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Top 3 Best NFT Comic Projects Currently Trending


NFTs have been a valuable addition to the comic world, providing new opportunities for collectors. They have allowed us to own digital copies of rare comics, adding a new level of depth to the experience of collecting comics.

Today in this article, we’ve gathered our top 3 NFT projects that have brought comics into the world of Web3 as NFTs. These projects are each unique and provide immersive features that help us connect with characters and plot in ways that feels important to us.

‘Satoshi Master of Disguise’ by Blockchain Comics

Satoshi Master of Disguise by Blockchain Comics

A new blockchain comic book series has emerged, starring Satoshi Master of Disguise (SMoD) by Blockchain Comics.

Blockchain Comics is revolutionizing the NFT comic industry by introducing “Decentralized Publishing” and a multilayer minting process.

Multi-layer minting gives digital NFT comic collectors a new way to own their comics. This technology allows SMoD NFTs to combine5 levels of rarity with 6 different features, generating a unique SMoD avatar.

Therefore, the comic book’s story is subject to 5 levels of rarity, with your SMoD as the hero of your own edition. Variations in artwork and dialogue appear within the story depending on your NFT.

The more comics that are created in the series, the greater chance you have of owning an extremely rare comic. This is because each comic has multiple features and levels of rarity. By maximizing the scalability of your SMoD NFT, you increase your chances of having a very valuable asset.

You can mint digital copies of your comic through the portal, and print physical copies too. As a SMoD holder, you have the intellectual property rights to mint, print and distribute your comics as you see fit. In other words, you have the power to control how scarce your comic book brand is.

What is more, this project gives NFT holders voting rights to decide the parameters of the Blockchain Comics Portal. Acknowledging the community as its backbone, Blockchain Comics plans to put the rules and regulations of Decentralised Publishing up for a community vote. By doing so, we hope that only those ideas with general consensus will pass, making sure that everyone is on board with governance from start to finish.

Punks Comic by Pixel Vault

Punks Comic by Pixel Vault

Punks Comic released their first NFT comic, “The Hunt for the Lost Robbies,” in May 2021. The Punks team got their inspiration from the original CryptoPunks and artists Chris Wahl (Marvel and Dc Comics) and Odius reimagined them in a classic comic style.

This set of 10,000 NFTs offered holders an NFT image of the comic’s cover along with a PDF copy they could download.

Since the beginning, Punks Comic NFT holders have had the choice to hold onto their NFTs, stake them, or burn them.

The options below are interesting to the owners and would make the project more exciting.

If you owned the NFT and hold it, you would be guaranteed to get the next edition– “X Marks The Drop”– for free. This turned out to be a collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club.

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Punks Comic Issue 1 by Pixel Vault

Furthermore, over a two-week period, holders were offered the chance to destroy their NFTs. The benefits for burning a Punks Comic included receiving a Pixel Vault Founder’s DAO (PVFD) token with art designed by FVCKRENDER.

Having a PVFD token gives you access to the DAO as well as other capabilities like sales, buyouts, and more. You’ll also be privy to a private Discord wheretoken holders can chat.

In total, 5902 PVFD tokens were minted. The owner of these assets votes to decide what to do with the “vault of crypto assets.”

The project also came with the introduction of ‘MintPass’. This allows people who already have mints to hold on to them before a drop. Plus, burning the MintPass gives you access to an NFT called ‘MetaHeroes Identities’. And that will let you into the ‘MetaHeroes Universe’.

VeVe Digital Comics

VeVe Digital Comics

Since August 2021, VeVe Digital Collectibles has been expanding its product range into digital comics. This has allowed some of the most popular heroes to be brought back to life within this application.

VeVe is a comic book publisher known for their partnerships with Marvel Comics and DC Comics. In July 2022, they released ‘Thor #1’ by Marvel, which depicted the first appearance of Jane Foster as Thor.

Much like physical comics, VeVe Digital Comics offers different cover variants that come in five forms: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare, and Secret Rare. With Secret Rares being the hardest to find, the value of certain collectible comics has surged on the secondary market.

The element of surprise is kept alive with a “blind box” – you won’t know which variant you’ll get until you open it! If lady luck graces your side and gives you the Secret Rare edition, be aware that now you possess a highly sought-after digital NFT comic book.

With the VeVe app, you can immediately start reading your comic book after purchasing it and then trade it in the secondary market.

What’s more, you can experience a VeVe Digital Comic in Augmented Reality (AR) Mode. To do so, simply find a flat surface and follow the steps in the app. You’ll be amazed at how lifelike comics can be in AR!

There’s no surprise that VeVe has been a pioneer in the NFT space for comics and continues to be a leader–the application is comprehensive and seamless.

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