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Tembo guardians NFT | 10,010 Highly Evolved guardians from an Elephant Race in A Distance Galaxy


In search of their ancestors, the Tembo guardians, a highly evolved elephant race from a distant galaxy, roam the infinite universe. As they find their roots in the elephants of planet earth, 10 Tribes with their 10 Matriarchs and their 10,010 Tembo Guardians’ strong army, decide to stay and help their ancestors.

But not only them, but their goal is also to generate wealth and prosperity for all living beings who love and support nature. Are you one of them? Help the Tembo Guardians to do one last great action for the elephants and yourself! Help them to enter the Ethereum Mainnet to find their way back home.

The Story Behind Tembo Guardians NFT

The Tembo guardians, a highly evolved elephant race from a distant galaxy, roam the infinite universe with their spaceship in search of their roots.

They instinctively felt a mysterious attraction to the blue planet as they approach Earth’s solar system. Landing on Earth, the Council of Matriarchs decides to get off. As soon as their feet touch the hot Serengeti sand, they feel a thunderous vibration that seems to rise from their feet up into their bodies and higher to their heads. All the matriarchs begin to march in the same direction as if remote-controlled. With each step, they feel a stronger and deeper rumbling under their feet. Suddenly something happens on the horizon! A huge cloud of dust.

As they get closer, they can hardly believe their eyes. They see a huge herd of elephants, led by an old matriarch. Astonished and with awe in their eyes, they know that they have discovered their ancestors, their roots, the origin of their DNA, in the elephants of planet Earth.

The Tembo Guardians learned the language of their ancestors and began to understand it. On planet Earth, another creature had evolved to the top of the food chain. The species called itself human. Humans polluted the earth, rarely killed animals for food but often just for fun, and hunted elephants mostly just to take their tusks.

The council of matriarchs was horrified and shocked. They discussed helping their ancestors. But the expedition ship had to leave back home to Thoalea. Not all Tembo Guardians were willing to accept this! 10 Tembo matriarchs decided to stay behind with their 10.000 headstrong tribes to protect their ancestors. Even when this would mean, that their return to Thoalea would move into the unattainable distance.

Now a few years have passed and the Tembo Guardians are helping their ancestors without revealing themselves to the humans. Some things are better now, but there is still much to do.

After years of service to their ancestors, many Tembo Guardians are now missing their home planet. But with new technology, created by humans, there is a possibility to go home to Thoalea, without the need for a spaceship. The so-called Metaverse could offer a bridge to their galaxy.

But before they can take this step, the Tembo Guardians have to travel through the Ethereum Mainnet to finally get home through the Metaverse. But the Tembo Guardians want to make sure that their ancestors are doing well on Earth. To accomplish this, they need those humans who stand out from the crowd, carry justice and love for nature in their hearts.

Are you one of them? Help the Tembo Guardians to do one last great action for the elephants on Earth! And enter the Ethereum Mainnet to find their way home.  

Tribes of the Tembo Guardians

1. Night Spirit Tribe

Believing that their fallen warriors wandering around as night spirits, protecting and guiding them

2. Stone Hammer Tribe

One of the first Tribes that were formed! The Stone Hammer Tribe is known for having the best crafters and engineers

3. Miracle Waters Tribe

Living in the floating village on the holy lake, this tribe is worshipping its waters and everything that lives and grows in it.

4. Gray Ivory Tribe

Was created by Manhor the Great with his huge gray ivory tusks, who fought back the intruders and saved the tribe and its land

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5. Invincible Fire Tribe

Believing that every member of this tribe has an invisible fire burning in their spirit, this tribe has some of the strongest warriors

6. Sapphire Lightning Tribe

Legends say that the mother tree of this tribe was hit by lightning revealing a huge sapphire inside and leaving a lightning mark on it

7. Rising Moon Tribe

Worshipping the moon and its magical power, this tribe mostly spent their life at night and has the best hunters

8. Children of the Golden Phoenix

Knowledge and mysticism are combined in the children of the golden phoenix tribe.

9. Shadow Sun Tribe

Believing that one day the shadow sun will rise and Thoalea will find an end, this tribe has the most fearless soldiers

10. Long Tusk Tribe

Having the longest tusks, this tribe loves to decorate them with gemstones and gold, a tribe of the best and riches merchants

Words from the Artist!

Why you created the NFT?

“I always wanted to work in a field where I can use my creativity combined with technology and do something good for the world! To be honest… It was more a dream. But when I started learning about Cryptocurrencies in the early stages and digging deeper in NFT´s, it was like something hit me like a train”

“But the real inspiration for the Tembo Guardians was my 4-month-old son. He has so many elephant plush toys and he loves them all. Thinking about what NFT I should create and with which purpose, I saw one of his elephant toys (we call the plush toy “Phil”), and the idea of the Tembo Guardians was born. You can see “Phil” also as a rare easter egg trait in some of the Tembo Guardians’ left hands.”

“Creating this NFT project is something like a present to me! I know it’s the first step to a new future. Because we won’t stop only with one project. I created the Kijany Labs start-up company which will be working on more projects in the blockchain world and hopefully become my full-time job. One of the most important aspects for me is, combining technology and real-world impact. Our project is one of a few, if not the only one, that gives so much money back to foundations.

