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Top 20 Best NFT Games To Earn and Invest in 2022

While we all love playing games, the idea of earning rewards while you do so is even more appealing.

Tapping into our lust for a more rewarding gaming experience, the NFT space has tons of great projects now available. These NFT games not only entertain but reward players for their time invested with in-game currencies and items, airdrops, and exclusive content. Leveraging blockchain technology, players can be confident these rewards are theirs too, free to do with them what they please.

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Sorare is the ultimate fantasy soccer game for football fans. You can purchase, verifiably own, and resell digital player card NFT’s from more than 100 licensed teams, giving you the chance to create lineups in fantasy leagues and win rewards. It’s the perfect place to find your favorite players and create dream lineups. Plus, the in-game cards are a great way to show your support for your favorite team. So make sure to check out Sorare today!

With the NFT gaming scene now buzzing, 2022 is looking like a great time to get involved. Here then are the best NFT games 2022, including the best NFT games to earn and invest in.

1. Axie Infinity

  • Developer: Skype Mavis
  • Genre: Monster fighter
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: AXS, SLP
Best NFT Games To Earn and Invest -  Axie Infinity

Taking inspiration from Pokemon and other turn-based tactics games, Axie Infinity is the most well-established play-to-earn NFT game currently out.

In this universe, players battle and breed their team of pet monsters called Axies against both AI (PVE) and human (PVP) controlled opponents.

While the game requires an upfront investment to play, players are rewarded with the governance and staking token, Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), and the in-game currency Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Being such a popular game, both of these tokens hold real-world value.

2. The Sandbox

  • Developer: Pixowl
  • Genre: Metaverse
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: $SAND

The Sandbox is a 3D metaverse platform that enables users to interact online, own virtual land and property, and also monetize their very own creations.

The project is based on Ethereum and uses its very own suite of tools called to let anyone create assets, avatars, experiences, and even full games.

The game uses the $SAND token as a form of currency for buying and selling everything, including user-generated content. As well as staking, owning $SAND also allows users to vote on the direction of the platform.

3. CryptoKitties

  • Developer: Dapper Labs
  • Genre: Trading
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: Ether

One of the very first games to dabble with the play-to-earn formulas, Cryptokitties launched in 2017 and has been a hit ever since.

The game involves buying, selling, and breeding virtual cats. Each cat character is totally unique, with varying rarity. Considered a predecessor of Axie Infinity, the game is now well established, with plenty of players making money off the trading of these crypto collectibles.

4. Plant vs Undead

  • Developer: Tran Dinh Quy
  • Genre: Tower defence, strategy
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: PVU, LE

Plant vs Undead is a tower defence game inspired by the hit game series Plants vs Zombie. As with the original, Plant vs Undead involves players setting up their defence strategy in the form of a series of zombie-attacking plants.

In this case, however, the plants are NFTs with unique traits that can be owned by the players themselves. Players are given their own plot of land to grow crops and receive Light Energy (LE). Players can swap LE for the in-game currency known as PVU and also earn this through gameplay.

Leveraging the Binance Smart Chain, PVU can be “cashed out” using third-party protocols such as PancakeSwap.

5. Mirandus

  • Developer: GALA Games
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: GALA

A fantasy based RPG game set in a massive open world, ruled by the five most dominant players, known as monarchs. You play as one of five classes known as exemplars and improve your skills in-game.

The game gives players complete freedom of choice, either trekking out alone into the wilderness hunting monsters and reaping rewards or serving under one of the five monarchs as a knight. The game also allows players to become shopkeepers and landowners, with the game using NFT technology allowing you to own in-game assets and trade them freely, with some being exceptionally rare and valuable.

6. CyptoBlades

  • Developer: Riveted Games
  • Genre: Card fighter
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: SKILL

Cryptoblades is based on the Binance Smart Chain and involves the collecting of legendary weapons and heroic avatars. The game’s play-to-earn mechanic involves battling using your party of heroes and weapons, earning SKILL tokens as you go.

SKILL tokens can be used to forge weapons that can be used or sold on the marketplace for profit. The game also has a staking system that can provide passive income to players.

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7. Town Star

  • Developer: GALA Games
  • Genre: Sim
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: TOWN / GALA

Akin to the well-loved farming simulators of Facebook and mobile app stores, Town Star is the NFT play-to-earn version. Similar to classic games such as HayDay and Farmville, Town Star has you undertaking the management and flourishing of a good old-fashioned American-style farmstead.

Like Mirandus, the game uses the GALA token in conjunction with the ingame token TownCoin (TOWN) to reward players for playing. TOWN is used to upgrade the farm, purchase exclusive NFTs, and also earn GALA tokens from winning competitions.

8. Gods Unchained

  • Developer: Immutable
  • Genre: Card fighter
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: GODS

A great choice for fans of Magic the Gathering (MtG) being led by its former director, Gods Unchained is one of NFT gaming’s best card fighting games, based on a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum.

The game is being led by the former director of MtG, Chris Clay, and utilizes NFTs for card ownership, making good use of rarity and the non-fungible aspect of the technology. Cards are rewarded for winning and gathering enough experience points. These and the in-game currency, GODS, can be used on the Immutable X marketplace interoperably or used to level-up cards.

9. Treeverse

  • Developer: Endless Clouds HQ
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: ROOT / SEED

Appealing to fans of anime-style RPGs, Treeverse is a fantasy sci-fi MMORPG that incorporates the combat from MOBA games like League of Legends.

The game aims to be a fun game in its own right, with rewards earned passively as players simply play the game naturally. The game is still early in development, but land plots and avatars can already be purchased.

