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Tupac’s Rare Photos From 1992 2Pacalyse To Be Sold As An NFT

Tupac's Rare Photos From 1992 2Pacalyse To Be Sold As An NFT

The Rare Photos from 2Pac’s 1992 2Pacalyse will now be sold as an NFT. Hip Hop journalist and photographer Loupy D is selling original photos of Tupac on OpenSea. Lawrence “Loupy D” Dotson has been working to document the life story of Tupac Shakur.

The 17 original photos he’s selling come with a framed print signed by him which will be sold on OpenSea (a secure leading digital NFT marketplace). All funds generated from these sales will go toward planting trees in hometowns where legend Tupac’s were born.

It’s always an honor to invite photographers to events like the release party for their work. That is exactly what happened in 1992 when Tupac Shakur asked Dotson, then just an up-and-coming photographer and journalist from Harlem who had been selling copies of No Sellout Magazine around Los Angeles while managing to get one issue into his hands after spotting him drinking alone at bars near downtown LAS (Long Beach).

After being recognized for his work in the media, photographer Dator Dotson was invited to a party by Tupac.

Dotson remembered buying a disposable, white, and black 35mm camera from the Thrifty on La Brea. When I got to Glam Slam, the famous old club on Boylston Street downtown was Prince’s home base. Prince’s energy on stage as both dancer and backup singer is what made him so memorable in the music video “Same Song. I was excited to see him perform for his first release party. There weren’t many people there, most industry executives and underground community heads, but that didn’t matter because this is where he’ll be making history!“.

With the photos of Tupac that Dotson took in 1991, he never published them but rather showed them as rewards for good behavior. But Dotson now says with pride and joy how much has changed in just two decades. Says, “along with selling the NFTs,” Dotson wants ‘to create a traveling exhibit of this collection so people can see what it is!

Dotson said, when you see Tupac photos, it’s clear that he is a man with a vision. His determination shines through in every shot and shows off his passion for what he does best – kicking up dirt on stage! He is not just covered in Versace or jewels but humble too! He knew what he wanted on stage that night to become LEGEND!

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