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Top 100 NFT Projects of 2022

top 100 nft projects of 2022

NFTs have taken the world by storm and that too so rapidly that nothing compares to it. Often criticized as just jpegs but that is a fool’s opinion. These come with so many utilities and advantages that make them so much cooler. From playing games in the metaverse as your NFTs to cool exclusive merch there is a wide range of utilities that come within the sphere of NFTs all aiming towards progressing forward. There are even NFTs that will grant you a chance to go for a trip to outer space!

More they also cover morality with mental health webinars and donations to charities. Furthermore, there are more coming that adds all the more reason to move towards NFT. NFTs also serves as a way to earn money and you have no idea the bulk of money that you can earn from these. Globally people have earned so much money via NFTs that makes others envy them.

The most compulsive thing about NFTs is that are proving to be endless and ever-developing. So, there is no doubt as to why NFTs are the hot topic revolving around the whole world.

The NFTs mentioned below are the ones which proved to be the most inspiring and versatile NFTs as 2021 progressed.

1. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Everyone has heard about this collection of NFTs, only the ones who have no idea about NFTs haven’t heard about these. Beating all the other NFTs in terms of popularity and will probably hold the top spot for a long time. They are a collection of 10000 NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one is programmatically generated with about 170 different traits and each one is unique.

The Bored Apes have different kinds of clothing, headwear, expressions that make some Bored Apes rarer than the others. Every Bored Ape grants its holder several benefits and exclusive experiences. The holders will get access to “THE BATHROOM” which is an exclusive graffiti board. The Bored Ape will also double as the Yacht Club membership card, the holders will also get the commercial rights and more utilities as the Roadmap progresses.

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2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club

This collection of NFTs is probably the most recent one that got so much popularity and value and there are about 20000 of them. If you’ve heard about the Bored Ape Yacht Club then you might have some kind of idea about what are the mutant ones. Basically, they are the evolved form of the Bored Apes.

The Mutant Apes arise by the application of the “Mutant Serum” to the existing Bored Apes. One could also obtain it by getting into the minting of it. Every holder of the Bored Apes was conferred with serums on the 28th of august. There were 7500 M1 serums, 2492 M2 serums, and 8 of the extremely limited M3 or Mega Mutant serums. The Mega Mutant serums have been selling for millions of dollars and the M2 serums also don’t fall behind in terms of value. The evolved Bored Apes were one the most popular NFTs of 2021.

3. CryptoPunks

The project gave a head-start to the popularity of NFTs. As one of the first NFT projects to be released they even have their hands on is the incentive for the ERC-721 standard.

CryptoPunks are basically a collection of 10,000 NFTs and the ownership authentication of each of them is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. None of them are similar and everyone has unique traits and properties. Initially, they could be claimed for free and in the blink of an eye, all of them were claimed.

Now the only way to get them is to buy them from an owner. CryptoPunks that have a blue background are the ones that are not for sale. A red background indicates that they are being sold by their owner.

The ones that have a purple background are the ones with an active bid. The CryptoPunks are as expensive as their popularity. They sell for very high prices with the cheapest Punk being 61.95 Ethereum.

4. Azuki

This is a project that is heading for a decentralized future. They are also enclosing the gap between the physical and digital space and bringing them together. Azuki is a collection of 10000 avatars that gives the owners access to the Garden.

The Garden is a space on the internet where different potential and talents entangle together. From artists to builders to enthusiasts can meet and create something unimaginable.

Along with this there is also planning for streetwear collab, NFT drops, live events and there is a promise that more is on the way. The team also has talented and experienced members.

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5. Doodles

After the apes come doodles. It is a community-driven NFT project and every NFT exists as distinct and unique on the Ethereum blockchain. They are generated by the application of a wide variety of traits that makes every NFT different from each other.

There is a lot in store for the holders of Doodles NFT and they are doing everything in their potential to make most of its holders’ creativity and capacity. Upon purchasing and holding a doodle the owner will get to become a part of the Doodles Community Treasury.

As soon as the public sale ends the treasury will receive an amount of 420 Ethereum and it is up to the holders as to how will the treasury benefit Doodles. They can vote for experiences, activations, and campaigns for Doodles.

The Roadmap is also up to the holders. So, Doodles are engaging with the holders in the best way possible for the progress of the project with an aim for touching every aspect of popular culture.

6. PhantaBear

Adorable animals have been flooding the NFT space. PhantaBears is a collection of 10000 NFTs that doubles with the membership of the Ezek Club. They are cute bears that have been algorithmically generated and emerged as a collaborative effort of Jay Chou’s PHANTACi and Ezek.

The attires and accessories of every Phanta Bear are designed by PHANTACi which is a fashion brand co-founded by Jay Chou and Ric. Besides its unique traits and properties, the owners also gain access to several perks and exclusive benefits. These include a sensational experience in the Ezek Metaverse like music shows, virtual cinema, and a private VR club for the holders.

They are even planning on giving its holders physical gifts. Owners also get a 10% discount in Global PHANTACi Stores. Not just this there is a lot more that this project has in store for its holders.

7. VeeFriends

This NFT project has been created by Gary Vaynerchuk. The project revolves around meaningful intellectual property and has formed an extraordinary community.

There will be updates of VeeFriends Series 1 experiences, BOOK GAMES, and much more exciting news. There is also a lunch of VeeCon Tickets which are 3 individual collectible NFTs that can be sold, traded, and bought on the way.

8. The Sandbox

This project is a very distinct and community-driven project. With the Sandbox, creators are able to monetize voxel assets and gaming experiences on the blockchain. This project hosts lands as NFTs and there are 166,464 lands.

Upon purchasing the land the owners have a myriad of things that they can do. They can create games and play, monetize assets and experience, hold events, and many more.

It also has very interesting partners such as Snoop Dogg, ADIDAS, Avenged Sevenfold, The Smurfs, and many other notable ones. They came forward with the aim of lending a hand to talented people on showing out their creativity.

9. Clone X – X Takashi Murakami

This project includes the prominent Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Clone X is a collection of 20,000 avatars whose illustrations bear the style of Takashi Murakami. They are generated randomly with different attributes and traits.

Every property such as mouths, eyes, clothes, and many more has the touch of the artistic style of Murakami. These 20,00 were segregated into the pre-sale and public sale. With the avatars come exclusive experiences, a plunge into the Metaverse, you can also forge unique physical collectibles from your clone and the owners can also customize their clones.

