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Axie Infinity

Top 10 Most Expensive Axie Infinity NFT Ever Sold

Top 10 Most Expensive Axie Infinity NFT Ever Sold

Sitting somewhere between Tamagotchi and Pokemon, Axie Infinity has come to be recognized as one of the most influential NFT games ever. Based in the land of Lunacia the game allows players to collect, breed, and fight cute and colorful monsters as well as own and customize plots of land. Players use Axies to explore, battle, build and hunt for treasure. Tying it all together is a play-to-earn model that rewards players for simply playing the game.

With a winning formula, Axie Infinity’s NFT economy is lively with the game’s Ronin network used to facilitate transactions and keep track of ownership for its millions of players without the issue of gas fees. The game has recently surpassed $2 billion in total sales and the game’s tokens have come to be recognized as valuable assets worthy of any portfolio or collection.

Here then are the 10 most expensive Axie Infinity NFT tokens to date.

10. Axie #643

 Axie #643
Axie #643

Value: $228.11K / 65Ξ

Last sold: September 18, 2021

At number ten in our list, we have “I IS POTAT,” the comically named Axie owned by collector LazyBlop.

I IS POTAT is a double mystic Axie with a low ID number, something making it an Origin token. This renders it one of the more scarce tokens and affords owners benefits that otherwise would be unavailable.

The very first sale of #643 happened in 2018 when the Axie sold for a respectable $648, a high amount at the time for an unestablished project. Now, three years on, the Axie has sold for almost £230,000 and is listed for sale at a staggering $623,328.

9. Axie #1457

Axie #1457
Axie #1457

Value: $230.44K  / 65Ξ

Last sold: September 17, 2021

A double mystic Axie in the beast class of tokens that has already been used to breed twice.

The Axie was first sold in October 2018 for $0.46, just 0.02 ETH. After a few sales spanning hundreds, to a few thousand, the token last sold for over $230,000, netting the shrewd previous owner more than $230,000 in profit.

8. Axie #9

Axie #9
Axie #9

Value: $236.16K / 100Ξ

Last sold: August 20, 2021

Axie #9 is owned by Russian group 1nTeam3 who are a player-organized guild of Axie Infinity players and investors.

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The token was bought by the group in August 2021, increasing their already impressive collection. The token is an orange mystic of the beast class with Bookworm glasses and Starry Shell claws.

1nTeam3 is looking to net over $4 million from their investment. This would be a return of nearly 1,900%, an incredible investment on their behalf should it sell.

7. Axie #3018

Axie # 3018
Axie # 3018

Value: $239.98K  / 112.17Ξ

Last sold: July 24, 2021

A particularly fertile Axie with 7 children, Axie #3018 is better known as “Rookie.” Rookie is a yellow, fluffy double mystic Axie with Last Leaf sears and Golden Bamboo horns.

The Axie token first sold in November 2018 for nearly 900 dollars, 5 ETH at the time. Now, worth over $239,000, the Axie has an ROI of 27,120% for the former owner Useleszzz. For the new owner, No More Magic (also the owner of #2 in this list) Rookie is expected to bring in over a million dollars.

6. Axie #3056

Axie #3056
Axie #3056

Value: 316.76K / 100Ξ

Last sold: August 12, 2021

Having not been sold for nearly a year, #3056’s value grew exponentially over the course of 2021, resulting in an enormous sale in August. Selling for over $300,000, the Axie is titled “Aint She Pretty?” and is an aquatic classed Koi mystic with Crystal Hermit claws.

The proud owner is Mike’s Axie Farm whose collection now holds over 100 Axies.

The former owner, jl2fa, bought the token for $9,276 in October 2020, netting him a considerable return on his investment.

5. Axie #5570

Axie #5570
Axie #5570

Value at sale: $322.1K  / 100Ξ

Last sold: August 16, 2021

Also known as “Vandal,” this single fanged cute Axie has 2 mystic parts, the Calico Zeal and Skull Cracker attribute. It is of the beast class and has not currently been bred.

The token was sold by the prolific seller KittenMittens to the yet more prolific buyer, Psylo, who now has over 900 Axies in their collection.

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With Vandal now part of their collection, Psylo’s portfolio just became a whole lot more valuable, though the token is not currently for sale.

4. Axie #3429

Axie #3429
Axie #3429

Value at sale: $366.34K / 175Ξ

Last sold: July 10, 2021

A bright yellow double mystic Axie with rare Sky Mavis eyes and Hasagi claws. Axie #3429 was bought by the collector Maev in July of 2021 for $366,000 dollars.

The Axie was first sold in 2019 for $1,873.45, a high figure for the time and testament to the #3429’s appeal.

Maev has 23 Axies in their collection with #3429 being by far the most expensive. It is currently listed for over $4 million dollars

3. Axie #2755

Axie #2755
Axie #2755

Value at sale: $375K / 115Ξ

Last sold: August 17, 2021

Towards the end of the summer of 2021, the Russian gaming group 1nTeam3 also bought the plant class Axie #2755, named “Excelent Mystic TanK”. The Axie has a mystic Crimson Gecko eye part, as well as a mystic starry shell.

The Axie’s first sale was in 2018 and went for the incredibly low price of $0.96.

The sale was a record-breaking 115 ETH at the time, worth $375,000. The Axie is now estimated to be worth over $1.5 million. Excellent Mystic TanK joins 1nTeam3’s roster of Axies and has even been used to breed Axie #4012.

2. Axie #1117

Axie #1117
Axie #1117

Value at sale: $450,000 / 130Ξ

Last sold: October 05, 2021

Known as “Spike Lee”, Axie #1117 is an aquatic double mystic token with a fish-tail and a starry balloon.

The token sold for a staggering $450,000 dollars in October to the collector “No More Magic” who now owns 11 Axies at the time of writing, estimated to now be worth millions of dollars.

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Axie #1117 is now listed for sale for over a million dollars.

1. Axie #2655

Axie #2655
Axie #2655

Value at sale: $819.66 / 369Ξ

Last sold: July 04, 2021

Topping the list is the legendary Axie #2655, better known as “Sir Gregory”. Axie #2655 has been owned by 8 unique owners and found itself in great demand as NFT mania took hold in 2021. The latest owner is Lunacian #585021 who bought the Shiba-tailed pouting Axie for over $800K (369 ETH) in July 2021.

Sir Gregory is just one of only 19 Axies with triple mystic parts and features the attributes Pink Turnip claws, Dreamy Papi eyes, and Lam Handsome fangs.

The Axie was sold by Boba Epicura and is the highest Axie sale to date. It is not currently for sale, with Lunacian letting their investment appreciate in value as the game gains yet more notoriety.

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