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Shiba Army NFT | 2000 Shiba Inu with Military Theme Traits Launching Early January 2022

The Shiba Army NFT has a really special objective for supporting the Shiba Inu Coin as all the proceeds will be used to purchase more Shiba Inu coins! To Help reach 0.01 price goal.


Whether you were a fan of Shiba Inu Token or not, you are surely going to be a fan of the upcoming Shiba Army NFT’s that’s set to launch this early January 2022.

Shiba Army NFT is a collection of 2000 cool Shiba NFT’s with an army theme, that comes with different styles, backgrounds, traits, expressions, colors and so much more. Each Shiba NFT is unique and has it’s own unique personality and style.

The Shiba Army NFT has a really special objective for supporting the Shiba Inu Coin as all the proceeds will be used to purchase more Shiba Inu coins! To Help reach 0.01 price goal. This is one of the most interesting NFT projects in development, with a ambitious goal to support the Shiba Inu Coin and help it reach the moon.

Shiba Army NFT

Shiba Army NFT was developed to help retail investors all over the world reach financial independence. Ever since the Shiba Inu coin gained traction during the pandemic, most of retail investors started getting into the crypto market. These are the same investors who bought Game Stop and AMC stocks.

We are the blue-collar folks working our typical day jobs and trying to invest on the side. We’re just trying to copy what the top 1% are doing, I guess that’s why our ultimate goal for this crypto is to hit at least 0.01.

The four developers of this crypto NFT are :

  • Jay C., who works as a registered nurse in California (Currently holding 125M $Hib).
  • Marc C., his brother, who introduced Jay C. to both the coin and NFT, works as an EEG technician in New Jersey (Currently holding (150M $Hib).
  • Gad P., who works from home on his computer in Florida, which nobody really knows what he does and how he gets paid (Currently holding 80M $hib).
  • Felix L., who works as a freelance artist in New Jersey, (currently holding NO $hib because he’s a paper hand who sold, but is trying to get back and reinvest in the coin).

As you can see, all our backgrounds are not so different. Our ultimate goal is to help this coin reach 0.01.

This NFTs main character is the Shiba Inu, with background and layers based on the military theme. This is what the Shiba Army was about as a community. We have no discord or Twitter account because we know how big and supportive this community already is.

Currently, there are more than 1 million investors holding this crypto. Mostly the retail investors and some whales. All of the proceeds will be used to purchase and hold more Shiba Inu coins. That’s the ultimate goal of this NFT, to help the Shiba army reach 0.01 price goal. With that said, most of us can’t afford to mint BoredApes or Crypto Punks.

This is why all of the Shiba Inu NFTs will start at 0.01 ETH at Opensea. First 1,000 Shiba Army NFTs will be minted Mid January 2022. Then the next 1,000 the next two months. There will be no rug pull for this NFT, we will be here as long as the $hib Army is here, we are all trying to help this coin hit the Moon. Thank you for all your support! LFG!!!

Support the Shiba Army NFT and Shiba Inu Coin

If you are a serious investor of the Shiba Inu coin, then this NFT project can really help you with your investments. As the team behind the Shiba Army NFT is trying their best to help the Coin reach its maximum potential.

To support the Shiba Army NFT, you can easily find their NFT’s on Opensea.

The NFT drop dates are not yet released, however, they will be dropping soon this early January 2022. A great start for the year, as well as for all the Shiba Inu Investors!.

Here are the Official Links:

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