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CryptoKitties have really become one of the most famous Crypto games played on the internet as people are not only enjoying the game but making tons of real cash from it.

CryptoKitties was basically one of the early adopters of the blockchain technology, more specifically integrating the idea of NFT’s or AKA, Non-Fungible-Tokens and using rarity as a factor to make the Kittens scarce and valuable.

Due to this, we are now seeing people buying CrytoKitties for an enormous amounts of money.

Today, in this article, lets see the top most expensive Cryptokitties ever sold.

Before we dive into that, lets first understand what NFT’s really are because CryptoKitties at it’s core is basically an NFT.

What are NFT’s?

NFT’s are bascially Digital Collectibles or assets that can be anything from an Original Artwork, Trading Cards & Collectibles, Music or anything digital that cannot be replicated, duplicated and are irreplaceable and unique to each other. NFT’s are entirely based on the block chain technology and more specifically, they are based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

NFT’s have the ability to be unique and irreplaceable because it can hold additional data or information about the digital asset and all the data is stored in the blockchain itself. The data can include information like, history of ownership, verification of ownership and all the transactions that have taken place. This is how each NFT’s become unique and different to each other.


1. CryptoKitty: Dragon

Value: $1,344,555 ~ 600 $ETH


Bio Text

“Salutations. I’m Dragon. I bit Rebecca Black when I was younger, but those days are gone. Believe it or not, spying on the neighbours is seriously exhilarating. You should try it some time. Let’s connect on ICQ.”

CryptoKitty Dragon was the first kitty to be sold for 600 ETH, which is till date, one of the highest price paid for a CryptoKitty. Dragon is indeed, one of the most expensive CryptoKitty. According to the team members of CryptoKitty, the reason for the sale was basically because the buyer had a deep connection with the Kitty itself. Although, they don’t like to comment on the reason for sales of the Kitty as they believe to respect their customers. Other theories say that, the reason for sale was basically with a goal of laundering money, says The Next Web.

2. CryptoKitty: Founder Cat #18

Value: $566,954 ~ 253 $ETH


Bio Text

“hissing noises! I’m Founder Cat #18. I enjoy tripping my owner, eating until I loathe myself, and reading garfield. When no one’s home, I invite my pals over and we listen to Rihanna. I look forward to riding unicorns with you.”

CryptoKitty #18 is one of the Founder Cats of the game and as we know founder cats are very valuable as they are some of the earliest born cats in the game. They are also Generation 0 cats and lower generation cats in the game are extremely valuable and hard to find or purchase. CryptoKitty #18 was sold for 253 $ETH which in todays value is over $566,854 dollars USD. The owner of the cat is CryptoKitty User, ouou123.

3. Cryptokitty: Founder Cat #4

Value: $107,000


Bio Text

“Hey cutie! My name’s Fluffy Founder. I once peed on Princess Diana’s cat. They had it coming. I once got in a fight with a rooster, and won. Our friendship will be gullible, gorgeous, and full of ice cream.”

Cryptokitty #4 is another Founder Cat that was sold for a very high price. It is in the list of being one of the most expensive Cryptokitty ever sold. Although, I could not find the exact amount of ETH it was sold for, it was sold for a price tag of $107,000 dollars USD. Which in my opinion is approximately equal to a value of over $500,000 dollars USD in 2021. As the price of Ethereum has definitley hiked up in 2021. The owner of the cat is Cryptokitty user ColonelKitty.


These were the top 3 most expensive Cryptokitties ever sold. The sale of these Cryptokitties have really created a huge attention from investors and we are now seeing many crypto and NFT investors keep an eye on the Cryptokitty NFT game platform. Of course, the game was designed and created for people to enjoy the experience of breeding and collecting cats. However, the game has turned into becoming a money making machine and people are now playing Cryptokitties for the sole reason of making money from it.

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