This is a unique NFT project that doesn’t seem to raise any doubts.

10. World of Women

Women also have been progressing in the NFT space. The World of Women NFT project comes forth with the agenda of inclusivity and equality. Yam Karkai launched this project along with her team to bring attention to women in the NFT space.

The collection consists of 10000 NFTs that are randomly generated from a variety of traits and properties. They exist on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS. There is more to this project than just NFTs.

They will donate 2.5% of all the primary sales to two causes that empower women and to a member of their team who is battling severe ME/CFS. Apart from these, they will send out signed prints of NFTs to 100 lucky holders. They also have released a Piano Album on music platforms composed by David Magyel.

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11. CryptoSkulls

Released in the year 2019 the CryptoSkulls is a collection of NFTs that exist on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The collection comprises of 10000 pixelated skulls and they have Uniqueness Index Properties.

The less Uniqueness Index the rarer features the skulls have. Among these NFTs, there are 10 CryptoSkulls that are legendary and are termed as SKULL LORDS with the uniqueness index of 1! There is also a game called Gold of Skulls and the CryptoSkulls are a playable token for this game.

The game also has a Gold of Skulls coin (GSK) that the players can earn in the game. The popularity of this collection has remained stagnant and will keep on increasing for a long time.

12. alien frens

Alien frens is a community-driven NFT collection. In the collection there are 10000 randomly generated NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. The project wants to assemble the largest ever group of frens in the Metaverse.

Apart from being a pfp, the holder with their alien fren becomes a part of a family of 10000 other frens and several other perks that are set to be released. There is also an exclusive party coming up.

Merch, comics, $Frens tokens are also set to be launched. So, there are a lot of exciting things that are coming and the holders are in for a treat.

13. Bored Ape Kennel Club

Who even prefers loneliness? The Bored Ape Kennel Club is here to end the loneliness of the apes. These four-legged fur friends will accompany the apes in the swamp. The collection includes 10000 NFTs and exists as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain hosted on IPFS.

The NFTs are programmatically generated with the combination of over 170 traits making some rarer. Every Ape owner can adopt a Club Dog NFT for free, the only thing required is the gas fees. But they were only available for a week.

They can only be owned if you have a Bored Ape and only for every Bored Ape. There is a 2.5% royalty fee with every secondary sale and all of this will be donated to a charity such as Wright-Way Rescue which protects pooches from cruelty.

14. Cool Cats NFT

This project offers a collection of NFTs of the coolest cats ever. They are programmatically and randomly generated live on the Ethereum blockchain. The first generation of the collection comprises 10000 cool cats that have been fabricated from over 300k total options.

The cats have a variety of outfits, colors, and faces and the cooler ones are the cats that have complete outfits. The rarity of the cats is determined by points. The future of the Cool Cats will be decided with the holders and 20% of the Ethereum will go towards the community.

The holders will be able to speak their minds upon how the next generation of the project is to be driven. The project is planning on building a Cool Cats ecosystem filled with utilities, interactivity, collaborations, rewards, and many more.

15. OxyaOriginProject

 This project consists of 7898 hand-drawn NFTs fabricated from over 250 attributes. They exist as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain hosted as IPFS. They are designed by Laury Guintrand and have a team of several renowned and experienced members.

The NFTs come from 3 different planets and are segregated into 9 tribes. With these NFTs, the players will be represented in Oxya Origin which is a collaborate-to-earn RPG.

The Oxya Oxygen is an ecosystem adorned by ingenious utilities, community building systems and is stored with escapades for the players. The ecosystem is generated with the efforts of game developers, talented artists, experienced entrepreneurs, and an efficient marketing team.

16. Bored Ape Chemistry Club

The serums through which the Bored Apes can be mutated and evolved. The club consists of 3 serums namely M1, M2, and the Mega Mutant Serum.

The prices of these serums are way more than you can think. The Mega Mutant are the rare ones and their price has reached millions. These serums were available for all the Bored Apes.

17. Hape Prime

The Hape Prime is a collection of 3D NFTs with illustrations of apes living on the Ethereum blockchain. The team behind this project is Digimental which is London-based. Each one is unique and the rarer they are the higher the prices are.

These NFTs render the process of evolution. The NFT collection has three phases of development “At the Beginning”, “The Hape Machine” and “The Hapewalk”. The team has not revealed much about their plans for the future so stay tuned for further information.

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18. Town Star

Town Star is a play-to-earn game where the players have to build towns. The players have to build one of the most efficient towns. They can complete Daily Challenges and collect TownCoin as rewards through in-game items.

These items exist as NFTs. The owners of NFTs can be purchased and traded. The game is developed by one of the co-founders of Zyunga along with some of the members of Farmville. The players can build towns and win to earn.

19. Crypto.Chicks

The Crypto.Chicks is a collection of 10,000 NFTs which represent proud, gorgeous, independent, and empowered girls that live on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the second generation of the Crypto. Chick 1/1 was released earlier in May 2021.

The main aim behind this project is the highlight women’s position in the crypto space and empower women. It also shows the uniqueness and individuality of every woman. The project held giveaways and art contests with a prize of $5000.

They have launched exclusive merchandise and in the upcoming days, they will donate to charities, introduce staking, and much more exciting stuff.

20. Wolf Game – Migrated

This Wolf Game is a very unique project and a play-to-earn game. The NFT collection consists of 10000 NFTs that were launched on Nov 18th and it didn’t take much time to be sold out.

There were very low chances of getting a wolf during minting, whereas sheep were not that hard to acquire. They became popular rapidly and became one of the most influential projects. The players can stake their sheep to earn $WOOL tokens, they can attack other packs to take their WOOL.

The game allows players to take away tokens from other players through careful planning and execution.

21. C-01 Official Collection

This collection exhibits the synergy that is ongoing between the world of fashion and NFTs. The C-01 Official Collection comprises 8888 NFTs fabricated and accumulated by their experienced and renowned developers and designers.

As one buys an NFT from this collection the holder becomes a part of the ever-evolving fashion industry in the Metaverse. These NFTs have different sizes, skin colors, shapes, and beliefs. Some NFTs have traits and attributes that make them rarer than others. The reveal of the NFTs has not taken place and the minters are in suspense on what they minted.

The project is looking to become the pioneer of luxury fashion in the Metaverse and they will create a platform for the luxury fashion brands to display their collections in the Metaverse through their 3D avatars.

