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The Most Expensive NBA NFTs To Date

NBA has released Top Shot NFTs with Dapper Labs. Some of the Top Shot NFTs gradually rose in popularity and got traded in soaring high prices.

NFTs and sports are the best combinations that have been circling around in the digital world. Sports NFTs form the latest buzz in the NFT space and there are notable organizations that have become part of NFTs. With Sports NFTs, the inclusion of the interaction of fans with their preferred sports and favorite players has become easier, more innovative, and more interactive. Various sports associations have gotten into the NFT space with the aim of creating better ways for fans to interact with their favorite players and own the digital assets of their favorite players.

In the year 2020, the National Basketball Association, popularly known as the NBA, launched a collection of video clip NFTs along with Dapper Labs. The video clip NFTs can be traded on NBA Top Shot. Some of the Top Shot NFTs gradually rose in popularity and got traded in soaring high prices, some even saw six figures.

This article features the most expensive NBA NFTs.

1. LeBron James Slam Dunking NFT – $499,999

LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers dunking while a Kings player tries to defend at Staples Center is one of the best moments of the NBA. This moment’s video clip is a Video NFT as well and holds the distinction of the most expensive NBA NFT. The video NFT of LeBron James Slam Dunk is being sold for $499,999.

In terms of statistics, James’ time with the Lakers has been one of his greatest. He had 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game in 2021–2022. James, though, will be looking for a better season for his squad after the previous campaign ended with only 33 wins and 49 losses, which was disappointing.

2 James Harden’s 3 Pointer NFT – $120,000

James Harden, a superstar from Houston Rockets, with his three-pointer against LA Clippers is surely a moment to remember. Well, that is why the video NFT of this moment is by far the second most expensive NBA NFT. In the video clip, James Harden dribbles through the players and then bams a three-pointer against LA Clippers on 22nd November 2019. This NFT of James Harden moment is selling for $120,000. The NFT has come a long way to this level of prominence and a six-figure price.

The basketball player is currently a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, and his tremendous scoring prowess frequently aids the team in winning crucial games. Since Harden is widely regarded as the most critical member of the 76ers roster, his performance is essential to helping the team overcome the odds and win future games.

3 LeBron James’ Two-Handed Reverse Windmill Slam Dunk – $96,000

Here in 3rd spot, we see LeBron James again with probably his most famous moment. A video NFT of LeBron James making his iconic two-handed reverse windmill slam dunk against the Houston Rockets on 6th February 2020 comes on the top list of most expensive NBA NFTs. The LeBron James NFT moment is selling for $96,000.

This LeBron James moment is just magnifico and one can never get enough of this video. The owners of the NFT’ are probably the luckiest to own such a breathtaking moment of basketball.

4 LeBron James’ One-Handed Slam Dunk NFT – $88,888

LeBron James is just on fire and might have the higher number of most expensive NBA NFTs. LeBron James gets through everyone and scores a one-handed slam dunk against the Sacramento Kings on 15th November 2019. This might be the best moment of LeBron James’ only second to Reverse Windmill Slam Dunk.

The One-Handed Slam Dunk NFT is selling for $88,888. Well, LeBron James is an icon, and having three of the most expensive NFTs being his moments proves it. His unmatchable skills in basketball keep skyrocketing him to the pinnacle.


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The NBA Top Shot collection has made it possible for NBA fans to own their favorite moments. NFTs have created a new and innovative way of collecting and trading digital assets and hardcore fans can “own” their invaluable moments.

Also, this is not the only NBA NFT collection out there. There is also “The Association” NFT collection launched by the NBA but this collection saw its failure the moment it was released. The collection consisted of 18,000 NFTs representing real NBA players’ playoffs this year, and it only took an hour to plummet down. The smart contract of the collection was jeopardized. Users could unfairly mint NFT and wipe away the entire collection due to an error in the NFT’s smart contract. So, it’s not always that all the NFT collections go smoothly, a slip can happen here and there.

Other than the NBA NFT collection, Major League Baseball also released its special edition NFTs along with Candy Digital in 2021.

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