  • That’s why we have a 33% split of all sales income.
  • **33% goes into giveaways/donations**
  • **33% goes into new projects and features (Kijani Labs)**
  • **33% goes to the team members**”

What is the purpose?

“What us thrives is the vision to combine profits for investors and fund charity organizations with the help of blockchain projects. We are convinced that time, technology, and people’s minds are ready for it! The Tembo Guardians project will connect people with the same goals and values around the world. Investing in creative art, earning money, and helping one of the most beautiful and biggest animals on planet earth at the same time! We want to build a community of like-minded people who are using the technology and pushing the project further and further into the new world! To achieve this, we founded our startup Kijani Labs which will help us to bring further ideas and projects in the blockchain world to life.

Creating a project, that is not only pump and dump. We want real-world impact and real people in this project, that care for the animals and nature on planet earth”

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NFT Details

  • Total of 10010 NFT´s
  • 9999 Tembo Guardians
  • 10 Special Matriarchs
  • 1 special Starlord Tembo Guardian (If he wants it, this one is for Chris Pratt)
  • All traits are hand-drawn and designed in detail
  • We have over 150 traits


10% Sellout:

  • 10 ETH will be reserved for community and marketing development, to spread the word

20% Sellout:

  • 10 Special Tembo Guardians NFTs will be airdropped randomly to early adopters and supporters.

30% Sellout:

  • Holder Raffle 20 ETH total prize
  • 15 ETH to one or more wildlife/nature conservation charities, decided by holders
  • Collaboration with rarity tools to easily check the rarity of your Tembo Guardian

50% Sellout:

  • Holder Raffle 25 ETH total prize
  • 20 ETH to one or more wildlife/nature conservation charities, decided by holders

75% Sellout:

  • Holder Raffle 35 ETH total prize
  • 30 ETH to one or more wildlife/nature conservation charities
  • All-Inclusive Africa Safari Trip giveaway for 2 holders and their partners with fair travel  (or equivalent value in Ethereum 5 ETH each)

100% Sellout:

  • Holder Raffle 100 ETH total prize
  • 100 ETH to one or more wildlife/nature conservation charity
  • 10 ETH Buy-back wallet will be used to stabilize the floor price of Tembo Guardians.

*The total Raffle prizes will be divided in 1st. prize 40%, 2nd prize 30%, 3rd prize 20%, 4th prize 10% of the total prize.

**After 100 % of Tembo Guardians are released**

Tembo Guardians are just the tip of the iceberg! After 100% sale, we will fund our start-up company Kijany Labs with 33% of sales income. We will work hard on new utilities and on our vision to bring the Tembo Guardians into the Metaverse and make Kijani Labs a core brand in the blockchain industry.

Besides that we will:

  • Release the 2nd Collection, this will be free to all Tembo Guardians holders.
  • Only Holders channels and special events with early access to upcoming projects
  • Kijani Labs will start its magic and push the project further with a huge marketing campaign and upcoming new features and projects, Tembo Guardians holders can also be sponsored with their ideas.
  • Collabs with other NFT projects, nature/animal welfare projects, and brands.
  • Further combining blockchain technology and real-world impact

Benefits for Holders

**Total Giveaways**

  • We are giving away 225 ETH (approx.1 million USD) in raffles for our TG Holders
  • We are donating 165 ETH (approx. 700k USD) to wildlife organizations chosen by TG Holders
  • Win one of two All inclusive Safari trips to Tanzania with Fair Travel
  • Win 30 ETH / 130k USD main prize in the Collectors competition
  • Win 15 ETH / 60k USD second in the Collectors competition 

**After-Sale Collectors Competition**

**Council of Matriarchs** – The first collector who holds 3 Matriarchs in his wallet will be rewarded with **30 ETH**

**Elite Squad** – First collector with an elite squad (1 Matriarch and 7 Tembo Guardians) all from the same tribe will be rewarded **15 ETH**

The Team Behind Tembo Guardians

Fufu and Redington are colleagues and friends and share their love for the crypto and NFT world. We were early investors in cryptocurrencies and have been investing and watching the NFT world grow.

My interest in blockchain became more than a hobby, it became a passion. And we are convinced that the blockchain will change the world into a better place. We believe that the digital world can have a good impact on the material world. To start with it, we wanted to create an NFT project that brings wealth to our investors and cares for the animals on our planet.

For the first NFT project Tembo Guardians, we had almost everything ready. We planned marketing, discord communication, raffles, community engagement, roadmap, NFT topic and lore, smart contract and dev ideas… actually everything … but the art was missing!

That is when YuJin came in. We learned about him on Reddit and started talking. We needed not much time to know, that we are all on the same page! So we started working with YuJin and his company to create the Tembo Guardians. After putting in lots of effort, willpower, engagement, motivation, and commitment, we are now proud to present to you the Tembo Guardians Collection.

For now, we are a small Tembo family of 3! Join us and let us grow together!  We are here to stay, grow, and become big!

  • Fufu – Investor, project manager, daddy of a newborn. The man with the vision!
  • YuJin – Artist, super ambitious and creative
  • Redington  – Developer, geek, headbanger. Sometimes speaks in binary code

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