22. VOX Collectibles: Mirandus

The VOX Collectibles: Mirandus is the second series that the project has released. The collection lists 8888 collectibles that exist as ERC-721 NFTs. They have been randomly generated and starts with a selection of class. It has a wide range of individual traits and it undergoes a data inspection to prove that they are unique.

The holders of VOX can also pair them with the matching Exemplar for a special bonus in the game. In the near future, the holders will also be able to play with their avatar in the Metaverse and obtain Voxcoin.

23. Art Blocks Curated

Art Blocks is one of the most unique projects and probably the earliest of its kind that there is. An enthusiast can select the desired style and then pay for it. The algorithm will then produce a random version of the described content and then it will be sent to the Ethereum account.

The Arts Blocks Curated is a collection of projects that have been examined carefully and curated in the official collection. The works in the project are proffered by artists and collaborators and before going into the curation set are examined carefully.

The curated collection holds works that perfectly define the aim of the project. Following a schedule of release makes it easier for the collectors to make up a decent selection of generative works. The size and the value of the drops are kept minimal expanding its horizon towards new enthusiasts.

24. inBetweeeners by GianPiero

These 10,777 inBetweeeners are here to bring positivity towards everyone in the virtual as well as the real world. These NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain. The project ensures positivity and wholesomeness towards their community and encourages them to become so.

They have the motive of spreading positivity and good vibes in the world to make it a better place to live in. This project is crafted and curated by GianPiero.

He is a very eminent and acclaimed artist who has done works for very famous people and companies. From Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber’s merch to Levi’s and Netflix, he has his hands on various famous projects.

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GianPiero is offering a lot to the holders of inBetweeners. He will give out 100 signed printed canvas of inBetweeners to lucky holders, a pasta dinner cooked by him as well as a tour of his hometown and access to his debut art show and a party in LA.

25. Lil’ Heroes by Edgar Plans

This collection is the debut of Edgar Plans on the NFT space. He is a talented artist and had a knack for him ever since he was a child.

The collection comprises 7777 NFTs that are hand-drawn and fabricated from over 150 unique traits and attributes. Lil’ Heroes are cute creatures with adorable ears. Edgar Plans with his unmatched talent expresses his original style in these artworks.

The project is planning to launch a merch with collaborations with brands. An animated series is also in the line to be produced with Edgar Plans and the tickets will be airdropped to the holders.

26. FLUF World

Not just the ape’s rabbits are also taking over the NFT space. FLUF World is a collection of 3D rabbits that have a love for their beats and music. They cannot live without their soundtracks and lighten up every place that they end up in with their dance and music.

The collection holds 10000 NFTs that have been programmatically generated from over 270 attributes. They live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and are downloadable as MP4, GIF, and PNG.

Along with the cool rabbits the owners also receive the commercial rights of their NFTs, access to exclusive events that will host music events. Metaverse Avatars is also set to be released.

The owners will also get a cute friend for their FLUFs, a Thingie for free but the gas fee is required. The Thingies are the protectors of the Great Tree and have formed a very bond with the FLUFs.

27. NFT Bored Bunny

This collection is no lesser than the Bored Apes. The Bored Bunny is a collection of 4999 3D bunnies that live on the Ethereum blockchain. No two bored bunnies are the same and they are generated from over a hundred traits.

The project also has 10 legendary bunnies that are adorned with gold. The utilities and the benefits that they have made them more than NFTs.

Private events are in store for the holders, the owners can breed their NFTs to create a 2nd Generation of Bunnies and the holders will be able to experience the Metaverse in the Bored Bunny City as their NFTs. They also aim for a strong community and become notable in the NFT space.

28. Coolman’s Universe

This project is a collection of 10000 Speshies that are traveling the world on a surface. But there is a motive behind the travel. Spesh is on the lookout for his friend in Coolman’s Universe with a surfboard and a compass.

Luckily the compass helps him a lot in finding his friend as it follows and tracks the path of his friend. On the path to find the ways he finds himself going through different worlds bringing a whole new package of experience.

There are three different worlds stated as Donut World, Dino World, and Wall Street Wasteland. The project will launch Merch with discounts for the holders, thrilling stories are yet to come and the holders will be able to contest on the voicing of the Speshie.

29. Decentraland

Decentraland is a world where its users have a free will upon what they want to do. It is powered by Ethereum blockchain and the world will develop with its users. The users can experience, create, and monetize content and applications.

It is up to them what and how they want to move forward. They can trade lands, avatar wearables, estates in the Decentraland Marketplace.

30. CryptoBatz by Ozzy Osbourne

From the mind of the rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, the CryptoBatz is an eccentric collection. The collection hosts 9,666 bats that live about in the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs are adorned with a very unique ability something that has never been explored before.

These bats can bite an NFT from a different blue-chip project to give rise to a “MutantBat” having the DNA of both tokens. But keep in mind that these bats are able to bite once and before making your bat bite make a good choice for what your bat will bite. It will determine the “MutantBat” that you will get.

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To make a bite successful the owner must have both the NFT in their wallet and the utilities that come with the “MutantBats” will be announced soon.

31. NFT Worlds

This is a project which has so much packed in it, a literal world with so many opportunities and innovations. This project is a collection of 10000 NFT Worlds that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

This is an endless world and the owners can build and do whatever they imagine. They are compatible with Minecraft, highly multiplayer, decentralized, developer APIs, and many more.

The Roadmap also ensures cross-platform compatibility to be launched around February 2022 and by April 2022 3D NFT characters are on the way.

32. DeadFellaz

DeadFellaz is a collection of 10,000 undead NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is here to take gamification to another level, IP and NFT tech.

They are focused on the innovation of the ever-evolving NFT space and helping their holders to get out their creativity.

Additionally, the project will also hold several events like art challenges, limited edition drops, theme song contests, and many more.

33. The Heart Project

This project is a community-run creative studio through which talented people can fabricate art out of the theme of the project. The project holds 10,000 unique tokens that live on the Ethereum blockchain.

With these tokens, the holders can become a part of creative contribution and shared ownership of our shared creations. They also become a part of the collaborative portal in discord. There are a lot of exciting things that the project will offer to the holders. From a music video, clothing capsule, games, and many more.

For them, every holder matters and they will take into consideration the voices of every holder. They want to work together with their holders.

34. Full Send Metacard NFT

 The Metacard NFTs bring out the utilities in a broader sense. This project is a collection of 10000 NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFTs act as a pass for you to the exclusive luxuries of the project both in metaverse and the physical world.

