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The Best NFT Memes of All Time

Memes have fueled NFTs into the fame it has achieved now, and this article is to give the memes bit of the spotlight for their unnoticed contribution.

The Best NFT Memes of All Time

As much as NFTs have risen in value, it has risen in popularity by leaps in bounds in social media as well. What goes around in the NFT space reaches the enthused audience in no time. In addition to it, a lot of changes, some thrilling some devastating, ups and downs, and thrilling news keep occurring in the NFT space. The ones who have followed NFTs for a long time is no stranger to the instability of the NFT space in all its aspects. Also, the community of the NFT space is as quick as the changes that occur. They will instantly whisk up a meme about it and make it more engaging for the social media world. There have also been considerable meme NFTs that have gone for sale in the NFT markets.

Well, this article features the best NFT memes of all time encompassing from Gary Vee smirk to the suspension of NFT on Twitter and a lot more. All the memes have fueled NFTs into the popularity it has achieved now, and this article is to give the memes and their creator’s bit of the spotlight for their unnoticed contribution.

Kevin the unfinished Pixelmon NFT Meme

Everybody in the NFT community knows Kevin. The meme got popular as a result of the unveiling of Pixelmon. Pixelmon is an NFT project and an open-world RPG NFT game. This project earned over $70 million in a Dutch auction sale of its NFTs before its reveal. The team then push forward the reveal of the art, and the art wasn’t as complete. So, Kevin become known to the world, and the name Kevin represents the NFTs species trait.

Syber, the creator of the Pixelmon project announced on Discord: “I’m not going to sugar coat it — we made a horrible mistake,” “This is unacceptable. We felt pressured to push the reveal, and the reality is we weren’t ready to push the artwork. This does not represent the brand, and we will fix this as we have let many people down with this reveal.” Syber further stated that the team will invest $2 million to refurbish the artwork and the result will be a much more improvement.

Kevin has also influenced a lot of meme NFTs. Some of them are “Lives of Kevin” and “Kevin Punks.

NFT Roadmaps Meme

A beer that is just foam all the way is a perfect rendition of an NFT project with a roadmap that leads to nothing. So, before getting onto NFTs you will have to do extensive research and check with the community thoroughly. You must research all the aspects such as the creators, community, and most importantly, the roadmap to see what the project has in the future for you. There are a lot of NFT projects that have seen such occurring where the NFT roadmaps are just fake promises that fill the investors with expectations. So this is similar to a beer that all foam.

For instance, the NFT project Frosties had put up a roadmap that seemed to be promising. Their roadmap included merch, giveaways, raffles, and many more. There was even a “special fund to ensure Frosties longevity.” Although, the creators of the project ran off with $1 million worth of ETH hours after the launch of the project. This was followed by their arrest.

The NFT project Pixelmon which raised $70 million and revealed Kevin, is also included in this list. So, what you have to do is research thoroughly before getting onto any NFT project.

NFTs are all about money

“NFTs are all about money” is an idea that has been floating around the internet for a long time now. There are a huge number of memes about it that have been going around the community. Although, the Spongebob meme is the best one and gives the best representation of the statement. The NFT is an innovative industry and an ever-expanding ecosystem that cannot happen with technology, finance, art, and many more. So not including the earning of money aspect in it is just near impossible and this might be the prominent aspect that drives creators of projects. But the essence of NFT does not lie in money it lies in the development and digital evolution.

The GaryVee Smirk

Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as GaryVee. He is a prominent figure in the NFT world and is an influencing personality. GaryVee’s smirk’s screenshot finds its source in an interview Vaynerchuk took with CNBC in February. Vaynerchuk chuckled before responding when questioned about the “problematic” nature of the crypto and NFT market throughout the conversation. The screenshot soon gained popularity as a reaction and a meme picture within the NFT and crypto groups.

GaryVee was initially a wine critic and then became a social media sensation. He is the chairman of New-York based communications company VaynerX. As the years progressed GaryVee got into NFTs and evolved from a collector to an NFT creator. GaryVee launched VaynerNFT as well to help corporations and celebrities with their own NFT projects, as well as, build the VeeFriends ecosystem.

McDonald’s tweets about crypto

The Crypto and NFT world is an ever-changing one. Sometimes it can skyrocket and sometimes it can plummet to rock bottom. So, it’s usual that sometimes the Crypto and NFT investors are millionaires and sometimes they will have to go back to their daily jobs. This is a prominent gag that has been around the Crypto and NFT community. Mcdonald’s took the opportunity when the value of Crypto went down considerably in January 2022 and pitched in with a sarcastic and snide tweet to check the NFT community.

Although Mcdonald’s got a fitting response from the community.

Twitter Suspends @NFT

Well, you might be surprised with this that NFTs have been canceled by Twitter. But that’s not the case. @NFT is a co-partnership account of Jason Falovitch and Mark Cuban and this particular account was banned by Twitter. “Space Cowboy” a Twitter user with the pseudonym @topshotfund accused the verified page in the open of “promoting a shadowy cabal of scammy copy pasta NFT projects without proper disclosures,” and this followed the banning of the account by Twitter.

A representative for Meta, Instagram’s parent company, stated to Rolling Stone: “This account was disabled following repeated violations of our policies, and it won’t be reinstated.”

