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Top 10 Most Expensive CryptoKitties Ever Sold in 2021

Most Expensive Cryptokitties

Perhaps you can remember back in 2017/2018 that CryptoKitties was the biggest craze to hit the NFT market yet. And what made it more unique is that it was the first platform to incorporate NFTs into a game and let people create them for leisure. It may not seem like the most exciting or new idea for NFTs out there. However, it changed the way people saw NFTs. And as a result, the value of certain CryptoKitties went through the roof.

The specific reasons that certain kitties were valued more than their counterparts will also be discussed. What was interesting to note, was that the majority of the top 10 expensive kitties sold were part of the original Founder’s 100.

So, let us get going and look at the top 10 most expensive kitties sold in 2021.

1. – Founder Cat #40

Estimated Value – $1,064,022.75 USD

This particular cat was part of the Founder 100 group that was originally bred in the game. These cats are known as the Gen 0 series. In other words, the generation 0 cats – the first bred by the creators.

Cat #40 was bought on the 9th of September by user obvio for 225 ETH. This amounts to $1,064,022.75 USD at the time of writing. The new owner doesn’t have any special collections of cats other than this one. Which does surprise the regular collectors as to why such a price was paid. However, that doesn’t matter as the price was paid. And it sure was a lot.

2. – Founder Cat #17

Estimated Value – $837,031.23 USD

Here in second position for the most expensive CrytoKitty sold this year we have Founder Cat #17. He was sold for 177 ETH. That is $837,031.23 USD at time of writing. He is also a Gen 0 cat and was born before the #1 spot above.

He is an Orangesoda coloured Himalayan cat with a jaguar pattern. He has been around for quite a while – this being his biggest feature. He was bought by the user brisket131 – an obvious fan of barbeque. He is currently the one of four cats in the collection. More to follow!

3. – Founder Cat #44

Estimated Value – $709,348.50 USD

Yet again another founder kitty is on the list. This cat was hatched by COO, one of the founders of CryptoKitties. He was also bought by user brisket131 who has paid the second highest price for a kitty this year. He was bought for 150 ETH equivalent to $709,348.50 USD. This kitty is very similar to Kitty #40 with the most obvious feature being the change in colour.

4. – Founder Cat #16

Estimated Value – $704 619.51 USD

Yes, it was another founder cat at the number 4 spot for most expensive kitties sold in 2021. Kitty #16 was bought by brisket131 for 149 ETH at $704 619.51 USD. Also, the direct sibling of the number 2 spot on our list.

Just like the other kitties in the teen founder’s hatchings, Kitty #16 is a of a Himalayan origin with a jaguar pattern. Before you guess any further, our next cat was also purchased by – yes, Brisket131.

5. – Founder Cat #38

Estimated Value – $699,890.52 USD

I think by now, a pattern is being sensed by which type of kitties were hot property this year. The Founder cats were the big winners. Which makes sense looking at the NFT craze this year. People wanted to get originals.

This cat was bought for 148 ETH or $699,890.52 USD. But this is not the most interesting thing about #38

6. – Founder Cat #38

Estimated Value – $614,768.70 USD.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is the same cat as in the slot above. This cat was only kept for 1h39m by a user called test. They bought this cat for 130 ETH or $614,768.70 USD. What really makes this cat so intriguing is that brisket131 thought that the value of the cat was worth 18 ETH more within 2 hours!

7. – Founder Cat #74

Estimated Value – $562,749.81 USD

We still have the Founder cats dominating the biggest sale price list category for 2021. This particular cat was sold for 119 ETH or $562,749.81 USD by the user OSF. There aren’t any exceptional reasons as to why this cat was valued so high other than the fact that is part of the Founder’s 100.

8. – Founder Cat #63

Estimated Value – $472,899.00 USD

This cat was bought for 100 ETH with a USD value of $472,899.00. Again, nothing overly special to mention about what this cat has compared to others aside from its origins. This cat was bought by the user Pranksy on the second of September. Kitty #63 is currently up for sale at an eye-watering 200 ETH. This means the user is expecting a return of 100% on this kitty. Perhaps there is something special?

9. – Founder Cat #35

Estimated Value – $472,899.00 USD

There seems to be something special about the kitties in the 30’s category. Maybe its their Himalayan fur with Jaguar pattern? Who knows? This particular feline was purchased at 100 ETH or $472,899.00 USD. One thing we do know, it is up for sale again at an astounding 469 ETH. Will anyone pay that much for it? We think it’s doubtful, but you never know.

10. – Cat #1121273 Nana Meanbutt

Estimated Value – $472,899.00 USD

We finally have a cat other than a Founder 100 member! This is the only 8th Gen cat to be sold for so much money in this list. Quite a pretty cat and very different to all the other in this list. Nana Meanbutt was sold for 100 ETH.

Final Words

It’s quite obvious that the most expensive cats came from the Founder’s 100 club. That is most likely due to the fact that many collectors were looking to get old-school NFTs before the craze era. It seems that a large influence on the price was due to the user brisket131 who bought 4 cats for extremely large sums. What was so interesting about their purchases though, is the fact that brisket131 bought all four of those cats within one hour. Regardless of that, it was clear that collectors were serious about dishing out large sums for CryptoKitties.

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