Full Send is planning on launching its own ventures like lounges, casinos, gyms, festivals, and many more. In the Metaverse they will launch similar ventures, products, and physical locations. These include merch, virtual stores, festivals, metaverse casinos, and even recording artists.

The NFTs are also the Mint Pass for the owners and they will be notified early on about any kind of new upcoming projects. The new projects include the Happy Dad Project and collabs with other cool NFT projects.

35. Superplastic: Cryptojankyz

This is a collection of 9240 unique CyrptoJanky NFTs that found their inspiration from a mix of Japanese reverse auction and Hennesy. They live on the Ethereum blockchain. Every NFT is unique and is generated by an automated recombination algorithm. The holders also hold the possibility of winning a rare and exclusive NFT.

 Amateur art thieves and psychopaths Janky and Guggimon broke into Christie’s NYC and got their hands on 22 super rare and valuable CryptoJanky NFTs. Then the unusual happened janky got crossfaded while going to perform the heist and set off a trap blowing all the NFTs to several pieces.

But they didn’t give up on their dreams of getting rich they reassembled the pieces and made gave rise to 9240 unique CryptoJanky NFTs.

36. X Rabbits Club

The X Rabbits Club or the XRC holds a collection of 7502 NFTs that was derived from an IP in China known as Lengtoo. The NFTs bear the qualities of being unique and high liquidity assured by the Ethereum network.

As they are stored in IPFS they will forever be present. The project is planning on getting into the Metaverse and creating an avatar of the NFTs to represent the project. DAO is also under development to ensure that the project is not here just for short hype.

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The holders can also take part in the development of the project as they will be able to vote and be a part of the decision-making. They will also receive several Chinese specialties and merch. There will also be an airdrop of collaborations with other artists and NFT communities to the holders.

37. More Than Gamers

More Than Gamers is a collection of 10000 NFTs. These NFTs are 3D side-mounted characters that are going through the struggle of survival in the Gamers Metaverse. These gamers are made from diverse traits and properties, with each one of them being unique.

The owners can stake their NFTs and get 30 $Arcada per day. Once $Arcada reaches 1000 the owners will be able to battle with a 25% chance of winning. Losing will result in the loss of 1000 $Arcada.

The project is also seeking out partnerships with influencers, gamers to represent MTG. Partnerships are also being formed with crypto/web3 funds for the resources to build the game in the best way possible.

38. Capsule House

A very unique NFT collection that got its inspiration from a toy. The collection holds 10000 unique gachapon NFTs, gachapon is a Japanese Toy, and think of it as a digital version of the toy.

These NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. They are crafted from a combination of various traits and there are about 120 variants. Every NFT is unique with a rare gachapon artwork.

With a gachapon comes access to the thrilling future events on the way for the holders. There will also be a launch of merch store, discord live speaker events, and many more.

39. Metroverse

Metroverse is one of the most exciting NFT projects. It is a strategic NFT land trading game on Ethereum. The collection consists of 10000 genesis city blocks and later 1000 genesis mayors were also launched.

The owners can stack their NFTs for $MET. They can use their $MET for the staked city blocks. The enthusiasts can collect, trade, and stake their city ultimately earning a $MET token.

40. Creepz Genesis

The Creepz follows the play to earn theme. The players will have to build their army and lend a hand to the Overlord to conquer Earth. As you conquer earth you will need to gather $Loomi and upgrade the battalion with it.

But conquering anything is never easy, you must face your enemies such as shapeshifters, lizards, and many more. There are over 11,111 Genesis Creepz which when staked yields a minimum of 1500 $Loomi per day.

There are also over 20,000 Reptilian Armoury which yields 600 $Loomi each day. With the $Loomi upcoming drops can be purchased, upgrades can be done, and many more.

41. Adidas Original Into The Metaverse

Adidas originals were accompanied and helped to get “Into the Metaverse” by Bored Ape Yacht Club, PUNKS Comic, and gmoney. The NFT resulted from the collaboration of the three are sold out by now.

There were a total of 30,000 NFTs and 20,000 of them were reserved for the holders of POAPs of adidas Originals and gmoney, Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, and Pixel Vault NFTs. 9,620 NFTs were available for the general sale.

With the Into the Metaverse NFT, the holders have the benefit of getting the exclusive merch of Adidas Originals, Bored Ape Yacht Club, gmoney, and PIUNKS Comic. The merch includes an iconic adicolor Firebird tracksuit, a graphic hoodie, and a classic orange hoodie of gmoney. There are also Metaverse virtual experiences that are yet to be launched.

42. Flyfish Club

The Flyfish Club hosts a collection of NFTs with a rather common but peculiar utility. As one becomes an owner of the Club’s NFT they will get unlimited access to an exclusive restaurant.

With the restaurant comes exquisite cuisines, culture, and social experiences. The exclusive space will be spread about 10,000 square in New York City. Not only a restaurant it will also have a cocktail lounge, omakase room, and outdoor space for a breath of fresh air.

The team of the project considers using NFTs as a membership card as with it a loyal community can be formed and the token can be sold and transferred on the secondary market.

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43. CryptoMories

The name Cryptomories might rise the word “memento mori” in your mind. “Memento Mori” is a Latin term which means “Remember you die” and the project also follows a similar theme.

Cryptomories is a collection of 10000 randomly generated skeleton dudes that are to remind you to live your life to the fullest. They don’t even have a roadmap and they say that they are straightaway aiming for the moon.

They will release a game in the upcoming days with 3D avatars in the Metaverse. Along with the game, there are merch and several giveaways that the team is planning.

44. NeoTokyo Outer Identities

Crypto YouTubers Alex Becker and Elliotrades made way for their own NFT project the Neo Tokyo Identities NFT project. It was launched in October 2021. The NFTs have the appearance of codes right now and the real designs will appear when they are released.

The project is here for the long term and promises to not let down its enthusiasts. A game will also be launched where the NFTs will be the characters. The project has become a sensation as the prices have skyrocketed. Judging from the looks of it this NFT project will be a very interesting one.

45. VOX Collectibles

VOX Collectibles is the NFT collection released by Gala. The first edition comprised 8,888 VOX avatars and was released on 10th August 2021. They live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

They have been generated from a wide range of traits and properties. Some avatars have rare traits hence making them valuable. The owners can also stack their VOX avatars to gain VOXcoin. With the Vox coin, the owners can upgrade, buy tools, weapons in the Gala Games Metaverse.

