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TOP 5 NFT Trends that will Boom in 2022

nft trends 2022

Everyone knows the term NFT today. It is not only a buzzword in modern life but also a great tool for almost anyone who wants to enter the metaverse and gain revenue. Whether you use NFTs or not, some of the upcoming trends in 2022 could change the way we experience the web, products, purchase and sell art, and even create and listen to music. 

The 2021 year was undoubtedly the light moment of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that took the world by storm. However, NFTs quickly entered the market and are now considered mainstream. 

There is a common belief that NFTs are entirely new. However, the first type of these tokens that hit the market was “Coloured Coins” in 2012 – a bitcoin token providing extra functionality. The weekly NFTs sold revenue is $10-$20 million worth. With a total market revenue of $250 million, it can be clearly seen that this industry is flourishing.  

This market is gaining immense popularity due to the interest among numerous people, brands, and companies. Since NFTs represent almost anything from the first tweet to artworks. Therefore, the position of NFTs is efficient and stable today, without any signs of slowing down. 

Since every day and month, the metaverse changes its trends, we are going to discuss what NFT trends can boom in 2022 below and enter the market.

Play-To-Earn (P2E)

Even though earning money from playing video games has always been a privilege of content creators, the PlayTo-Earn NFT allows every gamer to monetize their playing time. This works by buying and selling in-game NFTs or performing something in exchange for token rewards. 

This is going to become a brand-new trend in the market. Binance is considered the best forefront of P2E gaming, providing a vast collection of gaming drops and the first Initial Game Offering (IGO) platform for releasing gaming projects.

Going Art, Going Up

Just like in 2021, art tokens remain popular in 2022. For example, a GIF created by the Pop-Tarts®-bodied feline meme sensation has been sold for 300 ETH (estimated at $590,000 at the time).

In March 2021, a digital card known as Homer Pepe sold for 205 ETH (equivalent to $320,000). With these numbers, NFTs will only grow in price and take the world by storm.

Brand owned NFTs

A vital element of any excellent marketing approach is to offer engaging and meaningful experiences to customers that stay beyond your brand’s identity and services. So experts believe that when NFTs are accepted by large brands, this will help them create communities and trusted relationships, promote loyalty support, and boost customer lifetime value.

NFTs are now the best way to achieve this. Even though they may guarantee immediate ROI, they can play an essential role in supporting all the other brands’ efforts to get high conversions and sales rates. 

Music NFTs

This sphere was not so valued in 2021, but this year is going to change everything regarding music NFTs. Jack Dorsey left his position as Twitter CEO to run Block with a goal to provide streaming services like Tidal and adopt music NFTs.

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According to experts, specialized platforms will be opened in 2022 all across the metaverse and allow listeners to drop in and chat or even create their own music. And the aim is to reward followers who listen to their musicians with NFTs.

Personality NFTs

Instead of a piece of art, music, or game, NFTs are thought to become personal and get their own meaning. Several well-known artists may bring their own NFT personalities like avatars in the following year. This will change the whole film and music experience, as artists will perform as a personality in the metaverse. Even though this offers anonymity and security, artists can gain their popularity and audience reach. 

Final thoughts

NFTs have quickly become popular among modern people. They provide a chance for anyone who is experienced in gaming, art, or music. Just like with any other brand-new things in this fast-speed world, NFT also has its trends and allows users to enter the most popular industry at the right time. 

If you want to not only gain revenue from selling your products but also provide this chance to people and become a well-known brand within metaverse, consult our experts in the NFT development services and do not miss the NFT train. 

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