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Treesome NFT Project | Planting Half a Million Trees, Together! One at a Time!


Treesome NFT At a Glance

  • 10,000 tree-inspired ERC-721 NFTs
  • Built on Ethereum
  • Minting date TBA
  • Uses funds to tackle environmental issues

Dedicated to fighting deforestation, Treesome is an NFT project that’s out to make a difference. Bringing utility to both token holders and the world, the project’s aim is to plant 500,000 trees and donate funds to relevant charities.

Treesome NFT

One of the biggest objections to the NFT space is the amount of energy it requires. As it stands, blockchains like Ethereum, the most widely used network for NFTs is largely inefficient when it comes to how much energy it uses. While this is likely to change in the future as blockchains improve their consensus protocols away from proof-of-work towards more sustainable solutions, Treesome NFT is looking to start now.

The team behind Treesome, Sapling Daddy, and ultimateSEED, have been busy extensively researching the NFT space and agree that there needs to be more focus on sustainability and the environmental aspects of non-fungibles.

The project has as its main priority, therefore, tackling environmental issues and building a community passionate about doing the same through ownership of its NFTs. This will be achieved through raking large proportions of the mint profits and royalties and dedicating those funds to environmental causes, in the hope of making the world a better place.

The team has also confirmed that upon selling out, each holder of a Treesome NFT will have funded the planting of 50 trees, meaning a total of 500,000 will be planted all in all.

The Collection

The Treesome project is made up of 10,000 tokens. These are algorithmically and randomly generated characters inspired by nature and trees. Utilizing pixel art, the artwork is reminiscent of the 8-bit console generation and is particularly suited to use as a profile picture for social media purposes.

The hope is that the Treesome NFT will come to be recognized as a collection is an environmentally conscious project and use as a social media picture will demonstrate a similar concern for sustainability by the holder.

In terms of traits, the collection’s tree characters have a wide range of accessories and attributes. These include the classic but rare traits like diamond hands, space helmets, mushroom heads, halo rings, as well as more common ones like caps, hats, shades, and hairstyles.

The Roadmap

With the ultimate goal of helping the environment and building a strong sense of community, the project’s roadmap is geared towards sustainable targets and giving back in the form of token utility.

25% minted

  • 12,500+ tree plants
  • 20 free airdrops
  • Whitelist giveaways

At the quarter-way mark, the project will have planted more than 12,500 trees and donations will begin to worthy organizations. At this point, the project will also airdrop 20 Treesome NFTs into the wallets of some community members, as well as give away whitelist spots for other projects.

50% minted

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club giveaway
  • Alpha channel

Halfway through minting, the project will be turning focus to its community. A giveaway will be held where one lucky holder of a Treesome NFT will win a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT. At this point, an alpha channel will be launched for holders where information on new projects and the latest project information will be posted.

75% minted

  • 187,000+ trees planted
  • 1 giveaway every day for 1 month

Approaching the end of the minting process, the three-quarter mark will mean more than 187,000 trees will have been planted on behalf of the project. At this point each NFT minted will equate to 25 trees being planted. For the community, random NFT and Ethereum-based prizes will be airdropped into the wallets of 1 holder a day for a month.

100% minted

  • 500,000 trees planted
  • Mint companion for holders
  • Roadmap v2

Mission accomplished, the project will have planted more than 500,000 trees by the time minting is complete, with each NFT in this stage contributing towards the planting of 50 trees. Upon completion, the team intends to announce the companion NFT collection to Treesome, which will be free to mint for holders. It is then that the next roadmap will be released.

Benefits and utility

The project aims to benefit the community through giveaways, random airdrops, a companion collection that will be free to mint for holders, and the appreciation of token value. With free access to the alpha channel too, where insider info and news on upcoming projects will be announced, the project hopes to build a sense of community spirit.

The Team Behind Treesome NFT Collection

  • Sapling DaddyCo-founder, Head of operations, Marketing Genius
  • ultimateSEEDCo-founder, Amazing Developer, Blockchain enthuiast


We’re planting half a million trees, together! One Tree At a Time!

With a noble mission and a plan in place, the Treesome NFT project is doing its bit not only for the environment but for its holders too, building a better future and a strong sense of community.

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