Along with the avatars came the FBX files meaning the owners can animate, 3D print their VOX avatars, and many more.

46. Dr. ETHvil’s 3D FrankenPunks

FrankenPunks is the collection of 10,000 NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They have been generated from the combination of over 90 different traits and come in 5 different categories. Every one of them is unique.

The FrankenPunks have to be taken care of and Dr. Ethvil will grant control over the CryptoPunks monstrosities. There is a community-driven gnosis wallet. Every Punk Vault will be under the control of the gnosis wallet. The owners of FrankenPunk have authority over the wallet.

47. Worldwide Webb Land

The Worldwide Webb land is an MMORPG metaverse game consisting of pixel arts. Apart from being a game, it provides utility to popular NFT projects as well. In the game, players can use their NFTs for avatars, lands, pets, items, and quests.

The Worldwide Webb allows the players to sue their NFTs from various projects as avatars. The project has partnered with several NFT projects including CyberKongz, CryptoPunks, Kaijukingz, etc.

The lands are in the control of the NFT token holders and it is a crucial part of the Worldwide Webb ecosystem. The lands run the errand of being the spaces for social events, pets, games, avatars, and many more.

48. CyberKongz VX

CyberKongz VX is the unique and randomly generated 3D NFTs. VX is similar to its counterparts Genesis and Incubator, the only difference being that they are 3D.

These 3D Kongz will serve as your avatar in the Metaverse and the approaching interoperability with the Sandbox.

A part of the CyberKongz VX has pretty normal looks and bears some resemblance. Though there are ones with unique and peculiar looks.

49. Genesis Critterz

Genesis Critterz is a very unique project and even lets you experience Minecraft with your NFTs. This is the earliest fully on-chain collection of NFT which allows owners to experience play to earn in Minecraft. In total there are 6 variants of critters, namely frog, cat, doge, mouse, ape, and alien.

They vary from each other in the arrangement of facial features. The Critterz also have different types of attires such as hats, shirts, pants making each of them different from each other.

The owners can also stake their NFTs to obtain $Block. Staking will also allow mechanics such as renting and plot claiming. With the $Blocks plots of land can be claimed as ERC-721 NFTs in Minecraft.

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50. My Pet Hooligan

This project is the collection of 8,888 3D NFTs. These 3D rabbits live on the Ethereum blockchain and are generated from a wide range of traits that make them unique. Not just 3D bunnies, they also grant their owners cool utilities.

The rabbits can also be used as playable characters in the ever-expanding Metaverse, The Rabbit Hole. Also serving as a play-to-earn game, the players as their NFTs can compete with other players and earn $karrots. Staking of the NFTs is also applicable and earning $karrots.

The project will also launch merchandise and a lucky holder will be able to experience the workings of the team in California.

51. CyberKongz

With this project step into a world where evolution took a different path and now apes have taken over the world. Initially, CyberKongz NFT project started with the release of 1000 pixelated Genesis CyberKongz, and among them 10 is legendary.

The Genesis Kongz will grant its owners 10 $BANANA per day for a decade and effortlessly function as the coolest pfps for social media platforms. The owners can also breed them to create an Incubator or Baby Kongz.

The team has also released a third set of 3D CyberKongz VX that can be used in the Metaverse. The project has also donated to charities that preserve wildlife, the environment, and orangutans.

52. Apocalyptic Apes

The Apocalyptic Apes collection holds 8,888 NFTs. The idea was derived from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. The chimps that adorn these NFTs are of post-apocalypse theme that traveled back through time to avoid the future that they came from. They have also launched a merch store where the lucky holders will receive gifts and prizes. They will also release endangered NFTs including Gorillas and Pandas, a free mint will be for those with three Apocalyptic Apes. The project will also launch their own coffee brand that will be hyper-caffeinated, a golden ticket NFT and a comic.

53. Prime Ape Planet PAP

This is a very recent project and came into being with the collaboration of many people that hold the status of celebrities, entrepreneurs, talented artists, and marketing tycoons. The outstanding name is Kurtis Dawe who is a renowned artist.

This project gained momentum rapidly with over 100k discord members within a day. They are different than the other projects that feature Apes. They come with a whole other dimension from perks to the roadmap.

They are a collection of 7979 NFTs and are known as Primus Ethereum Mammal or Prime Ape that come in 3D forms. The Prime Apes are here to leave a mark on the NFT world as they have a lot of cool perks coming up. On the day that they revealed the Prime Apes, they donated $50000 to a charity that protected Apes in rainforests.

They have also planned to release legendary apes and have promised that the Prime Apes will step into the Metaverse. This project has an assurance for a long-term plan which is what everyone looks in on an NFT project.

54. Parallel Alpha

The Parallel Alpha is a sci-fi collectible card game with NFTs. The NFTs are divided into several classes, parallels, states, and time. Every NFT also has its own rarity ranging from prime to legendary.

It is stated on the website that the future of the earth has been exhausted and has created a void with the pressure of supporting human life. In such dire circumstances, humanity turned towards experimenting with anti-matter and the consequences were worse than imagined.

55. CrypToadz by Gremplin

This is a very uncanny NFT collection as there is no roadmap and owners have been guided to use the NFTs in whatever way they want. Despite all these voids, the project is a very popular one.

The collection holds 6969 small amphibious creatures that are trying to flee from the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin. The project has been fabricated by Gremplin and took a little help from his friends.


The FOMO MOFOS is a collection of 8,008 NFTs that love art, food, culture, anime, pets, TV shows, NFTs, that live on the Ethereum blockchain. The project found its inspiration from the colorful and joyous world that they loved and grew up in. The NFTs have been generated from a combination of various traits making each one of them rare and valuable. There is also 10 1 of 1 super rare NFT.

But it is more than just a pfp. With a FOMO MOFO, the owners will also get membership access to the exclusive community which will always be updated with benefits in the future.

The FOMO MOFO is also the digital identity of the owner towards a world of different opportunities like participating in the FOMIE Community Treasury. The first roadmap was filled with fun and was formed by the community. The following roadmap will be done with the collaboration of the FOMIES. The project is for the community by the community. The project was hand-drawn by Jasper Wong.

57. Meebits

Meebits are a collection of 20,000 3D characters and are made by the creators of Cyptopunks. They are 3D voxel characters generated by a custom generative algorithm that live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

These NFTs come with no fee in the trading marketplace. The owners can access the T-Pose OBJ file with which the owners can animate them. These NFTs will never disappear and are of high resolution.

