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the Ultimate Survivor NFT Collection | 9738 Unique Survivors Living in the Ethereum Blockchain

The Ultimate Survivor is an NFT collection mixed with deep heart-pounding stories of survivors and the idea of the difficult situations faced by these survivors in extreme tough situations.

As they say “From every wound, there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says I survived”-by Craig Scott

From people getting wild and acting like animals on the streets to rumors of Nuclear explosions and Alien Attacks, The Ultimate Survivor NFT shows us how each of the SURVIVORS are facing and coping with crazy situations. Situations, where there is an animal virus, outbreak speeding all across the country, realizing the fact that people are committing suicides all across the county. Each survivor NFT has its own unique story to tell us.

Let’s dive deeper into the Ultimate Survivor NFT Collection and find out the rare tales and lore of extreme survivability.


The Ultimate Survivor NFT project is created by a team of 4 talented creative designers with Tamas Moroz being the lead designer.

The NFT consists of a collection of 9738 Unique survivors, each of which comes with different styles, backgrounds, characters, colors, and rarity. The traits include background, eyes, gender, nose, skin tone, mouth, body type, head, outfit, and weapon.

With a total of 80% Common NFT’s and 20% rare NFT’S, survivors with more rare traits will be categorized as rare. However, if we step a little further, we have only 27 ultimate survivors that are the rarest among all the survivors. They are ultra-rare and each one will have a different design line and will stand out through a more detailed and artistic design.

As a matter of fact, six of those Ultimate survivors are the team members.

The Ultimate Survivor is indeed one of the most Unique NFT collection and with a massive community and strong fanbase, the NFT project has lots of amazing survival adventurers coming forward in the project.

Let’s take a look at the Roadmap.

The Ultimate Survivor NFT Roadmap

  • (✅ DONE) Create the logo, first versions of male and female characters, establish the design and release first info to the public.
  • (✅ DONE) Publish V1 of the website with basic info
  • (✅ DONE) Create all social profiles and channels: Discord,Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit. Check channel official links.


  • (✅ DONE) Partner with Rarity Sniper for rarities and publish to upcoming NFT page on their website.
  • (✅ DONE) List to upcoming NFTs page on Rarity Tools website.
  • (🚧 Under Work) List to upcoming NFTs page on NFT Calendar website.
  • (🚧 Under Work) Promote The Ultimate Survivors NFTS so we can find more easy all the survivors.Under Work
  • (🚧 Under Work) Whitelisting for early community members and supporters.
  • (🚧 Under Work) Update the website to V2 and add FAQ page, Rarity page, Minting page

🗓️ Upcoming

Mint first community called The First Survivors.

  • Presale is in 28 January 2022, at 0.07 ETH, maximum 3 per whitelisted wallet, maximum 1.000 survivors in total.
  • Public sale is in 29 January, at 0.09 ETH, maximum 10 per wallet, till we reach 2.756 survivors.

🗓️ Upcoming

First 5 Sun Ron eBikes goes to survivors:

  • 1 after 500 survivors are minted.
  • 1 after 1000 survivors are minted.
  • 1 after 1500 survivors are minted.
  • 1 after 2000 survivors are minted.
  • 2 after First 2756 survivors are minted.

🗓️ Upcoming

  • Donate to organizations that fights global warming and pollution.

🗓️ Upcoming

  • List on Open Sea

🗓️ Upcoming

  • Shipping the Survival Kits.
  • Each Wallet gets one survival kit. After the first 2756 Survivors are minted we will start shipping the Survival Kits. Because of huge numbers and different locations, it can take up to 2 months to receive them. So please be patient.

🗓️ Upcoming

  • Make rarities with Rarity Tools (after its done with Rarity Sniper)


🗓️ Upcoming

Mint the other 8 survivors communities.

  • Each community can be minted after previous one is 100% minted
  • The minting date for each community will be announced trough all channels

🗓️ Upcoming

Shipping the Survival Kits.

  • Each Wallet get one survival kit.
  • After each community is minted we will start shipping
  • It can take up to 2 months, so please be patient.

🗓️ Upcoming

Raffles for more eBikes

  • Each survivor minted = 1 chance to win at every raffle for each community will allocated eBikes
  • the total number of eBikes is 30

🗓️ Upcoming

The Ultimate Survival Truck Raffle

  • Raffle is taking place after last community is minted.
    • Worth over 120K the truck will go to one of our survivors.
      • Each mint = 1 chance to win this amazing truck.
        • You can choose another model in same amount of money.

🗓️ Upcoming

  • Donate again and again, after each community minting, to organizations that fights global warming and pollution.
  • Survivor6 — 06/01/2022
  • ###### PLAY TO EARN GAME – no dates yet!

🗓️ Upcoming

  • The Ultimate Survivor NFTs hold value in The Ultimate Survivor Play-to-Earn game that will be released later on with community involvement, and holders get in-game tokens through airdrops.
  • This will happen only after all survivors are minted so each survivor has the chance to get involve in development.


Because you want to be a survivor!

  • A survivor needs a survival kit, and you will get one, free shipping!
  • A chance to win one of the eBikes after each community is minted.
  • Get a chance to bwin the ultimate Survival Truck worth $120.000.
  • Help Earth survive! Together we will decide which organizations that help fight global warming and pollution will get our donations.
  • 80% of royalties fees go to survivors.
  • Listing on Open Sea after first survivors are minted.You can get one of the Ultimate Survivors, only 27 in total and very unique.
  • 4 artists drawn hundreds characteristics so you can be a unique survivor.
  • Breeding: We should carry one and populate Earth.
  • The Ultimate Survivor NFTs hold value in the Play-to-Earn game that will be released later on with community involvement, and holders get in-game tokens through airdrops.


The founders of this NFT collection are Tamas Moroz from as head design and Marius Martocsan (ex Cadar) from Romanian company Deladi Software SRL as project manager. Marius built the biggest gambling community from Romania, acquired by Better Collective 3 years ago, with seven figures. Tamas designed mobile games for six years and is now involved in many successful crypto projects as a design lead.

👉 Official links for The Ultimate Survivor NFT collection:

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