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Topps Will Be Releasing Their Official NFT Baseball Cards This April 20th

Topps NFT

The MLB, Major League Baseball has officially declared its decision to invest in the buzzing crypto currency – Non-fungible Tokens – and why not? NFTs are the official versions of the Topps baseball cards in their block chain versions. Topps is now selling these new baseball NFTs through the manner of the WAX block chain, which it has utilized as the earliest collectibles based on block chains.

Topps Card and the Series 1 Entry into the Market

The Series 1 cards would be made available in the market from April 20th, with over fifty thousand standard packs. These standard packs would contain six cards for 5 dollars. Also, there will be twenty-four thousand premium packs. These would be offering 100 dollars 45 cards set to get sold in the first wave. The company also offers a free exclusive Topps MLB NFT pack for the opening day to the first ten thousand users who will sign up for the emails coming for the new releases.

The Relation with NBA NFTs Idea

It is a similar idea to the Shot NFTs of the NBA that provides its fans with video clips they can purchase, called Moments in the form of card-like packs. The Top Shot Moments are actually a massive business, and some have sold more than 200,000 USD worth of sales. What’s more, over 800,000 accounts have produced more than a massive 500 million dollar amount in sales till now, which is pretty much impressive for the company.

While the Topps cards for baseball would not be full-fledged video clips like that of the NBA Top Shot Moments, Topps is deciding to get the benefit of the amazing digital ethic of the NFT cards through the addition of more things such as holographic effects and animated backgrounds on the rarer cards. It is not the first dip of the MLB into the game of cryptocurrency either – the league has well-experimented with the bobbleheads – the block chain based on Ethereum – in its MLB Champions game as well. The Topp cards promise a much more conventional version of the collectible, however.

The baseball cards from Topps have been around for some decades and bring a standard of name recognition and credibility to the market of collectibles that the other Non-Fungible Token efforts may lack. However, it is pretty much a responsibility to convince the fans that the cards in their digital versions would make a sound investment rather than being just a bubble that will burst.

What Will the Topps Series 1 NFT Include?

The Topps Series 1 Baseball NFT new release involves premium and standard collectible packs for sale, with the card rarities that range from Common to the Legendary and even the other anniversary versions of the cards. These include Legendary Limited Edition One of One Platinum Anniversary Card. The fans and the collectors would be delighted to have all the types of NFT collectibles being made available in the release. This would include nostalgic card templates, motion graphics, and other kinds of digital flourishes that will give a sense of deeper engagement.

As the collectibles like having a breakout moment with the block chain and the NFT tech, companies like the MLB are ever excited to honor their legendary players from the past through the new idea. The Topp cards offer a more creative and innovative approach for the collectors of the present world to get connected with their favorite stars.

What Do You Need to Know About Topps?

Topps has been offering digital collectibles in the global market since 2012 with the initiation and continued growth of the suite of entertainment digital collectible applications and mobile sports. This includes their flagship app for baseball, Topps BUNT. By doing this release, the Topps Series 1 has joined an advanced and an ever-fast growing collection of the licensed Topps NFT collectibles present on the block chain.

Final Word

MLB, just like NBA, has reported its decision to cash on Non-Fungible Tokens – all we have to see is how the collectors and the fans respond to it and how the NFT hype increases even more now that baseball is making this crypto idea even more popular in the market.

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