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Sophisticated Sphinxes NFT | 6969 Sphinx NFT’s produced to support African artists


African Power NFTs have released their first collection, Sophisticated Sphinxes, which, like all the company’s planned future releases, are designed by an African artist, produced to support African artists, and help charities in African countries.

The team also plans to use most of the profits to give back to art buyers. Their ambitions releases, plans, and ethical manifesto has begun to cause interest in the NFT community for several reasons. 

The team behind African Power NFTs is a group of young African immigrants who have pursued ‘safer’ career paths to help provide for their families.

After seeing the increasing popularity of NFTs, they decided to collaborate and create fun art, while supporting charities, African artists, and giving back to their buyers. They want to emphasize African artists where they can, as they can understand the struggles of some of these artists.

Story of Sophisticated Sphinxes NFT

Sophisticated Sphinxes were designed by an Egyptian artist to celebrate the renovation to the historic Avenue of Sphinxes which was completed in late 2021.

This renovation also inspired African Power NFTs to center their first collection around Egypt. 

Most of the money that is raised through sales of these NFTs will go to charities, and to supporting African artists, as is planned for all African Power NFTs’ profits.

As part of the bonuses of NFT ownership, paid trips to Egypt will be given away so that buyers can experience the beautiful landscapes of Egypt, and sights such as the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids for themselves.

Other giveaways and special prizes for token holders are set to be released throughout the run of Sophisticated Sphinxes, announced on the African Power NFT’s Twitter account.

There will be 6969 Sophisticated Sphinx NFTs are set to be released in total.

Each individual Sphinx has a one-of-a-kind combination of traits or accessories defining its head, neck, eyes, mouth, and facial hair.

There will also be a handful of special edition sphinxes that are extremely rare with uniquely recurring traits, although the release of these has not been fully announced yet.

Sophisticated Sphinxes NFT Roadmap 

Sophisticated Sphinxes are gradually being released on Opensea throughout early 2022, with the creators updating followers and potential buyers through their social media pages, including their Twitter account.

African Power NFTs is running smaller sales for those who follow their social media accounts first for a lower price, before a public-wide sale is launched in March 2022, presumably with slightly higher prices than the current listing prices of 0.02 ETH. 

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The company is planning to launch free NFT giveaways for all with instructions set to be released on social media.

Once the collection fully sells out, $50,000 minimum will be given away as cash prizes for sphinx owners.

Along with these benefits and the chance of an all-paid trip to Egypt, buyers can expect early access to all collection releases from African Power NFTs.

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