Top 10 Most Expensive Raging Rhino NFT Ever Sold

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Most Expensive Raging Rhinos NFT

Raging Rhinos is an NFT project developed by a team of devs looking to create an entry-level profile picture for the non-fungible community. Inspired by the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT craze, the Raging Rhinos is a collection of 5,000 totally unique NFTs created programmatically. These randomly generated NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain and feature Rhinos with differing appearances, wearing various outlandish outfits and accessories, varying in rarity.

The project was launched in August 2021 when investors and collectors were invited to mint their own Rhino on the official website. The project encouraged investment with the promise of interaction via the NFTs through games, airdrops, and other perks.

Like CryptoPunks and other similar projects thereafter, Raging Rhinos is used as a form of flex on other platforms like Twitter.

While the project now lies dormant, trading of Raging Rhinos continues.

Here, then, are the top 10 most expensive Raging Rhinos NFTs ever sold.

10. Raging Rhino #2968

Value: $1,928 / 0.45Ξ

Last sold: August 19, 2021

Raging Rhino #2968
Raging Rhino #2968

With his distinctive “Rave Horn,” Raging Rhino #2968 is one of the most outstanding of the NFTs on this list. Making the token particularly special is the “Black Gold” body and teeth, which only 1% of the Rhinos have. Coupled with the <1% rave horn and you have yourself a particularly rare collectible.

The NFT sold for $1,928 in August and is currently listed for a very reasonable 0.58 ETH, around $2,400 currently.

9. Raging Rhino #1869

Value: $2,133.24  / 0.5Ξ

Last sold: November 06, 2021

Raging Rhino #1869
Raging Rhino #1869

One of the more recent sellers on the list, #1869’s is one of the rarest of the 5000 Raging Rhinos. Every property the NFT has is in the very top tier of rarity, with only 0.02% of other Raging Rhinos sharing them.

With the NFTs being designed randomly and programmatically by algorithms, the stars aligned with this NFT and created a rarer than rare token. The Rhino is clothed in kevlar camo, has a setting sun background, and is sporting a camo helmet.

The item is not currently for sale.

8. Raging Rhino #876

Value: $2,136 / 0.5Ξ

Last sold: August 17, 2021

Raging Rhino #876
Raging Rhino #876

Bright blue with a clown nose on the end of his horn, #876 is a mixture of hilarity and cool. While his red ball nose is his rarest feature, compounding on the rarity is his party goggles which are shared by a mere 2% of the other 5000 NFTs.

The NFT was sold for $2,136 and is currently up for resale.

7. Raging Rhino #4893

Value: $2,139.67  / 0.5Ξ

Last sold: September 16, 2021

Raging Rhino #4893
Raging Rhino #4893

Beating number 8 in this list by just a few dollars, Raging Rhino #4983 is a beefed-up, “light brown and angry” NFT with some rare properties.

Most notably is the extremely rare marbled “Rave Hat,” with only 47 out of the 5000 Rhino NFTs sharing the characteristic. Adding to its rarity is the gold “chain” clothing property.

The item last sold for $2,139 but is now listed for sale for 3 ETH, $12,827.

6. Raging Rhino #4908

Value: $2,147 / 0.5Ξ

Last sold: August 12, 2021

 Raging Rhino #4908
Raging Rhino #4908

A complicated personality, Raging Rhino #4908 has gone for a rather strange look with clown “jokester” clothing, a bright and colorful rage horn, a halo, and iconic brown shades. One of the rarest properties in the entire series, the jokester outfit has a rarity rate of just 0.82%, with only 41 other tokens featuring the clown suit.

While #4908 is not currently for sale, the owner is open to offers.

5. Raging Rhino #4594

Value at sale: $2,148.63  / 0.5Ξ

Last sold: August 16, 2021

Raging Rhino #4594
Raging Rhino #4594

One of the 10% of Raging Rhinos that has the distinctive “bright red” background, #4594 is another rage horned token with the rare “beige happy” body characteristic. While not the rarest properties, the black tee, eye patch, and beanie go together to create one of the toughest looking Rhinos, making it valuable in itself.

The item last sold for $2,148 and while it is not for sale, the owner, narfz0g, is open to offers from interested parties.

4. Raging Rhino #3169

Value at sale: $2,965.14 / 0.69Ξ

Last sold: August 24, 2021

Raging Rhino #3169
Raging Rhino #3169

Creeping up the list is Rhino #3169. The token sold for nearly $3000 in August 2021 and is perhaps most iconic for its extremely rare gold horn coupled with a striking red mohawk.

While all of the Rhinos have horns, this solid gold protrusion is the only one made of a precious metal on the list.

The just-shy-of-$3k sale was made by an unnamed collector who is currently open to offers on the collectible.

3. Raging Rhino #1487

Value at sale: $3,633 / 0.8469Ξ

Last sold: August 16, 2021

 Raging Rhino #1487
Raging Rhino #1487

Bedecked in red, #1487′s high value can be attributed largely to its “rave shades” and comical “clown horn,” both sitting around the 1% mark in terms of rarity.

And, while the token’s “red polo” clothing property isn’t the rarest, with 5% of other tokens sharing in the fashion choice, the color matches the beanie and clown horn well. This striking token is not only rare but visually appealing.

So appealing, in fact, that a collector by the name of NFTCryptoHoarder bought the token for $3,600.

2. Raging Rhino #3072

Value at sale: $5,890 / 1.9WΞ

Last sold: August 17, 2021

Raging Rhino #3072
Raging Rhino #3072

The only Raging Rhino with the “final frontier” background, this NFT epitomizes space exploration. Combined with its one-of-a-king titanium horn, too, and you’ve got yourself an exceptionally rare token.

So rare that one buyer was willing to pay 1.9 WETH, worth around $5,890 at the time. While the investment may seem steep, the buyer is hoping that such a rare token will bring them a good return, with a buy-now price of 77.77 ETH ($332k).

1. Raging Rhino #805

Value at sale: $12,822.60 / 3Ξ

Last sold: August 31, 2021

 Raging Rhino #805
Raging Rhino #805

Sold at the very end of August, topping the list of the most expensive Raging Rhino NFTs is #805, a red-skinned pirate-themed NFT.

With a one-of-a-kind “iron horn,” “lost treasure” background, “skull patch,” and “king of the pirates” hat, this NFT is most certainly the rarest of all 5000 Raging Rhinos.

The near-$13k sale is now hoping to bring the owner, infillions, a reasonable return, with a selling price of $29,930.53.


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