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Sorare | Blockchain fantasy football platform

Sorare is a fantasy game of soccer, where soccer players sell, buy, trade, and manage a football team.

                 Football is a major denominator for over 3 billion people globally but recently, soccer fans feel bored and are further away from the treasured game. As football fans spend more of their time online, the necessity for connection has basically shifted to digital experiences. Sports card collectibles have assisted football fans to celebrate their love of the game, and now fans can experience a  new world online. Sorare is influencing and leading the new season of online football fans, where football fans can leave soccer moments and true connections like never before.

About Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy game of soccer, where soccer players sell, buy, trade, and manage a football team. In Sorare, football players earn points each week by putting together lineups. They earn points based on the on-pitch actions of the football players. With sorare, you buy digital trading cards on the Ethereum blockchain instead of picking players from a list. Owing this card, you can resell them as crypto collectibles.  Sorare uses the blockchain technology to promote a weekly soccer fantasy environment. In the soccer game, fans make a team of five cards to play against other Sorare soccer fans and their performance is based on the footballers’ main performance during the week’s football games.


Winners of the fantasy soccer game receives rewards that is exchanged for other cryptocurrency or digital cards, which in turn can be exchanged for cash. Well, scarcity and authenticity arise because the cards are minted as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Founder and year of establishment

Sorare was found in 2018 by Adrien Montfort and Nicolas Julia. However, it was founded in the following year, in the year 2019. Adrien Montfort and Nicholas Julia established the company due to the potential of blockchain technology, it was also established because the founders wanted to start a modern aspect in the soccer gaming industry.  


Like every other fantasy soccer, the aim of Sorare is to develop lineups that give users an awesome chance of providing treasured in-game metrics such as assists and goals that transform as in-game points. The main aim is to amass as tangible points enough beat other users.


SoRare has licensed football players from different clubs, over 90 football clubs across different leagues, and users have ability of adding football players to their squad by buying the digital trading cards from the marketplace. Recently, Sorare signed lucrative licensing deal with many football associations. The German Football Association is no exception, the deal is to start non-fungible token (NFT) digital cards of the entire football players in Germany’s football squad. This is the one of the license partnership Sorare had made with a national soccer team following a  lucrative deal with the French national football team

In February, Sorare raised 50 million dollars in a Series A round of funding, this enables them have enough bandwidth to encourage more football teams.

How to sign up

Sign up to Sorare  via their official website, collect five cards from the new signings market and you’ll be given a free rare card as a gift. Users can play SoRare without spending money by registering at SoRare’s website and unlocking up to 12 free common  player cards. These cards hold no real-world value and they can’t be sold, but they is used in the fantasy soccer leagues. The sign-up process involves you assembling your favorite soccer teams among the registered and licensed squads, users enter their first league and begin a lineup.

It’s a simple process to get up to speed, teaching you the basics before introducing you to the market where you can begin to purchase premium NFT cards tokenised on the Ethereum blockchain. You can also resell those cards at a fixed price, typically for higher than when first released. It’s a lot of fun

How to choose league?

User can choose the kind of league they prefer, from a beginner league for newcomers, regional football leagues, and even a football league that only involves young players below the age of 23.

User can pick lineups from the digital cards they own. It’s basically a football game that accumulates together things people like such as sporting collectibles, football, football fantasy, cryptocurrency – and it achieve this in a unique way.

More than 120 football clubs have launched their digital cards on Sorare, with all European Champions actively participating in the growth of the game. Partnerships with Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus make Sorare the first digital collectible platform to offer cards from Europe’s top five league champions. The company’s ambition is to onboard the top 20 football leagues globally. This next-generation gaming experience allows leagues and clubs to expand their international brand by reaching an untapped audience of fans. Sorare is effectively opening up a new traceable and sustainable revenue stream for them.

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Sorare collectibles

These collectibles are back up by modern blockchain technology to start portability and transparency into other sport games.


It secures the hunger and passion of football fans

It creates a new era of freedom and trust

Sorare rank

Sorare joins the list of useful companies and unique brands in the Benchmark and Accel portfolio, including Snap, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

What people say about Sorare

General Partner at Benchmark, Peter fenton commented: “We’re thrilled to partner with Sorare as their lead Series A investor. The company combines the global passion for football collectibles with the excitement of real-world play in fantasy league tournaments. The founders early work in blockchain technology gave them the unique insight into a killer application for a new NFT – real players in real games creating enduring value for a digital artifact. Their explosive growth codifies the utility of these technologies in everyday life.”

Andrei Brasoveanu, another Partner at Accel added: “Sitting at the intersection of fantasy football and sports collectibles, Sorare is revolutionizing the way fans across the world engage with and enjoy sports. In just a year, Sorare has built an incredible viral community and secured partnerships with more than 130 football clubs, including five European Champions. This impressive growth is a testament to the ambition and determination of Nicolas, Adrien and the entire Sorare team. We’re excited to join Sorare on the next stage of their journey and help build the leading digital sports collectibles platform worldwide!”

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