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Top 10 Best NFT Coins for Day Trading

Best NFT Coins for Day Trading

What is NFT coin day trading? Very simply put, it is the same thing as in the conventional markets that we are a bit more adjusted to. Day trading does what it says on the box, it is trading that is specifically done in one day. What a lot of people don’t know, is that this is a very risk trading method. But this is what makes it so popular to traders – its risk factor.

The more volatile a currency is, the more it is going to fluctuate in price. This is especially true with crypto-currencies and NFT coins. And you can be sure that people have cottoned on to this. Crypto offers the chance to get huge returns on day trading because of its famous volatility.

Now that we understand what day trading is and why it is so popular, we must understand NFT coins/tokens. These are simply crypto coins that are made by a platform using the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. These coins are used on their native platform and can be traded for other crypto coins on some exchanges. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 NFT Coins that are best suited for day trading.

1. Gala Token

This is the token used in the Gala Games Ecosystem for everything and is also completely controlled by the users. It is based on the ETH blockchain and conforms with the ERC-20 standards. There are a few games in the system where the top players are all rewarded in the native coin.

It has a market cap of $960 Million USD with a coin/token value of $0.6845 USD.

2. Render Token

This token is quite interesting and is used on a platform that is very pro crypto – more than other NFT platforms. The Render token is used as a means to connect various people that would like to mine crypto, but don’t have the GPU power to do so. These tokens connect the want to be miners with people who have a spare capacity of GPU power.

It has a market cap of $677 Million USD with a coin/token value of $6.99 USD.

3. Illuvium Coin

A fine gaming NFT coin this is. It will be used in game to process micro-transactions as well as purchases for players. It is used in an RPG NFT gaming platform where players can earn NFTs while playing games.  

It has a market cap of $672 Million USD with a coin/token value of $1726 USD.

4. Starlink Token

These virtual tokens are launching soon and will be used to build a space station in a real quadrant of space. The name is of course based on the satellite internet provider of the same name. And not only that, Musk has of course added some energy into the mix in the last day.

It has a market cap of $667 Million USD with a coin/token value of $0.00006 USD.

5. UFO Gaming Coin

The UFO Gaming coin is one that is used to purchase or mint virtual land in a dark metaverse where all lovers of aliens can be together. It is also based on the ETH network and has some impressive visuals to make it stand out amongst other virtual lands.

It has a market cap of $580 Million USD with a coin/token value of $0.00002 USD.

6. Yield Guild Games Coin

Yield Guild Games coin is used in the game by players to earn NFTs. The object of the game is battle with other players and settle new worlds. What makes this different to other games is that its visuals have designed to attract a lot of anime fans.

It has a market cap of $551 Million USD with a coin/token value of $6.28 USD.

7. Coin

This coin is used by a decentralized self-learning AI tool. It is mainly used for trading within certain given parameters. Its first successful project has been to help Uniswap users to automate their trade. 

It has a market cap of $539 Million USD with a coin/token value of $0.78 USD.

8. PlayDapp Token

The PlayDapp coin is used in its native platform for purchasing items. PlayDapp is most famously known for Roblox. A metaverse that has grown exponentially in recent times. There are several zones on the platform that each have their own games. 

It has a market cap of $505 Million USD with a coin/token value of $2.08 USD.

9. Lukso Token

This is a token that is used in the Luksa platform created by the ERC-20 creator. This platform is dedicated to the transparency of digital goods specifically. And creating a more secure and decentralized approach than ever before.

It has a market cap of $451 Million USD with a coin/token value of $19.85 USD.

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10. SuperFarm Token

This token is used on the SuperFarm platform which enables users with no previous coding or NFT experience to mint their own NFTs. It will do all the hard work for people looking to create their own unique coins. 

It has a market cap of $447 Million USD with a coin/token value of $1.80 USD.

Why These Top 10 Tokens Are the Best for Day Trading

Now having been provided with a list of coins whose only common denominator is the fact that they are NFT coins based on the ETH network, what now? It’s simpler than you think. When looking at day trading on crypto, it has been shown that trading on coins that have a marketcap just less than $1 Billion USD is the best choice to make regardless of what they are used for.

The reason for that is because there will be a large amount of volatility to play around with when performing trades. And then there is also the surety that the coins that you will be performing trades on are quite established. This provides a bit of security in knowing that their prices won’t drop astronomically without any warning. These coins above are bound to be your best choice when looking to choose a day trade commodity.

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