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UFC and Dapper Labs Launch UFC Strike NFT for MMA Fans

UFC and Dapper Labs Launch UFC Strike NFT for MMA Fans

UFC has announced the release of its own NFT collection with Dapper Labs, known as ‘UFC Strike NFT’, following the recent trend of trading in NFTs.

With this sports NFTs project, you can collect UFC knockout hits from some of their biggest names. Fans can start collecting this all-new item at 2 pm ET/ 11 am PT on Sunday, January 23.

Fans can access the initial opening drop by visiting They will be able to join a queue for a chance to purchase a pack at $50.00 USD each.

The latest NFT drop for UFC 274 was released on May 3rd, 2022 and sold out soon after. However, you can still buy it on the UFC Strike marketplace.

What is the UFC Strike NFT?

For all the UFC fans out there looking for something new, UFC Strike NFTs offer a unique way to collect video clips of you favorite MMA warriors’ best combative moments.

This sports NFT project let’s collectors choose from some of UFC’s biggest names and their greatest knockout hits.

The promotion will release 2 series of UFC Strike NFTs, each containing iconic moments from the UFC’s history. Each NFT will be sorted into 5 tiers with different levels of rarity.

  • Fandom: Unlimited number of moments
  • Contender: 10,000 to 25,000 mints
  • Challenger: 250 to 999 mints
  • Champion: 25 to 99 mints
  • Ultimate – 1 to 10 mints

If you don’t get the Moments Pack on the Packs page during the drop, don’t worry. You can still trade your fighter Moments in a secondary marketplace.

Each pack costs $50, and customers can purchase a maximum of 5 packs at any time. The 100,000 Packs during the first drop are for one-time use only; after each transaction, customers must re-enter the queue.

The UFC Strike experience will continue to evolve, with new content being added regularly that ties in closely with the UFC event calendar.

How to Buy UFC Strike NFT?

Users can buy the UFC NFT in Dapper Labs NFT Marketplace called Flow. Step one is the just create a Dapper Labs account from the official website of Dapper Labs.

Dapper Labs

Next follow the steps below as I walk you through the buying process of UFC Strike NFT’s:

After you’ve created a Dapper Labs account, add a Bank Account through which you wish to Fund your account for purchases.

  1. Add funds to your Dapper Labs account
  2. Browse through the Moments page and choose the NFT Moment that you want to buy
  3. If you want to buy a pack, you’ll need to wait for a drop.
  4. Go to the UFC Strike website’s Moment pack page and enter to queue for the drop.
  5. Now its just a matter of waiting for your turn to come until you can purchase a pack.
  6. There is also a ticker that tells you how long it will take until you can purchase a pack
  7. Once your turn comes, you will be redirected to the transaction page where you can pay through your wallet.
  8. Once complete you can open the pack and you’ll get 3 UFC Strike NFT moments.

How was the First Drop of UFC Strike NFT?

UFC Strike company’s first drop on 23rd January 2022 was an immediate success, making $6 million from sales.

Dana White, President of UFC told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that sales have been “unbelievable,” and every event ticket has sold out in a matter of minutes.

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In addition to the company, the fighters will also benefit from the proceeds of NFT sales, as they receive 50% of said proceeds.

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