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58. Little Lemon Friends

This NFT collection has 9999 lemons that live on the Ethereum blockchain. These lemons fell from the giant lemon tree and have embarked on an escapade. Every one of the lemon NFTs is randomly generated from different traits and properties.

They are also accompanied by accessories that they gathered on the way of their adventures such as hats, accessories, clothes, and many more. The lemons have their own set of rarity like typical lemons are common, Robo lemons are a bit rare, black and white lemons are ultra-rare, and many more.

The project will reinvest 60% of the Ethereum raised from the sales on future developments. The owners of the lemon NFT will also get a 3D voxel lemon for the Metaverse.

59. The Indifferent Duck

The Indifferent Duck holds a collection of 10,000 NFTs that the collectors have customized themselves. They live on the Ethereum blockchain. The enthusiasts will have to buy an egg from a limited supply of 10,000 eggs.

With this, the owners will be guided to the exclusive BRAVO MAKER where they can customize their own NFT. There will be about a million different traits and by combining these the owners have to craft their own BRAVO.

Build your NFT carefully and creatively as there is a prize for the best-designed BRAVOS. After finishing you have your brand-new original BRAVO with you.

60. Pudgy Penguins

The Pudgy Penguins is a collection of 8,888 Penguins that live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The proof of ownership is also stored in the Ethereum blockchain. These penguins have been generated from a combination of over 150 hand-drawn traits making each of them different from each other.

But there are 5 Penguins that do not possess the 150 traits and are considered to be super rare. These rare penguins include ones with a shark costume, a banana suit, a ghost costume, a pineapple suit, and one facing in the opposite direction.

The penguins were even featured on the New York Times, CNBC, and Bloomberg. There is also a 24×7 Livestream of lofi-music on Youtube for all the enthusiasts.

61. 8SIAN Main Collection

The 8SIAN Main is a collection of 8,888 NFTs. These NFTs represent beautiful Asian women along with their culture. Every detail that is put into these NFTs holds historical significance. They have their own sets of a rarity such as Goddess, Ultra Rare, Super Rare, Rare and Original.

They put forward this NFT collection to make a community of people that appreciate Asian culture. The team is also planning to step into the Metaverse believing it to be the future.

They will also give out 888 exclusive VIP GOLD PASS to the loyal and early supporters of the project. This pass will grant the owners an endless membership to exclusive perks and benefits.

62. Undead Pastel Club

This theme of this project has been derived and created by the owner of MAYC #17458. This is an NFT collection of 9,999 pastel apes that focus on the community that lives on the Ethereum blockchain.

These NFTs are algorithmically generated by the combination of over 140 traits like hats, eyes, etc. The project wants to give people the luxury of high-quality art at affordable prices. There is also a community fund with which the funding of future plans will be done. The owners can also get the chance to become a part of the Whitelist by joining the community.

Upon being a member of the Whitelist the owner will be showered by several benefits. The member of the Whitelist will be exposed to the pre-sale of the Pastel Club before the Public Sale and can mint an undead NFT at a cheaper price.

The owners can also stake their NFTs and in the upcoming days, they will also step onto the Metaverse.

63. IlluminatiNFT

This is a collection of 8,128 generative NFTs. These NFTs have been fabricated in chaos, fire, and magik and only the devout were able to get their hands on them. If there is anyone who has a desire to see the truth one must muster the strength to look.

With the NFT comes the accessibility to the exclusive community. There is also a DAO for the community, Illuminati Collective. 50% of the mint and secondary royalties will go to the Illuminati Collective.

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64. Boss Beauties

The Boss Beauties is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that took only an hour to be sold out. This NFT collection comes forward intending to encourage and educate the following generation of women and girls.

The NFTs represent independent and powerful women. The collection was created by collaborating with the Gen-Z community who have the aim of bringing about a change in the world. The NFTs will also give the owners access to exclusive events such as virtual events.

65. SlimHoods

SlimHoods is a collection of 5000 NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFTs have been randomly generated from a combination of a wide variety of traits and properties. Every SlimHood is unique and some are rarer than others.

The only thing that they share in common is that they wear a hoodie. These hoodies are also different and have over 10,000 combinations. All the SlimHoods have been minted and sold out.

66. LinksDAO

LinksDAO is setting up a modern golf and leisure club. The club will consist of members and enthusiasts from all around the world to form the most exclusive golf club. The NFTs are the gateway to the membership of the golf club.

The NFTs of this project will grant its owners access to the community, governance, games, and a huge range of perks. The project is also forming a DAO with which the club holding collective dreams will be formed and take the first step to acquiring the dreams. They will also buy a golf course in 2022.

67. Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

This is a collection of 10,000 Wizard NFTs that are fully encoded on-chain. Every Wizard is unique and bears its name. The World of Forgotten Runes is also developing day by day as they are constantly updating on social media stories, animation, memes, and many more.

The project is following the decentralized approach of world-building and they have termed it as “Collaborative Legendarium”. To become a part of this developing decentralized world one must own a Wizard.

There is also a lot riding with owning this NFT. The NFTs are GM generators where upon pressing on the GM button Mystic Silas will pop out GM. The owners can also build the character and then add it to the Book of Lore. Most importantly they will be able to make friends whilst playing games.

68. Monfters Club

Monfters constitute the NFT space as a group of highly philosophical monsters. There is a limited edition of 8000 editions that bear the combination of different features and properties.

They come intending to uncover the shiny treasures in the world of NFT and spread them out towards the people. The Monfters Club NFTs are the genesis NFTs of the MonfterVerse.


The project is a collection of 19,969 alpaca NFTs. From these 9669 3D alpacas that are set to be launched on the 12th of February. The owners of the 2D alpacas can get them for free. The 3D alpacas can be utilized as the playable characters in the land that the project has acquired in the Sandbox.

With the 3D alpacas, the owners will be able to experience the play-to-earn and play-to-win games. They are giving it all to make the upcoming Sandbox game a perfect one. The faster you get yourself a 2D alpaca the more assurance you will get to experience the Metaverse.

70. PUNKS Comic

The PUNKS comic has taken a new and innovative step by collaborating with Bored Apes to launch Collector’s Editions of Issue #2.

This is the earliest IP licensing in the NFT space. The team of the project worked with every single owner of the Bored Apes to generate 8 alternate-cover PUNKS Comic Issue #2 collections. This is a breakthrough in uniting the NFT communities through the medium of collaborative storytelling and IP development. The holders can also get the physical copies in the upcoming days.