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Larva Labs Pokémon Meme

In February 2022, LarvaLabs, the group behind CryptoPunks, encountered a lot of criticism for spreading this Pokémon-themed meme. John Watkinson, one of the company’s co-founders, sold his ownership of V1 CryptoPunks NFTs. Larva Labs tried to ban the surfacing project and have it removed from NFT marketplaces days after its sale. The price of V1 Punks could have fallen as a result of this criticism, resulting in a loss of money for everyone who purchased NFTs from Watkinson.

Watkinson, on the other hand, kept all of the proceeds from his sales and would not suffer losses as a result of the price decline, which was brought on by a corporation that was under the ownership of both him and another individual.

Tom Brady retires for NFT meme

There are a lot of celebrities that have gotten into NFTs and developed considerably in it. Although, no other celebrity compares to Tom Brady’s step into NFTs. In February 2022, Tom Brady stated that he will retire from NFL and put his efforts into his NFT undertaking, “Autograph” and his family as well. Although, this was only to last for 40 days.

Despite that, this doesn’t suggest that it is the end of Brady’s NFTs. Tom Brady has made a partnership with ESPN to develop an NFT collection inspired by his career.

Vitalik the Bear

The Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin has become quite a meme sensation. He was found wearing a peculiar set of attire on stage at ETHDenver. It was not only pajamas but he wore a full-body bear suit one time on-stage. He is a fun-loving and high-spirited person on-stage and the programmer is known for it. Although, as the event took place during a small crypto crash, his attire became the inspiration for memes for a lot of people.

Crypto Taxes meme

The Cryptocurrency tax meme represents in the best way what we are left with after all the payments have been made. This tax meme makes clear, many of us frequently end up with nothing but the minimum or bare bones after paying all of our state and federal obligations. The good news is that there is a plethora of information accessible on how to report NFT assets, gains, and losses on your taxes.

NFTs are all the same

This meme projects that a lot of NFTs from projects look similar with bare minimum differences. Although, PFP projects are not the only projects that are prominent in the NFT space. But NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, Doodles, and many more similar projects are dominating the top spots in the NFT space. So, the people who are not aware of the details and not much a part of the Web3 community are of the impression that most NFTs are similar to each other.

Although, the ones who criticize might, however, have a valid argument. As shown by MekaVerse, which is a failed project, it’s crucial to get the generative component of generative avatar projects right. So, people frequently obtain duplicate NFTs or, at the very least, NFTs that are uncannily close to their unique counterparts.

The Wolf Of Wall Street NFT meme

NFTs have increased so much in popularity over the years and have become the vogue of the digital world. It reached its peak around 2020 and 2021 and is continuing still. It might not ever plummet down. The Wolf Of Wall Street Meme perfectly sums up the hype it has created. At this time too, there are a lot of people who have not grasped the whole concept of NFT properly and this does not stand as an obstacle for the numerous artists and collectors to sell them in the markets.

A lot of people invest in anything that is projected as NFT aspiring that it will go on to become something valuable in the coming days. All this is due to the publicity and the popularity it has built up. The Tulip Mania NFT project is the perfect instance for this hype. The NFTs of this project were 16th-century Tulip-themed and became so hyped that one NFT from the collection was selling for more than $55,000. One costs as little as 0.05 ETH now, or around USD 160, to own.

Donnie Darko seeks IRL friends

The NFT community has garnered a lot of relationships among its members. If you are an NFT enthusiast and then you know the experience of making friends is a lot smoother in the metaverse rather than in real life. This is a magnificent thing in the NFT community. Bonds forming without meeting in real life have never become easier. Also, they get a chance to meet online friends in real life through meetups and events.

Never stood a chance

Getting outbid at the last minute is a common occurrence in the NFT space. You might have gotten into an NFT project and bidding for one is close to winning the bid. Although, at the last minute a big shot comes in and then takes away your chance. For this meme, a Golden Friend NFT is used as an instance. One of 5,000 Golden Friend NFTs got away from someone because someone outbid that person. The project is created by Markus Magnusson.

The one instance of an outbid that will never leave the memory of the NFT community is the one that took place in March 2021. Justin Sun, the founder of TRON blockchain was outbid in the last 20 seconds of a Christie’s auction. Guess, which NFT he failed at winning. It is Beeple’s Everydays: The First 5000 Days NFT, a devastating day for Justin Sun.

NFT Generational Gap

The “My parents at age xx” meme has been going around for ages and it fits perfectly in almost any context. It’s hardly surprising that many people have modified the meme to match the broad NFT and Web3 environment. The stigma surrounding digital ownership is that collecting non-fungible art and collectibles simply cannot compare to legacy life accomplishments like having children and purchasing a home, even though many lives have altered as a result of NFTs. It all depends on the opinion of every person and what they want to do.

Get Your Priorities Straight

As time has passed there has been a lot of difference surfacing regarding opinions about NFTs among people. These are visible from the NFT street art that comes with negativity towards NFTs and Web3. As metaverse is becoming more prominent day by day and Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is among the most popular ones. So, the author of street art is of the opinion that going outside and experiencing the world is better than NFTs or the virtual world. Things such as experiencing nature, drugs, sex, and many more real-life aspects are a lot better than the virtual world.


Memes are not just a way of spreading ridiculous themes about an aspect. It’s probably the most popular thing that runs around on the internet and with this words fly around first. So, one cannot ignore the role meme has played in making NFTs popular. Although some memes might’ve done the opposite they won’t prolong for long, as NFT are here to stay for a long time.

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