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Top 5 Disney NFTs You Shouldn’t Miss in 2022

Top 5 Disney NFTs You Need to Know About in 2022

With millions of NFT projects now out there and thousands of tokens minted each and every day, predicting the next BAYC is no easy task. Nevertheless, there are some projects that every NFT collector needs to pay attention to, especially when it involves one of the biggest companies in the world.

The latest big company to get involved in the NFT space is the entertainment and cultural giant, Disney. The media conglomerate is looking to NFTs to engage with fans and allow them to own tokens that celebrate the very best of Disney’s intellectual property. If Disney’s projects prove successful, it could bring an entirely new audience to blockchain technology with huge ramifications for the NFT space.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at the company’s involvement with NFTs and the top 5 Disney NFTs to keep your eyes on in 2022.

Where to Buy Disney NFTs Explained

Ever since its creation in 1923, Disney has been a fierce protector of its IP. Creating and owning the rights to some of the world’s most iconic characters, Disney has become synonymous with entertainment, fun, and magical experiences.

It is no wonder, then, that Disney is interested in NFT technology with fans clamoring to own tokens relating to Mickey Mouse, Marvel Avengers, and many more from its TV and film collection. Given the immutable nature of blockchain technology, fans can own their own little bit of Disney with the company able to fully control the number of tokens minted and establish true ownership using a permissionless ledger.

Specifically, it does this via the VeVe platform that allows licensors to sell NFTs safely directly to fans via a fully fleshed marketplace. VeVe uses the Ethereum-based Immutable X blockchain to handle transactions that have been designed from the ground up to be as accommodating as possible for newcomers to the space. Immutable X allows near-instant transactions with no gas fees, something which often catches new collectors out.

How to Buy Disney NFTs?

Buying Disney NFTs is simple:

  1. First, Set up a VeVe account using the dedicated smartphone app (available on both Android, and iOS) and Fund your account with the native currency, Gems. Gems have a fixed value of $1 (USD) which keeps things simple for those new to NFTs and crypto in general.
  2. After funding your account, collectors will want to be ready for Disney NFT drops that tend to sell out particularly quickly. These are also sold in a blind box format, meaning you won’t know what you’re getting until you’ve purchased the token.
  3. Collectors also have the option of buying Disney NFTs on VeVe’s secondary market. This allows collectors to choose exactly which token they want to buy without the need to go through the NFT drop, blind box process.

The Top 5 Disney NFT Projects

1. Disney Golden Moments

Disney Golden Moments NFT

An enormous number of scenes and characters from Disney media have resonated with fans over the years. To celebrate and immortalize these, Disney has launched its main project, entitled “Disney Golden Moments.”

Golden Moments is Disney’s way of letting fans own a token representing their favorite characters and iconic stories. This includes big-hitters such as Mickey Mouse, Buzz, Wall-E, C3PO, and Homer Simpson. It also includes less obvious tokens such as the Avengers “A” logo and Bart’s skateboard.

The project was launched on November 7, 2021, and features different collections, each with either 16,666 or 18,666 tokens. The tokens resemble golden miniatures with the collections also including uncommon and rare editions.

Resonating particularly with collectors are the particularly rare NFTs of Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand. Only 4,333 of these were minted and cost collectors $333. The floor price of these is now many times more and rising.

With many more collections planned for the future, the project is one fans should definitely get involved in.

2. Pixar Pals

Pixar, the digital animation studio is owned by The Walt Disney Company and has been responsible for creating some of the world’s most treasured movies. Pixar has brought to our screens the likes of Toy Story, Monster Inc., The Incredible, Brave, Up, and many more animations under its belt, grossing over $14 billion at the box office.

Pixar Pals celebrates this back catalogue with fully detailed, 3D renders tokenized as NFTs. This includes characters such as Buzz and Woody, Mike Wazowksi, and The Incredible’s Edna Mode. These bright and colorful NFTs are sold on the VeVe platform via blind box drops, but also via the marketplace where they have proven incredibly popular amongst collectors.

Upon launch in March 2022, the floor price of 60 Gems ($60 created quite a buzz in the NFT community with fans keen to get hold of one of the collection’s ultra-rare tokens.)

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3. Mickey and Friends

Mickey and Friends launched at the end of January 2022 with a series 1 collection of 60,000 NFTs. The collection is categorized by rarity with characters falling into corresponding categories.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are common tokens, Donald Duck NFTs are Uncommon, Daisy Duck is tagged Rare, and Mickey’s dog Pluto is given the property of Ultra Rare. On top of this, the collection also features a Secret Rare token category with Goofy given the honors.

The collection sold out fast with plants for more in the future. On launch, a Blind Box cost just 40 Gems ($40) with tokens now worth considerably more.

4. Marvel Collections

Leveraging the immense popularity of the Marvel universe, Disney’s Marvel Collections NFT projects have been dropping steadily since August 2021. The first collection featured Spider-Man and saw collectors able to own renders of the iconic superhero.

Since then, the Marvel Collections range has expanded to include The Avengers, Black Panther, and the X-Men. The tokens within the collection are a mixture of immortalized comic book covers and more 3D portrayals varying in rarity, with plenty of activity on the secondary market.

5. The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection

Giving Disney’s main man his own project, The Mickey Mouse NFT Collection celebrates the mascot’s nearly 100-year history.

Spanning multiple series, the collection focuses on different periods of Mickey Mouse’s history. Series 1, for example, renders Mickey as seen in the legendary Steamboat Willie cartoon. These 40,000 NFTs were launched in December 2021 and came in three rarities, now available on the VeVe marketplace.

Series 2 celebrates Mickey’s appearance in the 1935 iconic short, The Band Concert, and dropped in Blind Box form in April 2022. Future series are planned with some reselling collectors making a considerable profit from their tokens.


With so much variety, fan appeal, and history to their IP, owning a Disney NFT is not just a good way to own a part of history but a good investment with plenty of upside potential.

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