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Non-Fungible-Tokens or so-called NFT’s have literally shocked the art industry and paved a way for Artists and Digital Artists to make good money from their Artwork. In January and February, there were approx. 300 million in NFT sales according to Cointelegraph.

If you don’t know yet what NFT’s really are then I suggest you to read this article – WHAT ARE NFT’S? NFT’S EXPLAINED.

Some of the current biggest platforms for trading NFT’s and selling them are, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway. These are the top biggest platforms where you can find hundreds of thousands of artworks being sold currently. Just a year ago, OpenSea, had monthly sales of about $1.5 million USD. Believe it or not, that figure rose to $8 million in January and $86 million in February. While other platforms are also seeing similar growth.

One of the biggest artists in the NFT market is Beeple. He has created over 842 artworks and has sold over $102.2 million in art. This is not a joke and NFT’s have now become a serious business. This means that we are now seeing how valuable the Art and Design Industry is.

Like Beeple, there are many other Crypto Artists that have been able to sell art for millions of dollars like CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties. An Alien Punk Artwork by Crypto Punk had been sold for over $7.5 million dollars in March 11th, 2021 while most of the artworks made by Crypto Punks are currently valued between $50,000 to $1,000,000. I’d say, this is crazy and the world is definitely going insane.

Today, we are here to look at the top Most Expensive NFT’s ever sold.

1. Steve Aoki and Antoni Tudiscohairy

Value – $888,888.88 USD, on March 2021,

Marketplace – Nifty Gateway

With NFT’s on the rise and seeing such a hike in the NFT market in January and February, Steve Aoki, realized the value of NFT’s and he released an 11 piece digital art collection named “Dreamcatcher”. He had partnered with a German illustrator Antoni Tudisco and one of the arts in the collection “Dreamcatcher”, called Hairy sold for $888,888.88 USD. Right now currently, the Artwork is bidded at $888,888.88 dollars USD, by the Nifty Gateway market user johnl.

2. Kevin AboschForever Rose

Value – $1,000,000 in February 2018

Marketplace – GIFTO

The Forever Rose, is probably one of the most iconic photographs ever taken while most would disagree with the fact that, “How can a single rose photo sell for 1 million dollars?”. This photograph was taken by an artist named Kevin Abosch who was also previously famous for selling a photo of a Dirty Potato for $1 Million Dollars.

As weird it may seem, but this photo of the Forever Rose was released on Valentine’s Day in 2018 before NFT’s were even known to the common public. It was purchased by a group of investors in the Crypto Currency industry.

3. Beeple – “Everyday’s – The First 5000 Days”

Value – $69 Million on March 2021.

Marketplace – Christie’s

Beeple is probably one of the most famous NFT artist in the NFT community and it is his this piece of Artwork named “Every day’s – The First 5000 Days” that made him ultra-famous.

The artwork is basically a collage of all of his paintings since May 1, 2007 that summed up to 5000 digital drawings. The bid on this artwork started with just $100 dollars, but it soon rose to millions and finally selling it for a stratospheric amount of $69 Million USD also making Beeple one of the richest digital artist in the world.

4. Beeple – “Crossroads”

Value – $6.6 Million on February, 2021

Marketplace – Nifty Gateway.

“The First Drop” was Beeple’s first ever NFT’s ever minted in October 2020. With this he sold Crossroads which had a collection of 2 artworks about Donald Trump.

One represented his victory and the other represented his defeat. He sold those for about $66,666.66 USD. However, after a few months, the resale value quickly hiked up becoming 100 times more and it’s now worth over $6.6 million dollars.

5. Chris Torres, Nyan Cat

Value – $561,000 on February 2021.

Marketplace – Foundation.

The Artwork, Nyan cat is basically an animated GIF of a cat, with a popped flying body in space leaving trails of rainbows.

Originally, created by Chris Torres who turned this meme into an NFT and shockingly sold it for 300 ETH or $561,000 USD.

With the insane success of his meme, he has been helping other artists and creators get success in selling NFT Art related to memes. One of them was “Bad Luck Brian” which sold for 20 ETH($36,000) and Scumbag Steve which sold for 30 ETH ($57,000).

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