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Tampa Bay Buc Rob Gronkowski Will Be Launching His Own NFT Collection

Just right after a victory from the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rob Gronkowski has started his very own Non-Fungible Token Championship Series collection. He has taken this step in collaboration with the artist Black Madre.

The football player declared through a press release that he felt suitable for sharing some of his best Super Bowl glimpses with his fans. The player has notably gained a victory over all four of the Super Bowls with his fellow team player and the all-time best Tom Brady. The team won the Super Bowls XLIX, LI, and the latest LIII as the members of the team of the New England Patriots. What’s more, they also won the Super Bowl this year in February after teaming up on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

NBA Topshop and Opensea

Through the amazing success of the platforms for NFTs like the Opensea and the NBA Topshop, the player declared that he wanted to launch a business, becoming the first athlete in a professional setting to be launching their own collection of NFTs. He also explained how his fans would be able to connect with him even more by getting a piece of the action and sharing the amazing moments of the Super Bowl with him through the digital format of the Championship Series of NFT.

He is reportedly the first professional athlete in the United States to be commissioning, owning, and selling his own series of NFTs. Each of the five series cards that comprise the hand-drawn art is certified. It is generated on the block chain based on Ethereum. Out of them, four of the cards are dedicated to celebrating the wins of the player’s moments in Super Bowls, and the fifth card is commemorating all the four championships of the player.

You can find the cards on the website he launched with the purpose, GRONKNFT, which had an auction running on it recently. Gronkowski will join the growing list of the public figures who would show their interest in the Non-Fungible Tokens. Recently, for instance, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, put his first laid-back tweet for an auction.

Gronkowski’s series of NFT made a total of 1.75 million USD, according to the public relation firm named RMG. The card managed to make a net sales profit of 433,000 USD which made it the highest sale of an individual Non-Fungible Token run by a professional athlete to date.

NFTs and The Digital Signage

The player launched the card collection on the marketplace called Opensea. The collectibles through the block chain tech were launched and managed to generate revenue of more than 1.6 million USD. All of the Non-Fungible Tokens that represented an authenticated ownership right placed in the 349 digital cards made available got all sold out.

You can find 87 copies of the four appearances for the cards, with each card representing an appearance and is digitally signed. What’s more, the player launched an NFT that represents all types of four winning appearances at the final.

The auction for the single edition card got sold for a total of 416,000 USD. Winning the auction gives the individual VIP access to a grand beach party promoted by the player as well as attendance at one of the NFL games of the player. The most expensive edition from the other cards got sold for 80,000 USD. Considering this kind of victory, it is likely a lot of players will follow in his footsteps. In fact, the quarterback for the KCC – Kansas City Chiefs – Patrick Mahomes got an NFT scheduled to get launched pretty soon. Nevertheless, one can comprehend an 80,000 USD digital card is quite a selective offering. If more of the players follow the footsteps of the player, it would be hard to tell how they would get valued.

Final Word

The NFL is likely to get interested in the tokens as well. The NBA, for example, has seen a lot of success in the form of NBA Top Shot. The platform has generated more than 360 million dollars in revenue in cumulative resales and sales. An aspect to ponder is whether the NFL as a league would take a similar approach to such deals and partner for collaborative sales or not.

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