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With the rise in crypto, blockchain and artificial intelligence technology, the market for NFT Project Development has exploded. It’s challenging to develop new projects whenever you find new technology. In this blog, we will talk about how Techera Solutions is able to offer quality development services for its customers.

Who Are Techera Solutions?

Techera Solutions is a company that provides a range of services for the new technological era that they are entering. They founded Techera Solutions in order to provide access to these developing technologies to as many people as possible, rather than just a select few. Their first service offerings will be in the non-financial technology arena.

The team at Techera Solutions is made up of graphic designers, programmers, and web developers who are all experts in starting from the bottom up and completing NFT projects. Also available on an individual basis are assistance for customers who are having difficulty with a particular area of their NFT collection building process.

The Services Provided by Techera Solutions

NFT Art Design & Creation.

Using the information, you provide; Techera Solutions will craft your character exactly as you want them to appear. In addition, they’ll depict every characteristic of your persona. Most collections include between 50 and 200 qualities, but we can make as many as you need. Any style of art you choose may be drawn by us (Pixel, cartoon, realistic, 3D, etc). It’s easy to acquire exactly what you want if you email them a picture of something you like.

Create an NFT Archive

The average number of NFTs in a collection is between 5,000 and 10,000. Some collections have less and fewer items in them. They have the ability to produce whatever quantity of money that you choose for your fund. Character and trait files will be required for this service. In order to create your NFT collection, they would need these files.

Create a landing page or website for NFT

Their staff will work with you to create a stunning NFT landing page or website that meets your needs. Beautiful designs are created by their staff in a timely manner, and all adjustments are free of charge.

Map with Whitepaper

Techera Solutions will plan and develop a roadmap as well as a whitepaper for your NFT collection with your input.

Register your NFTs with NFT Drop Calendars and Secondary Markets
The team will work with you to have your NFT collection listed on prominent NFT drop platforms. Your project will get a lot more attention as a result of this. Additionally, Techera Solutions have the resources to sell your NFT Collection on secondary markets such as

Enable Your Website Available for Public Minting

On your website, Techera Solutions may set up a public minting facility. So, when your NFT drops, anybody may purchase them from your website immediately. They can make it, so the final purchaser is responsible for the gas costs, rather than you.

NFT Collection Building, Creation, and Development

Your NFT collection will be built from the ground up by Techera Solutions. All of the following services and more will be included in this package. You’ll be in total control of every step of the way. They provide limitless revisions on all of the work.

Ready to Get Started?

Techera Solutions is a software development company that helps to identify your needs and develop a project that meets those needs. Using an expert team of software developers, we are able to build your project on a platform as per your requirements. Find out more about Techera Solutions at the official website


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