Tom Brady is launching an NFT company called Autograph | TOM BRADY NFT AUTOGRAPH

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Tom Brady who is the member of the Rugby team called “Tampa Bay Buccaneers” is now getting his hands on the NFT game.

NFT as we know have really created a huge hype in 2021, with artists like Beeple who has sold one of his artworks named “Everydays 5000” for $69 million dollars. Following him there are many others who have been able to bank a lot of money from NFT’s.

This time the Seven Times Super Bowl Champion is now launching an entire NFT platform called “Autograph”. The platform will be soon launched this spring.

Autograph is going to be very different from the rest of the NFT platforms out there like Rarible.com and OpenSea.com.

Autograph is more quality driven and will have some of the most iconic brands and names in sports, fashion, pop-culture, entertainment to create digital collectibles. This means that one will find the best of the best from the best in the platform. We could see artworks from Justin Bieber, DJ Khalid and amazing animated videos from Zedd and much much more.

I think Autograph is strictly quality-driven meaning one cannot just enter the platform and expect their work to be approved by the platform. As Dillion Rosenblatt who is the co-founder and CEO of Autograph says, “Autograph will bring together some of the most iconic names and brands with the best in class digital artists to ideate, create and launch NFT’s and groundbreaking experiences to a community of fans and collectibles”CNN Interview.

First of all – What are NFT’s? – NFT stands for Non-Fungible-Tokens are pieces of digital assets that are linked to the blockchain. NFT’s are tokens just like Bitcoin and Ethereum however, NFT’s are different from Bitcoins because they are Non-Fungible as they cannot be duplicated, replicated, and are irreplaceable. You can have 50 Bitcoins, give one to your friend and he will have the same exact coin as yours. This is not the same case with NFT’s as each NFT’s are different and unique to each other. Even if they are divided into 100 pieces, each of those 100 pieces will be different from each other.

The unique trait of NFT is that it is irreplaceable and unique and the fact that it contains additional data that can be traced and the ownership can be verified makes an NFT an extremely valuable piece of digital asset.

The demand for NFT is continuing to rise and shows no signs of slowing down. OpenSea for example which is one of the largest marketplaces for NFT saw a cumulative sales of $5 Million USD in Jan 2021. Within just the next few months, the figure rose and spiked to over $100 million dollars in sales.

NFT tokens market capitalization.

Just like that even tweets have the capability of being turned into an NFT with Twitter’s Founder Jack Dorsey selling his first tweet for $2.9 Million Dollars USD.

Brady and Richard Rosenblatt will serve as the co-chairs of Autograph. The fact that Autograph is also working on building a team of advisors that includes Lionsgate CEO, Jon Feltheimer, Live Nation Entertainment CEO, Michael Rapino, Advertising business Officer of Spotify, Dawn Ostroff and many more.

There will also be live auctions held by Autograph and additional services like physical product drops and in person celebrity meetups for the buyers.

If you didn’t know and just a fact, Tom Brady’s NFT which was called Tom Brady rookie card sold for $2.25 million USD and is now the most expensive trading card in football history ever sold.


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