the community.
  • Goldbar Token Launch – Holders start earning: A limited edition NFT gold bars that will be offered to holders. See utility.
  • Roboid Launch: A limited edition Roboid collection: Will be offered to Alien holders. Can be purchased with gold bars. See utility

Quarter 3:

  • Spaceships Launch. 2333 Limited edition space ships. Offered to holders. Can be bought with gold bars. See utility.
  • Rare collectible items for Alien launch.
  • First international live business & networking event: Location: Europe. City: To be decided.

Quarter 4:

  • Rare collectible items for Aliens launch.
  • Launch of the Wealthy Aliens NFT own cryptocurrency. Will be offered to holders and can be bought or sold. See utility.
  • Second International Live Event. Location: Asia, Country: TBD


Quarter 1:

  • Launch of Metaverse Museum
  • Launch of Merch Store: Part of profits are shared with the community

Quarter 2:

  • Starting the process of developing a play 2 earn game.
  • There is a finite numbers of aliens, but infinite possibilities for our community to grow.

Benefits for holders and utility

The project is designed so the holders can earn. Holders will be rewarded unique items by holding and Gold bars that can be later exchanged in the project’s own cryptocurrency. It’s not only about the NFTs, we are building a community of business people and collectors.

The purpose is to educate, win and grow together. We are organizing events for the community, both live international and online in the Metaverse.


Website: https://www.wealthyaliens.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AliensWealthy

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/ctGDpFGJK7

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wealthyaliensnft/


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