Top 10 NFT Blogs That You Should Follow

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Best NFT Blogs

Without knowing where to look, keeping abreast of the latest NFT news can be a bit of a challenge. Being such a new market, the NFT landscape is changing every day. With growing investor interest, the pace of change is set to grow yet more, with other aspects of crypto making the scene even more dynamic.

Whether it’s the latest drops from your favorite crypto artists, deep dives into the stats and figures of the market, or insights and analysis of the space as a whole, there are plenty of resources out there.

Below, we’ve compiled the top NFT blogs to follow so you don’t miss a thing.


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Launched in 2018, is the community’s go-to for market graphs, valuation figures, and price analysis.

Best NFT Blogs

Apart from the charts and numbers, NonFungible also has a great blog that seeks to educate and inspire those involved in the NFT space.

The site acts as a bridge between several different NFT ecosystems, and the blog reflects this, covering everything from NFT gaming to safe practice guides.

Though a pro-NFT site, the blog does not shy away from some hot-button issues either like the environmental impact the market is having.

With a team of NFT veterans and proven experts behind the site, NonFungible is one site you’ll want to keep bookmarked.

2. Foundation App Blog

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Best NFT Blogs is a platform to auction NFTs through live bidding using crypto wallets like MetaMask. Their aim is to leverage the Ethereum blockchain to facilitate creativity and a thriving economy for those involved.

With a focus on art and artists, the blog is full to the brim with inspiring interviews and highlights of upcoming and established artists.

Interviews like the recent piece with Tory Bryant, for example, are great resources for creators. Using the blog, artists, collectors, and NFT creators can pick up tips on promoting their work or look out for artists of note.’s blog is a great place to get to know the individuals who make up the NFT space.

3. The Art NewsPaper

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Best NFT Blogs

Originally a news outlet covering the world of oil paintings and installations, The Art Newspaper now finds itself discussing blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and pixelated punks as NFTs enter the world of mainstream art.

Filtering the news site for NFTs allows you to read professional and insightful takes on NFT sales, trends, and reviews of VR exhibitions.

TheArtNewspaper allows those in the crypto space to see how NFTs are being perceived from the other end of the art world.

4. NFT Culture Magazine

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Best NFT Blogs

Describing itself as “the intersection of art, culture, and the blockchain,” NFTCulture is one of the best places to learn about new artists and art, as well as the market as a whole.

Posting daily, NFTCulture gets into the nooks and crannies of the NFT world, covering projects that more general sites might gloss over.

As well as their online magazine, NFTCulture’s team also has a podcast worth checking out where NFT notables are interviewed, and the news is dissected.

5. Coindesk NFT

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Best NFT Blogs

Considered by most to be the de facto source of crypto news, CoinDesk is one of the most popular news sites and blogs in the space.

Covering everything from government regulation to NFT gaming, the site has become a respected and trustworthy source of information on all things blockchain.

Covering digital art and collectible news daily, you can also treat CoinDesk as one of the top NFT blogs and be sure you’re getting accurate information as well as authoritative opinion.

CoinDesk is a superb blog for keeping yourself NFT informed with regular news shows as well, featuring expert panelists.

6. OpenSea Blog

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Best NFT Blogs

Seeing runaway success in 2021, the NFT platform OpenSea is now one of the biggest players in the space.

While their success is partly down to their business savvy and platform’s ease of use, the company’s blog is also why people feel drawn to the site.

Featuring artist spotlights and news on what NFTs are trending, the blog is one of the best ways to keep in the know. Not only does the blog keep you informed about NFTs, but it also serves as a place for the team to explain changes and updates to the platform, something essential for both sellers and collectors.


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Best NFT Blogs

Celebrating everything NFT, is where people go to get excited about non-fungibles.

Connecting and educating, the blog gives investors tips and covers the latest big news items. NFTsStreet is establishing itself as one of the best sources for advice, too, giving tips and guides on topics such as pricing your NFTs and step-by-step beginner guides.

The blog also finds itself stepping back and looking at the NFT space as a whole, asking questions such as why NFTs are so expensive and why institutional interest is gaining traction.

For anyone interested in the NFT scene, is definitely a blog you’ll want to bookmark.

8. Air NFTs

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Best NFT Blogs

Leveraging Binance’s smart chain technology, AirNFTs is fast becoming a favorite marketplace for NFT enthusiasts.

Their blog is central to their platform’s success, which aims to let people get the most out of their NFTs. Through regular in-depth posts, the AirNFTs blog provides tips and tricks on topics like minting and promoting, as well as interviews with artists and news on what’s going on.

Now a mainstay of the NFT space, AirNFTs is a blog to get a taste of the Binance Smart Chain side of NFTs.

9. ArtNet

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Best NFT Blogs

ArtNet serves as the best resource for news on the international art market. With NFTs now regularly finding themselves in the world’s biggest art auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, keeping your ear to the ground is a great way to predict trends.

Though the blog also posts non-NFT news, ArtNet provides another chance to see things from a traditional perspective. While smart contracts, blockchains, token minting, and cryptocurrencies are becoming relatively mundane concepts for some, the art world at large is yet to engage with the technology.

ArtNet’s news feed is therefore helpful in gauging the acceptability and adoption of NFT art in the traditional space.

10. Coin Telegraph NFT

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Best NFT Blogs

Tracing its history to the early days of crypto in 2013, Coin Telegraph has been hyping blockchain for nearly a decade.

In addition to covering cryptocurrencies, prices, and relevant political issues, Coin Telegraph posts up to the minute NFT news. Making use of its talented team of writers and news editors, CoinTelegraph’s global team ensures no bit of NFT news goes uncovered.

With some fantastic thumbnails accompanying their articles, too, the site is easy on the eye too.

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