SolCity NFT Project | Innovative 3D – Designed NFT Collection of Lands on the Solana Blockchain

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SolCity At a Glance

  • 3D, isometric city-scape NFTs
  • 1 SOL per NFT
  • Staking, metaverse, IDO

One of the most exciting aspects of the NFT space is how it ties together art, utility, and entertainment. One of the best new examples of this is SolCity, an NFT project based on the Solana blockchain that centers around NFT property tiles that reward holders based on the rarity of the token. The project has big plans, with an upcoming IDO launch including staking and rewards, with the NFTs eventually combining to form a diverse metaverse game where users can earn in-game tokens.

SolCity NFT

SolCity NFTs portray property and land in a detailed, isometric 3D style similar to games such as SimCity. Randomly generated, each NFT is comprised of a multitude of attributes including:

  • Main house
  • Nearby house
  • Fence
  • Road
  • Tree
  • Air
  • Minerals
  • Ground
  • Background

Each attribute of a SolCity NFT has anything from 3-16 elements too and has a built-in rarity score that culminates to give the token as a whole a rarity score. This rarity score is viewable on SolSea (https://solsea.io/).

NFTs such as SolCity #754 (https://solsea.io/nft/HgiwWg1UoZN3iPtog2JkKPYLFu4xXHtcyCugvAufsxD3) demonstrates how the random generation of these elements can come together to create something really distinct. Currently listed for sale for 120 SOL ($13,700 at current prices), the token features a rare “Solana” background, with a traditional Japanese-style house atop a sandy desert ground. Adding to the “rarity score” is a nearby police station and air balloon. Combined, these elements give the token a rarity score of 208. The system makes comparing tokens simple.

Currently SolCity NFTs are listed on marketplaces such as SolanArt, SolSea, MagicEden, and Digital Eyes.

IDO and metaverse plans


Down the line, the team will be launching an Initial Dex Offering (IDO) funded by the collection that will reward holders and give utility to the project’s $SCN token and has plans to turn SolCity into a metaverse game where holders can use their NFTs to farm and earn-in-game tokens.

The team and project philosophy

Behind the project are Dan (project manager and marketing specialist), Pavel (3D artist and lead designer), and Alex (lead dev and blockchain specialist).

The trio has an IT background and, between them, has a wealth of experience working with some of the world’s biggest development companies. They decided to create SolCity and the idea of an IDO to bring appreciating value to holders, even after minting.

No strangers to the NFT world, the team are behind the website SolCalendar.org (https://solcalendar.org/) where investors can keep abreast of new and upcoming NFT projects on the Solana blockchain. Charging nominal fees to list upcoming Solana projects, the website will help fund the future of SolCity and the team’s other projects, ensuring ongoing giveaways and a well-funded treasury.

Fully committed to their project, the team is investing 90% of all the proceeds from minting the collection to the creation of the IDO that will be used to fund further projects. The remaining 10% is to be donated to the charity Habitat for Humanity that helps house the world’s poorest communities.

SolCity roadmap

Q1 2022: Pre-sale and public minting

  • Already underway, the project is now in the middle of its pre-launch event that kicked off on January 24th. During this time exclusive NFTs are to be given away to lucky collectors and 1500 SolCity tokens will be minted.
  • During this quarter, the public minting event will also take place where collectors can pay 1 SOL (currently around $115) to mint 1 NFT.
  • The project is also now getting listed on various Solana NFT marketplaces where they can already be bought, traded, and sold. These include:
    • SolSea (https://solsea.io/collection/61e5a04283e98e8551f5706c)
    • MagicEden (https://magiceden.io/marketplace/solcity)
    • SolanArt (https://solanart.io/)
    • DigitalEyes (https://digitaleyes.market/)
    • FTX (https://ftx.com/)

Q2 2022: Launch of the SolCity IDO

  • From April 2022, we can expect to see news of the SolCity IDO platform.
  • At this stage, holding SolCity NFTs will be rewarded with an allocation amount relative to the rarity of the token. Ownership will also be rewarded with the chance to participate in all future IDOs.
  • We can also look forward to the pre-sale event of the SolCity utility token, $SCN that will be used for staking, as well as official merch and an expanded roadmap.

Q3 2022: Into the metaverse

  • Lending itself nicely to gaming, the project’s NFTs will be used to farm and earn tokens within a metaverse-based game.



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