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Sloth World NFT Collection | 10,000 soon-to-be-released sloths with 125 different careers to choose from

Sloth World is the new NFT collection that is fun and adorable. It’s about to sweep into the NFT world with a vast array of some of the cutest, coolest, cartoonish, animal NFTs since BoredApe’s last drop.  But what are they, who is this team, and why are they poised to make waves?

Sloth World NFT

Sloth World NFT consists of 10,000 soon-to-be-released, randomly generated, sloth-themed rare artworks, with 125 different careers for you to take on through your sloths.

Investors can expect to be part of pre and post-launch giveaways, private events, charity donations, and more as they join a passionate community. 

NFT Roadmap

The roadmap for Sloth World is divided up by percentages – with the first step at 15% of NFTs sold meaning that NFTs will be airdropped to early joiners of the community and involvement on the project.

There are further bonuses for buyers at 25%, 40%, 60%, 75%, 90% and 100%. Significant among these are the bonuses at 60% – where $70,000 collected from the community through NFT sales will be put exclusively into the advertising and marketing of the Sloth World collection; expansion into the metaverse at 90%, and NFT owners being able to breed their sloths to create a 2nd generation sloth NFT.

15% – Sloth World NFT Airdrop

  • Some of the Sloth World NFTs will be airdropped to those who join in on the project and support our community early on.
  • We will leverage social media and other platforms to expand our Sloth World family throughout the world.

25% – Sloth World Exclusive Apparel

  • Be a part of this ever-growing community and get your hands on some exciting and trendy apparel that is exclusively going to be launched to our Sloth World NFT holders.
  • We are working tirelessly on some exceptional apparels including Hoodies, T-shirts and Hats. 

40% – Save The Sloths Donation

  • Sloth World is keen to give back to the community by helping the Sloths in our world. We are happy to share that $30,000 will be given off in donations that will help our awesome and lovely Sloths in the world.
  • Sloth World will search for potential partners for our project and then we will allow our community to choose which one! We want to build a community where your voice matters.

60% – Sloth World Promotion

  • We will put aside $70,000 collected from the community and exclusively use it for the advertisement and marketing for Sloth World.
  • This will help us connect with other potential people who are invested in our mission and think just like us and enjoy our amazing community.

75% – Big Sloth Giveaways

  • Sloth World NFT holders will be a part of a large pool of giveaways that will be up to $100,000 in total. Participants in the giveaways will be randomly selected among the Sloth World NFT holders.
  • Your Sloth  is going to be your entry into the giveaways. So grab your Sloth World NFT today and be entered to win tickets, Ethereum and much more!

90% – Sloth World in the Metaverse

We will expand our presence into the Metaverse so our sloths have land to roam and attend private Sloth World NFT events.

100% – Breed your Sloth

  • Sloth World NFT owners can breed their Sloths to create a 2nd generation Sloth.
  • You will need a total of 2 Sloth World NFTs to breed so grab them while you can!

Giveaways, Benefits, and Donations for Owners 

Giveaways and benefits for sloth owners include an apparel giveaway at the 25% roadmap level and a $30k donation to a wildlife charity of the community’s choice to help save wild sloths at 40%.

Larger giveaways are set at the 75% mark, with up to $100,000 of prizes available, including tickets, Ethereum, and more. Sloth holders will be picked at random for these giveaways. 

Pre-sale Dates, Release Dates, & Mint Limits

Both pre-sale and public launch dates are due to be announced soon, with presale open to 2,000 members who have reached level 2 in the discord group, which can be achieved through discord interaction with other members.

Presale members will have access to mint 5 of 5000 of the NFTs released, with the other 5000 NFTs to be released at public launch. The mint price for both presale and public sale NFTs have not yet been released but will be in Ethereum. 

The Team Behind the Project

The Sloth World NFT team comprises Sam as founder, president, marketer, and brand manager, Emily as co-founder, designer sloth, creative director and social media manager, artist Edrian, and Fuego, the team’s developer.

All the team is very excited for you to join their Sloth ranks as members and token holders of Sloth World. 

Ultimately, the Sloth World NFT collection includes a vast array of differently designed sloths that are bound to appeal to many in the crypto community and beyond. While release dates are yet unannounced, the team’s plans for the community and the wider social impact that they aim for with charity donation are impressive and worth watching out for in the weeks to come.


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