71. Caked Apes Official

The Caked Apes are a collection of 8888 NFTs that are randomly generated. The ones who created this project are the artists’ Cake Nygard and Taylor and it was launched recently on 10th January 2022.

They have also donated 1 Ethereum towards the SAVETHECHILDREN.ORG. The project has decided to support the community as a percentage of the sales will go to WTF.GALLERY.

72. Kaiju Kingz

Kaiju Kingz first came into the mind of the CyberKongz holder and community member OhDots. He then gave the idea of life under his company Augminted Labs. The collection holds 3,333 Genesis Kaijuz that is adorned by several traits, types, and aesthetics. Every Kaiju will grant its holder with exclusive perks and utilities.

They also give out Radioactive Waste through which a Baby Kaijuz can be created. The Genesis Kaiju will also reserve a throne for the owners as the King of the Metaverse. The Genesis Kaiju will also grant its owner 5 $RWASTE per day. The $RWASTE can be used to name the Kaiju, even give it its own story. It will also allow the owners to create a Baby Kaiju by combining the DNA of two Genesis Kaijuz.

Baby Kaijuz will have their own traits and there will be a maximum of 6666 of the Baby Kaijuz. The project is also forming a DAO to form a community-driven development of the project.

73. Wolf Game – Wolf Pouch

With every WOOL Pouch there unlocks a WOOL inside to the owner over time. Owners can collect the WOOL from the wallet.

The WOOL has utilities only in the Wolf Game ecosystem. The Wolf Game developers do not offer WOOL pouch for sale and don’t provide a secondary marketplace for them.

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74. PartyBear

The PartyBear is a project that holds a collection of 9,669 bears that are impatient when it comes to partying. They live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. These PartyBears are programmatically generated from a combination of a huge range of options. With the bears, the owners will also receive the commercial rights of their bear.

The bears are also customizable and the project will launch a closet with different attires and accessories to make your bear seem cooler. There is also music on the way that the owners can program it into the NFTs.

There is also cool merchandise of the PartyBears and exciting collaborations are also on the way.

75. MoodRollers by Lucas Zanotto

The MoodRollers are one of the most unique and randomly generated NFTs. The collection comprises 5000 animated and ever-moving characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. No matter what kind of obstacles come in their way they will never stop rolling. Their body comprises of different parts such as the head, arm blocks, a screw on the outermost side and they come in various sizes.

There are endless options of combinations and each one of them is unique. They are also segregated depending upon their rarity. Fully metal rollers are very rare while first metal pieces are common.

The rarest ones are the rollers that are completely black or white in color and there are only five of them. The project is the result of the effort of Lucas Zanotto and Random Character Collective.

76. Coodles

This NFT project found its inspiration from two projects Doodles and Cool Cats. The project is a collection of 8888 unique and randomly generated NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be seen that it is a combination of the art styles of Doodles and Cool Cats.

They have a welcoming and wholesome community. Owning Coodles will grant its owners several giveaways and many more. At 5%, 20%, and 35% sales the project held a giveaway of Doodles and Cool Cats NFT.

From the point of 40% sales, the funds that are raised from the sales will be put into Coodles community wallet and used for the further development of the project.

77. the littles NFT

This project is a collection of 10,000 adventure seekers and dreamers. The owners of the little NFT are in for a great escapade, making frens and a whole lot of fun. Instead of utilities and perks, this project has adventures.

The adventures include making frens, making memories, fighting bad guys, and many more. This project is not for the ones who are looking for something serious. But for those who enjoy adventures and art, this is the perfect one for them.

78. Robotos Official

This is another NFT project that has been sold out. The project is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that were algorithmically generated and designed by Pablo Stanley. They are generated from a combination of various traits such as metal outfits, top pieces, backpacks, arms, and many more. Out of them Computos, Cyborgos are the rare ones.

79. Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions seem to be very lazy but are serious when it comes to community. They have stated that the community is for kings. The collection holds lazy lions that are unique and programmatically generated from a selection of 160 traits such as clothing, mane, expression, and many more.

With the Lazy Lion comes access to the private island for the kings. The island can be accessed by the VIP members of the community. They will also hold events, launch play-to-earn games and merch exclusively for the holders.

80. SupDucks

SupDucks is the collection of 10,000 duck NFTs that are handcrafted. They are made from a combination of a wide variety of traits and properties.

With the duck comes a legendary status and there is merchandise on the way. But as it is with every NFT collection some are bound to be rarer than the others. This collection also has about ten super ducks.

81. Emblem vault (Ethereum)

Emblem vaults are storage for NFTs and more than one NFT can be stored at once. With the Emblem vault, the users will be able to combine and keep different kinds of tokens as one single token.

This is a very useful thing they will be able to trade multiple tokens at once as a single token. Digital Files can also be traded as well and many more useful functions.

82. WVRPS by WarpSound

The project WVRPS is a collection of NFTs that are generated as a hybrid of generative PFP art and AI-composed music minted on the Ethereum blockchain. They are the first step that WarpSound took to broaden the vision of the social music experience.

They are enclosing the gap between synthetic artistry and generative music creativity. The artwork is created by the talented Andy Poon and they are hand-drawn from a wide range of traits.

They are bringing in a whole new experience in the field of music, synthetic artistry, and human x machine collaboration. Their AI can play music non-stop and they have added this AI to the NFTs.

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83. Crypto Bull Society

This society is a collection of 7,777 NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each bull is unique and generated by the combination of hundreds of elements and traits. As you own a bull and enter society you become one of the believers of the potential of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

The project is giving away merchandise to its holders and will hold live events for the holders. Every owner of the Crypto Bull will get a Crypto Bear for free. Crypto Bull Society will enter the metaverse and form an ecosystem based on Art, NFT, and Crypto.

84. Chimera by mpkoz

It is a mutation, a fusion of the genetics of the past and the present. Chimera represents the natural development of still life. It is the implementation of the old tradition on the new medium of on-chain generative art.

This is assured to become huge in the upcoming future. The initial 32 edition mints will see the formation of the NFT on a linen canvas.

All the owner needs to do is to give the mailing address to the artist and the canvas will reach the owner without any charge. They will only be produced once and high-quality ones will be available in the near future.

85. The Meta Kongz

The Meta Kongz is a collection of unique 3D pfps. They have been randomly generated from a wide range of traits and properties. The Kongz function more than just pfps, they are able to generate coins and breeding will result in the emergence of baby Kongz.

