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Top 10 NFT’s To Invest in February 2022

Top 10 NFT’s To Invest In February 2022

Choosing where to place your investment funds is one of the most difficult components of investing in cryptocurrency. The best way to do this is by doing research on the latest cryptocurrency trends, not just along national lines but also worldwide. This article will show you the Top 10 NFT’s To Invest in February 2022 that are currently making waves in the crypto market!

#1. KamiTribe NFT

KamiTribe NFT
  • Mint Price: 0.069ETH
  • Mint Date: 18th February, 2022

This year’s inaugural Project Spotlight takes a look at Kamitribe, a NFT project that creates digital treasures inspired by classic anime. Anyone who like Japanese animation or just enjoys classics like Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach should check out this collection of NFTs.

The Ethereum blockchain has a collective of K.A.M.I NFTs known as Kamitribe. Kami-only perks, including access to THE HIDEOUT, may be gained by releasing (minting) a K.A.M.I. for each member. It’s going to be a place on the internet where kami owners can socialise. When the roadmap is activated, members of the community will have access to additional destinations and incentives.

One of Kamitribe’s projects is KamiOnline, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The concept for this game came from an ancient game called Ragnarok Online that the creators used to play. Kamitribe is also the subject of an upcoming manga. The light novel Light has authored is already available to Discord users who have been whitelisted.

The Kami Tribe NFT’s will Mint on the 18th of February, 2022, exact time is not yet mentioned, and each Kami NFT will cost you 0.06999 ETH.

#2. WomenRise NFT

WomenRise NFT
  • Mint Dates: SOLD OUT

Women Rise is a collection of 10,000 images created by globally known visual artist Maliha Abidi using a random number generator. The collection’s goal is to make the NFT space extra comprehensive and diversified by having to introduce more female characters and making a donation of a proportion of primary sales to organisations that promote gender equality, girls’ professional training, and psychological wellbeing with the ultimate goal of building the first school in the Metaverse for 258 million children around the world who have no access to education129 million of them are girls.

Women Rise is one of the best and most exciting NFT project currently in 2022 as, the project has really ambitious goal concerning women’s education. The project initially mined for 0.07 ETH one month ago and since then, the floor price of the project is between 0.04 ETH to 0.09 ETH with projections that it will increase to 1.2 to 2.5 ETH in the coming months.

With such a great vision of the project and a massive community who are all together to support the Women Rise NFT project, the Women Rise is bound to rise to become one of the best NFT projects in the coming months in 2022.

#3. Women Tribe NFT

Women Tribe NFT

Mint Price: 0.069ETH

Presale: February 14th, 2022

Mint Dates: February, 19th, 2022


As a collection of 10,000 cosmical woman NFTs aimed at empowering women and everyone, Women Tribe was born. Creating Women Tribe was a response to today’s reality, when men and women are unequally seen by society.

A woman’s experiences have made her understand how much of the world is still a man’s world; nevertheless, she believes that it is not a man’s world, but rather the man’s age.

She is aware of the widespread gender disparity that persists around the world. We’re not in the 1950s anymore. For the sake of equality, both sexes should be treated similarly and given equal access to resources. Women Tribe was created in honour of and as a tribute to all women around.

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The Women Tribe NFT project is set to Pre-Sale on February 15th with Official Minting on February 19th, 2022. The Project has some really ambitious goal and with a mint price of 0.04 ETH, it’s a really good project to catch on!.

#4. Psychedelic Sloth NFT

Mint Date: SOLD OUT



The rapidly expanding Psychedelic Sloths community, led by a group of formidable women who are paving their way through the NFT sector, is throwing open the Web3 door to guarantee that everyone has a place and a voice at the NFT table.

In the NFT space, our objective is to construct a community centered on diversity and accessibility, while also providing a secure and healthy environment for individuals to develop and prioritize their mental health first.

#5. Wisher Vodka

  • Mint Date: TBA

Vodka is being sold in the metaverse via Wisher Vodka, a women-owned enterprise. The Wisher Vodka NFTs are a virtual vodka shop featuring fascinating metaverse activities, unlike other NFTs with artwork.

Decentraland’s Wisher Vodka distillery, the first in the Metaverse, attracts a lot of attention from spectators because of its continual invitations to play.