10. Star Atlas

  • Developer: Star Atlas
  • Genre: Space-sim
  • Platform: PC
  • Tokens: Ether

Allowing players to explore the galaxy, buy and own their own NFT ship, mine for resources, and battle it out with other players, Star Atlus is looking to eat away some of the player bases of games like Elite Dangerous, EVE Online, and Star Citizen.

The game will enable players to trade everything from ships, structures, to weapons and other items. Earning items within the universe as NFTs, these assets can be traded and sold.

The game is still in active development and is expected to be launched in late 2022 or later.

11. Parallel

  • Developer: Parallel Inc.
  • Genre: Card fighter
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: Ether

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Parallel is a sci-fi card game that has now raised over $50 million in investment. The game is based on a story involving humanity escaping an apocalyptic event that followed attempts to solve the world’s energy crisis.

The card art is realistic and high fidelity, with players needing a deck of 40 to play with a mixture of universal (common) and parallel (rare) cards allowed.

12. Wizards and Dragons: Reborn

  • Developer: WND
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: GP

Taking over where a previous game left off, Wizards and Dragons: Reborn is a pixel-art RPG where players use NFTs to earn in-game currency.

Players either mint or buy Wizard or Dragon NFT tokens, each with their own rulesets and different way of earning the in-game currency, Gold Pieces (GP).

13. Bridgeworld (TreasureDAO)

  • Developer: TreasureDAO
  • Genre: Text adventure
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: $MAGIC

Bridgeworld is the first game from the developer TreasureDAO that it hopes will come to form part of a larger metaverse. The game is predominantly text and static-image-based and is one to watch for tabletop gamers who will particularly enjoy the lore-building aspect.

In Bridgeworld, players collect treasure by completing various quests and tasks, allowing them to stake their rewards and earn yield. The platform uses the native $MAGIC token for its ecosystem and uses the Arbitrum One scaling solution for Ethereum.

14. Sorare – Fantasy Football

  • Developer: Julia + Montfort
  • Genre: Card strategy
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: Ether

Sorare is a football NFT game where fans can become a team manager and enact their strategy to win matches and earn points. Similar to fantasy football games, Sorare involves strategy and tough decision-making.

The game uses oracle technology to incorporate the performance of real-life players, influencing the points in-game. The top players receive a rare, epic card each week and are considered valuable.

15. Splinterland

  • Developer: Rosen
  • Genre: Card fighter
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: DEC, SPS

Resembling both Magic the Gathering and its digital cousin Hearthstone, Splinterlands is an NFT game where players trade and battle unique cards, existing on the blockchain.

Each card has unique stats that, if used strategically, can help win battles. These powers include common tropes such as attack power, armor, and speed and will be familiar to card game veterans. Winning battles earns players Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), which are used as the in-game currency.

The game has now also introduced a new token called SPS, which is expected to be used for land ownership and commerce.

16. DeFi Kingdoms

  • Developer: DeFi Kingdoms
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: JEWEL

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the old-school Zelda RPGs, DeFi Kingdoms is an NFT game that has players quest for XP, loot, and accumulate JEWEL tokens as they do so.

The game is based on the sustainable blockchain Harmony. The JEWEL tokens earned in-game through quests, fights, and rewards can be exchanged for the blockchain’s native currency and used interchangeably.

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17. My Neighbor Alice

  • Developer: Antler Interactive
  • Genre: Life sim
  • Platform: Web, mobile
  • Tokens: ALICE

One for Animal Crossing fans, My Neighbor Alice can live the island life fishing, collecting, building, interacting with neighbors, and farming. Just like Animal Crossing, players can come together for in-game events or just for a visit.

The game’s main play-to-earn mechanic involves growing crops that can be sold on the marketplace, using the ALICE token as currency. ALICE can also be earned through other activities and can be cashed out for real-world value.

18. Mines of Dalarnia

  • Developer: Workinman
  • Genre: Action, adventure
  • Platform: Web
  • Tokens: DAR

Mines of Dalarnia is a side-scrolling action game that leverages the Binance Smart Chain for fast transactions with low fees.

The game involves two main factions, miners and landowners. The gameplay loop involves an interplay between these two, with landowners trying to build wealth through obtaining more land within the mines and miners looking to earn rewards through defeating monsters.

The game uses the Binance NFT marketplace to allow players to buy and sell in-game NFT assets.

19. Forest Knight

  • Developer: Pixowl
  • Genre: Turn-based strategy
  • Platform: PC, Android
  • Tokens: KNIGHT

A turn-based strategy game similar to handheld games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Advance Wars, Forest Knight involves battling evil forces and has a low barrier of entry with a free play mode. The gameplay involves both PvP and PvE elements and is aimed at both casual and competitive gamers.

Rewards can be earned in-game in the form of NFT weapons and accessories, and characters can be listed on the Forest Knight Marketplace, with rare assets fetching a good price in the form of $KNIGHT.

20. MIR 4

  • Developer: WeMade
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Platform: Web, mobile

One of the most ambitious games on this list, MIR 4 is the fourth iteration of the hit MMORPG series involving raiding, quests, looting, mining, leveling, and existing in a fleshed-out, lived-in world. With the established developer WeMade behind it, MIR 4 already has a solid player-base and a vibrant ecosystem.

You play as one of 5 classes and can profit by selling items on the in-game NFT marketplace using the DRACO currency. Players can also earn rewards by farming Darksteel, an important in-game resource that can be cashed out for DRACO.

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