The project is up for buying lands in the Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels. They even held a new year’s eve party in Cryptovoxels. They will also open a YouTube channel, governance will be added collabs with CyberKongz or Bored Ape Yacht Club and many more exciting events are on the way.

86. RTFKT – CloneX Mintvial

Clone X Avatars can be redeemed by using Mint Vials. 1 Mint Vial = 1 Random Clone.

87. Women Rise NFT

Women Rise NFT is one of the most influential and popular NFT projects created by a world renowned artist, Maliha. She has worked for many humanitarian organizations like UN, Global Goals, Malala Fund, Adobe, Google.

While she has also been in conversation and donated to the Malala Fund, helping millions of children with education, development and so many other things. All through her NFT project Women Rise NFT.

Women Rise NFT is currently, one of the top NFT projects on OpenSea and Maliha has great visions for the future of education for Children.

88. The Space Bulls TSB

The Space Bulls is a project which holds a collection of 8,888 3D boxed space bulls that live on the Ethereum blockchain. They are hand-drawn and fabricated by the combination of several traits. As soon as the feature is available the owners will be able to unbox their Space Bulls. The owners will also receive a fair share of royalties that are generated through a transaction fee in a public sale.

Being an owner of Space Bull, the owners will be able to join the community and become a part of the ever-evolving NFT project. The holders will also be able to vote on which direction the project shall focus on and so on. This project quickly became popular and sold put in a matter of minutes.

89. Alpha Girl Club

This project is a collection of NFTs that are hand-drawn and formed from various vibrant colors, traits, and themes. Upon owning an Alpha Girl there are a lot of utilities that the owner will get access to. The owners become a part of the Alpha community, access to the Alpha tools and Future Alpha drops. ‘

They will also be able to experience virtual events and IRL events as well. The project is also planning to launch an Alpha Store and a Mental Health App.

90. Frontier Game

Frontier is a player vs player online battle royale where NFTs play a crucial role. The game is set in the Watcher universe. The accessories in the game are to be bought as NFTs. They can be traded or sold.

Accessories such as flask blocks, black boxes, glitch blocks, and several others. This is a very innovative method to add NFTs to a game.

91. Crypto Coven

Crypto Coven is a collection of 9999 NFTs that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Every Witch is unique and they are generated from a series of traits. The covets are divided into six archetypes of power, namely, enchantress, hags, mages, necromancers, occultists, and seers.

The project is interesting as it follows a narrative-driven method in world-building using decentralized technologies. The owners through their covet can associate with the world’s mannerisms. The project will also launch the second generation of witches.

92. Stapleverse – Feed Clan

This project is the earliest collection of NFT launched in Chapter 1 of the Stapleverse, Empire Pegionz. The collection holds a total of 10,000 NFTs and there are about 20 varieties of FEED. FEED can be tossed in a trade to join either the HOOD PIGEONZ or the POOP GANG.

93. Creature World

This is an NFT collection that has over 10,000 creatures that guide the owner through the whole journey.

The Creature World is filled with calm music, divine intervention, and a peculiar creature that guides you through it. The enthusiasts must follow them. This project has been created by artist Danny Cole.

94. Laid Back Llamas Collection

This collection comprises 7,000 Llama NFTs that are provably rare. Every Llama has its own unique features like furs colors, hairstyles, expressions, hats, shades, and many more. Along with the Llamas come the ownership and commercial rights.

Random lucky Llama holders will receive NFT drops and there are whitelist opportunities as well. The holders will also receive royalties if their Llama is featured in the LBL TV series. Additionally, the team is also planning on holding virtual meet-ups, a play to earn video games, merchandise, and many more.

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95. Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis

This is an NFT collection with very peculiar and intimidating 3D avatars. The project is a very unique one as it offers very beguiling utilities. But it is because of these utilities that this project has become a center of attraction for many.

This project offers a whole lot of benefits to its holders. The holders will receive the Psychedelics Anonymous Membership. The holders will also get a metaverse pass and an IRL pass through which they can experience psychedelics anonymous events in the virtual world and as well as the real world.

They are also giving donations to an organization that imparts psychedelic-assisted therapy (CPAT). The community support members will also give mental health support to the holders. There is also a game in underdevelopment and exclusive merch on the way. Not just these there are also several other cool utilities in store for the holders.

96. A.N.I.M.O

A.N.I.M.O is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that are yet to be released at the minting cost of 0.088 Ethereum. Out of 10,000, 9500 will be available for minting, 220 are kept in store for giveaways, 13 are left out for future collabs and 268 of them will be split among the team. There is not much info about this project but keep on checking the website or join the discord to get updated.

97. 888 inner circle

This is an NFT to launch as a celebration for the 88.8k followers on Twitter. With this token, the owner will be granted airdrops, accessed early to the 888 drops, and also have the benefit of early access to curated drops and various other benefits.

98. Shiba Social Club Official Collection

This official collection holds some of the cutest NFTs. The collection comprises 7,777 Shiba NFTs that got their inspiration from the wealthy generation of crypto-currency and NFTs.

The project has also released Baby Shiba Club which holds 5000 Baby Shiba NFTs, that are generated from the combination of over 200 traits. Lucky news for the Shiba holders as they will be able to obtain a Baby Shiba for free.

99. My Curio Cards

My Curio Cards is an online art show and the earliest art NFT to exist on the Ethereum blockchain that saw light way back on May 9th, 2017. It has about 30 different unique series of cards from seven different artists.

As it was released way back the cards are wrapped to work on platforms such as Opensea. If you have purchased cards from the original contracts themselves before March 2021 you can wrap them in wrap curio cards, just look it up in the browser.

100. PX Quest

This project holds 5000 unique adventures and every character, land, and piece of loot are tradeable as ERC-721 tokens. With them take back a time-fractured world, one dungeon raid at a time. Not just characters and lands, this project also features pets, staking, loot boxes, and many more. They have launched the Genesis collection, the $CHRONOS Utility token along with the PX arena and kingdoms and dungeons.

These all NFT projects had taken the year 2021 by storm. Some have already been released and some have kept the enthusiasts in patience. Judging from these projects NFTs don’t seem to be stopping from developing. These projects have added so many unique utilities and perks that it seems NFTs will forever continue rising. From commercial rights to music, games, art, food, NFTs have begun touching every sphere of human life. It is the right thing to say that NFTs are the future and everything will be run through NFTs in the upcoming days.

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