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Swampverse NFT Project | 9600 Toad NFT’s Croaking in the Ethereum Blockchain

Swampverse NFT At a Glance

  • Ethereum based NFT project
  • 9600 toad-inspired ERC-721 tokens
  • Minting complete, available on third-party NFT marketplaces
  • Staking utility and metaverse plans

Swampverse is an Ethereum based NFT project looking to create ongoing utility for its token holders through its current rollout and future metaverse plans. Comprising the collection is a total of 9600 NFTs which feature frog and toad characters with algorithmically generated clothing, expressions, and accessories.

Now hopping their way into people’s crypto-wallets, these amphibious “Swamper” collectibles are becoming increasingly sought after due to the multiple benefits for holders, including unlocks, staking, and community access.

Join the Official Swampverse Discord Server to get more information on the NFT Project! –

Here we’ll take a closer look at the Swampverse NFT project, the team behind it, and why investing in a Swampverse NFT might be a good idea.

Swampverse NFT

Unlike some other collections, there is considerable lore behind the Swampverse NFT project. The story of the Toads’ origin begins with what is referred to as the “Genesis Toads” which found themselves in exodus, looking for a new home. After an arduous journey, and “what felt like an eternity of roaming the universe” the Genesis Toads found the perfect swamp, now known as then Swampverse.

Here, they combined their DNA and ascended, leaving behind the 9600 toad NFTs we have in the collection.

Behind the project is trio of NFT veterans, 0xWart (, SV_Ogre (, and NFT_Junkiee ( 0xWart is the co-founder and was a contributor to a project similar to the Swampverse, CyberFrogz.

Between them, the team has ensured the project has had a smooth launch and is impressing the NFT community with its regular engagement and timely delivery of its roadmap.

How to get a Swamper NFT

All 9600 tokens have now been minted, meaning your best bet to get hold of a toad is to use a marketplace like Opensea. There are over 4,900 unique owners of the tokens as it stands, and the current floor price is 0.4 ETH (around $1200).

With momentum building behind the project, however, prices are trending upwards. Swamper #5446 (, for example, are now listed for 100 ETH ($300,554 at time of writing). Other popular Swampers are listed even higher with one of the most exclusive Swampers, #4974 (, expecting to sell for 104 ETH ($312,576).

Nevertheless, there are plenty of Swampers near the lower end of the cost spectrum. This means there is still a good chance to grab a toad and reap the future benefits.


  • Yield
  • Unlock rare NFTs
  • Acquire merch
  • Metaverse avatar

As well as holding a digital asset that looks to appreciate in value, holders of a Swamper NFT can hold and stake their toad and generate $CROAK, the appropriately named utility token for the project.

$CROAK can be used to burn 2 toads in the same wallet to receive a mysterious swamp creature that is yet to be fully understood!

Alternatively, they can be used in the “Swampville Store” to acquire official merch such as hoodies and t-shirts. They will also be used to unlock a 3D voxel representation of a held Swamper in The Sandbox metaverse.

The future of the Swampverse

While the project is still gaining traction, the ambitious team is already looking to the future to keep the community engaged.

Swampverse: Genesis

The Genesis Toads are 96 unique and entirely exclusive NFTs that are not like any other in the collection. These toads are fully animated, including the background.

Getting hold of a Genesis Toad is a matter of luck. 32 Genesis Toads will be randomly airdropped to wallets that hold 2+ Swamper NFTs. The remaining 64 Genesis Toads are to be stealth dropped.

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Tying to the lore, holding a Genesis Toad will grant access to “Swamphalla,” which, as yet, remains unclear.


With the project diving deep into the metaverse, utilizing The Sandbox platform, it is expected this will be an exclusive location. As with the regular Swamper NFTs, you will be able to unlock a fully 3D/voxel avatar of your toads to use in the metaverse. These will be used for virtual events, games, and exploring the metaverse at large.

With the ultimate goal to create a tight-knit and friendly community to generate utility, play games, and experience the metaverse together, the Swampverse NFT project is shaping up to be one of the most interesting collections out. And, with plenty of surprises left up their sleeves, the passionate and dedicated team behind it is ensuring the project proves a success.


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