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UFC Strike Goes Big With NFTs

UFC is firing up with NFTs by partnering with and Dapper Labs. This partnership is looking to be the best collaboration in the NFT space.

The NFT world is witnessing the incorporation of exciting things. The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC has gotten into the world of NFTs. They have released NFT collections and UCF Strike NFTs. Both of these are incredibly captivating NFT collections and the UFC enthusiasts are thrilled about them. UFC is giving it its all to make significant developments with NFTs but it seems as if they are halfway to brilliance.

UFC partnership with

UFC has partnered with one of the leading cryptocurrency platforms in the world, Its latest progress and undertakings make an outstanding cryptocurrency platform. The partnership of UFC with seems to be up for the long run. The two partners are working together to get into new markets and make a breakthrough. The announcement by UFC of their extension of the partnership with on November 2021, adds up more to the assurance of the longevity of the partnership.

The partnership now has a collection of exclusive UFC NFTs. Numerous UFC digital collectibles, including artwork from fight nights, fighter collections, championship belts, event posters, mystery objects, and much more, will be available on The UFC NFTs were launched on on 4th November 2021. A more good thing about this partnership is that 50% of the revenue from UFC’s NFT sales is accredited to UFC athletes.

The partnership of these two organizations is innovative and is off to an outstanding initiation for an immensely beneficial future. UFC is also giving it all and putting extra effort into the NFTs and improving their digital world schemes by leaps and bounds.

UFC Strike

Similar to NBA Top Shot, which is a collection of video NFTs of highlights of NBA stars, UFC Strike is a collection of video NFTs. UFC Strike features a collection of video NFTs of moments of UFC fighters. To understand video NFTs, it is simple, just think of an art NFT, but instead of it, the team behind the project has added a highlight video in place of the art.

All these are popular moments of various UFC fighters. The value of the video NFT is determined by the popularity of the fighter, the rank of the fighter, how common the type of highlight is, and how bizarre the highlight is. With the UFC strike moments, UFC fans can own the favorite moments of their favorite UFC stars. They can get their hands on the rarest of the rarest moments.

Champion Club – What is the Champion Club?

The Champion Club is the exclusive experience offered by the project. To become a part of this all you need to do is own a UFC Strike moment NFT. By being a part of the “Champion Club” you will gain access to Limited Edition Merchandise, Quarterly Airdrops, UFC Fight Pass, Exclusive Lounges, and many more.

UFC partnership with Dapper Labs

UFC has partnered with Dapper Labs in developing the Memorable Moments NFTs. With this partnership, UFC is aiming to make the best results of the Memorable Moments NFTs. In January 2021, the first set of UFC Strike was released. It consisted of 100,000 packs. There will be more drops in the UFC strike in the future.

To keep yourself updated with UFC Strike NFT drops get yourself a Dapper account. After you create your account, you need to connect your bank card to get access to purchases. Then all you need to do is have patience and wait for the next drop. Also, if you are too keen to own one, the holders of the previous drop can trade their UFC Strike moments.


UFC getting into NFTs is proving to be insightful. What the collaboration has accomplished by now by getting into NFTs is remarkable. In the future, there will be more NFT drops and more things that will be more innovative and exciting. The UFC fans are in for a treat with their inclusion into NFTs.

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