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The Ember NFT Collection | 5,555 NFTs that are Burning Hot In the Ethereum Blockchain

Don’t forget to join the official discord channel of Embers NFT as well if you want to become a part of the incredible community!

embers nft project

Investing in blockchain is no longer just about investing in Bitcoin. If you’ve been looking for an investment that’s both tangible and high-tech, then it may be time to start looking into NFTs. What are these magical items, you ask? Well, they’re cryptocurrencies that can be owned and traded like stocks because they represent something physical in the real world – like a work of art or even a house!

Everyone wants to be hot, but how do you accomplish that? Well, for one thing, it’s important to be unique. The Embers NFT collection includes 5,555 NFTs in one share set (the maximum number of NFTs in a single share set). But there is much more to these Embers than just the numbers. Inside this article, you will learn about their creation process and what makes them so special.

The Ember NFT

Creating an excellent project like the Ember NFT Project is their top priority, and they’re working hard to make it happen! After the launch of the project, a DAO system will be built to ensure that the community has full transparency, equality, and justice in how the project is run.

Besides showcasing stunning artwork, this NFT aims to introduce more crypto aficionados to the realm of NFTs. It’s difficult to make the move to the metaverse with such a little investment without initiatives that are both appealing and affordable for new NFT members.

When you join the community, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by everyone who joins. As a member of the Ember community, you will have a say in the project’s future, and they will listen to you.

NFT Details & Features

In the heart of the blockchain, there is a group of 5,555 NFTs that are burning hot and emitting heat. Over 150 animated characteristics are used to create each unique Ember, with some very uncommon 1/1s having qualities that cannot be found in any other Ember being used to create the final piece of art.


It is necessary to construct a bridge in order for us to continue moving ahead in their efforts. Their strategy for launching the Emberverse and initiating the creation of the Emberverse.

Stage 1: The First Giveaway

When the Official Embers NFT Discord Server achieves 10,000 members, ten Ember NFTs will be given away as a thank you.

Stage 2: Charity Program

The Red Cross or another charitable organisation of the community’s choice will receive $50,000 as a result of the contest.

Stage 3: Funding The Community

Twenty-five percent of the profits gathered from the mint will be utilised to support the community wallet, staking, and marketing, all of which will contribute to the project’s long-term sustainability.

Stage 4: Begin Development

They’ll get started on their short-term development right immediately.


The metaverse is being illuminated by a new, brilliant spark, and their members will be the guiding light. The short-term development blueprint that will ignite the initial spark in the minds of their investors.

The Distribution of Funds

The project’s long-term viability will be ensured by the usage of 25% of the monies raised through minting. Further, 5 percent will be utilised for marketing reasons, which will help to bring more people to the Embers NFT and enhance the local community. Staking will be funded with 10% of the money and 25% of royalties; this is in addition to other sources of revenue. In addition to royalties, a tenth of all revenues will be placed into a community pool to finance future utilities projects as well as community-driven initiatives.

DAO System

The hiring of new staff members who have been hand-picked by the community. It will be updated to include prominent members of the community, in order to increase openness and confidence in the network. Every bearer of an Ember NFT will be able to cast a ballot. Those who own several Embers will be entitled to cast multiple ballots.

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Members will be able to earn Ember ERC-20 tokens if they participate.


With the assistance of small companies, they want to develop spectacular and unique real-life things that holders will be able to buy. These things will be very hard to come by and will be much more distinctive than the ordinary sweatshirt or other standard stuff.

Airdrops and Other Resources

Holders will get special airdrops, and those who hold more will earn even rarer airdrops. Rarity Tiers will determine which airdrops will be given to holders. Holders get Special WL Roles for the future initiatives, enabling them to mint before the general public. Special access to cooperation with other projects that have been hand-picked is granted.


Once they have all of the Embers ready, the project will add fuel to the fire and go through. The long-term road plan will be developed by and for the people who will use it.

There is still much to figure out about the NFT token and how it can be utilized. However, the possibilities are exciting, and we hope this post has given you a better understanding of what they are and how they work.

More information on the soon-to-be-launched NFT project may be found at the project’s official website, Don’t forget to join the official discord channel of Embers NFT as well if you want to become a part of the incredible community!


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