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The amalgamation of gaming and NFTs are the best combination. The functionalities of the NFTs are the best thing upon which games can be built. Speaking of games and NFT, NewGen Labs have announced that Forge Arena will be available for download from the Epic Games store following December 2022.

Forge Arena is a tactical FPS game on the Wax blockchain. This is one of the first NFT games to be released on the Epic Games platform second only to Blankos Blockhain Party. Epic Games is being prominent in the Web3 space and this is proven by the addition of NFT games on its platform.

Forge Arena Beta on Epic Games

The end of 2022, will see the hosting of the closed Beta testing phases of Forge Arena on Epic Games Inc. The Alpha testing phase is over and the servers are shut down to put together the closed Beta Phase. If you see the roadmap it suggests that the Beta testing phases will go on till the month of June 2023. There will be a limited number of keys for the players to enter the game.

As the launch was announced, NewGen Labs stated on Medium “We invite you to join us in-game on our new map Island for a limited time.” Also, the players who participate in the beta test will get their hands on “commemorative custom weapon skin of an AK or M4, both called: Epic Kill.”

The Closed Beta Phase 1 2022

The Closed Beta Phase 1 involves the following things:

  • Epic Games matchmaking, account connectivity, services lobby, and voice chat integration.
  • The Unreal Engine will be upgraded from 4.19.2 to Unreal Engine 4.27.
  • Bug Fixes from the upgrade of Unreal Engine.
  • There will also be a New game launcher.
  • Leaderboard
  • Closed Beta Launch on Epic store
  • Exodus and Origins Map case will also be released

After the testing is over, all the servers will be closed to put together the Epic Games Launcher. Then follows the launch of the Open Beta Testing on the Epic Games store in June. This is to correspond with E3 Los Angeles 2023.

Free-to-play game or connect a Wax Wallet

The closed beta game will be a free-to-play game. All the player needs to do is log in and begin to play. Everything is there in the closed beta version, the only thing that is missing is that you won’t be able to use NFT skins.

Nevertheless, to use the game’s digital economy and use skins, you must connect a WAX wallet. The team of Forge Arena is keeping the processes straightforward. This has kept in mind that most of the players do not have much experience with blockchain, NFT, and crypto.

Artur Minacov, the Creative Director at NewGen Labs said:

“The opportunity to distribute The Forge Arena to traditional gamers via the Epic Games Store is a huge opportunity for our studio. Our focus has always been to build a fun, competitive, and unique game first, and to use blockchain technologies to give our players true ownership of their digital items.

Players will be able to use their Epic Games or Forge Arena account to sign in and get started, without any requirement to understand crypto or NFTs. Our team is focused on bridging the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain gaming, and our Closed Beta phases will show the world that Web3 games have what it takes to change the way we play and consume video games across the next several decades.”

WAX blockchain

WAX blockchain undoubtedly is a prominent energy-efficient blockchain. has praised this blockchain by declaring that it uses approximately 0.000223 terawatts per year. There are several popular NFT projects on the WAX blockchain as it is extremely energy sufficient. The WAX blockchain will join the Ethereum, EOS, and Solana blockchains on Epic’s marketplace.


The release of the Forge Arena game on the Epic Games store will be a great milestone for NFTs. This is showing that the NFTs are far from over. The NFT space’s development will go on for a prolonged period. The inclusion of NFT in the gaming space has made gaming even more exciting. Epic Games is on its way to being the forerunner of NFT gaming.

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