#6. Shizuka NFT

Mint Date: TBA


Discord: Limited Entry

One of the most exciting NFT projects we’ve seen in a long time, Shizuka NFT is set to be one of the most touted ventures debuting this year.

What exactly is Shizuka? The metaverse’s gateways are teeming with unidentified scum. There is an inherent risk of instability and inaccuracy because of their fast growth. They pose a danger to the digital fabric, which might lead to catastrophic network and infrastructure failures.

A research organisation called ENTER SHIZKA is spearheading an effort to create AI assassins with experimental combat abilities. All of the AIs in the metaverse have been programmed to focus on certain types of corruption. In order to keep everything in order and stable, they live and travel across glitches that are otherwise unavailable.

SHIZUKA’S ENTER has granted Shizuka AI the use of its most advanced experimental assets. They serve as the last iteration of a product’s beta testing platform.

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#7. Tasty Bones


Mint Date: 13th February, 2022

Mint Price: 0.069 ETH

A lot of buzz surrounds the Tasty Bones NFT Collection right now. It has around 80,000 Twitter followers ahead of its official debut in February 2022. If this 5000-item initiative has the potential to be as successful as Doodles, why is there so much excitement about it?

Another major enigma surrounding the project is the existence of its own Discord server, which is only accessible to those who have been invited. Because of this, Tasty Bones is gaining notoriety as an NFT drop worth keeping an eye out for. If you can find a method to join their Discord, do so! You’ll receive the tastiest tidbits while they’re still fresh!

Tasty Bones is set to launch their NFT on the 13th of February, 2022 which is today!. The initial mint price will be 0.069 ETH. Get your Wallets Ready and mint before the collection sells out!.

#8. Kitty Crypto Gang

  • Mint Date: Sold Out

The Ethereum-based Kitty Crypto Gang (KCG) consists of 7997 different Kitty Gangsters. An unusual 3D rendering and over 200+ qualities make up the Kitty NFT collection. Nicolas Morel and Amandine Comes are the creators and producers of these Kitties.

With the last several years, the two well-known French painters have been working for the likes of Netflix, Disney and Marvel. I can’t wait to see where these Kitties go in the future with all the excitement.


  • Mint Price: Sold Out

An Ethereum-based NFT called Hypebears NFT has been launched on February 2, 2022, with 10,000 bears. Looping sequence GIF images of the Hypebears are shown on each NFT. So, are these Hypebears trying to steal Invisible Friends’ thunder, or are they they the real deal?

The NFT collections of HypeBears include a vast array of digital art based on the bear. Using low-resolution picture art, each piece depicts a bear as the main character. OpenSea is of the best site to buy the art collection. Payment must be made in ETH by the user. The look of each NFT in the collection differs. The worth of a collection is determined by the art’s costumes and settings. The price of NFT rises with its scarcity.

#10. Imaginary Ones

  • Mint Date: TBA

Like GIF pictures of figures with balloons for bodies, Imaginary Ones are NFTs that are unique. Walking sticks, umbrellas, and other implements of transportation may be seen in each character’s left hand. Characters from “The Imaginary Ones” catch the interest of the audience since they are adorable and not frightening; their bodies are made of balloons. Every character in The Imaginary Ones has a distinct sense of style, whether it’s the music player they’re carrying or the headphones they’re wearing or the hats they’re wearing.


So these were some of the best NFT’s to invest in the month of February, 2022. My personal recommendation is you should watch out for Kami Tribe and Women Tribe NFT’s as these are the two NFT projects that are likely to become very popular in the coming months.

Others are already sold out like the Women Rise NFT with Tasty Bones Minting today, February 13th, 2022. Women Rise is also a really good NFT project as it has really ambitious goals and the project is doing great things for women and the society.

In terms of investment, Women Rise NFT’s in my personal projection is going to reach the 2 ETH Floor price very soon. While, it’s hard to enter the Kami Tribe and Tasty Bones Whitelist and Pre-sale, however, once the pre-sale ends, you can definitely find these NFT’s listed on Opensea for a cheaper sale price.

While, there is also Shizuka NFT which is a very closed NFT project that only opens their Discord for a crazy 2 mins, but the project is set to have a big release with lots of things happening in their NFT community. So, do keep a close eye on Shizuka NFT’s as well.

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