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SHER NFT Project | NFT Inspired by the Vision and Strength for Women

Currently, the project is set to launch it’s Official Whitelist Minting on February 4, 2021, where members who got throught the whitelist will get the first entry chance to mint SHER NFT’s.

NFTs have taken the world by storm and 2021 saw the biggest movement in the industry from Beeple selling his “Every day’s- the first 5000 days” for $69 million to Crypto Punk’s and Crypto kitties taking the lead to become the first and the most expensive NFT projects that influenced and inspired millions of artists and creators to ride on the NFT Hype.

Following them BAYC AKA Bored Ape Yacht club and several other Blup chip NFT’s gained lot of attention, in fact, by the end of 2021, they became one of the top NFT projects. Not to mention, they also collaborated with Adidas, releasing the first-ever NFT project by Adidas in collab with BAYC.

However, if we closely look at all the NFTs released in 2021, most of them were created by men. We didn’t see much NFTs created by Women. And this is so special about 2021 because by mid-year, we saw many amazing NFT projects created by women. A couple of them were Boss Beauties, World of Women, and Women and Weapons.

By the near end of 2021, Women-led NFT projects topped the charts and rankings in most of the popular NFT marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible, and this proved the world that NFT is no longer about a particular group dominating and in fact NFT’s became a huge opportunity providing a bigger platform for Women to be able to speak, be heard and change the world.

That’s where one exciting and really inspiring NFT project comes in called SHER NFT PROJECT. It’s an NFT project that has a very strong and inspiring vision to expose and respect the power of Women. Women who can be strong, independent, and powerful.

The core idea behind SHER is inspired by the fact that women always disguise their real inner self in face of the world to protect themselves and strengthen their ideology. Equip themselves with strong armor and weapons of different kinds all the time, they are always ready to fight with their strong will.

Lets dive deeper in the SHER NFT project, what the project is all about and how its set to change the world for Women.


SHER is an NFT project that is inspired by the fact that women always tend to disguise their real inner selves in the face of the world in order to protect themselves and strengthen their ideology.

The word’ SHER’ is coined by a blend of “SHE” and “HER” implying a sense of femininity that refers to a person who shows courage”.

The work of Jack is meant to capture the unarmed moment they most released, the moment that the true them be revealed. Just like once in a lifetime they finally meet someone to whom they can open up their heart without reservation.

Jack created four heroines coming from around the world. At the initial stage, their armors were made up of simple geometric patterns only, and then more elements like traditional Japanese armors, features of animals and mechanics were added in the design.

Different styles of fashion had come alive and on top of that, he applied the ink wash elements to create the looming visual effect by theme of color, vividly empressing moment and the effect that the armor is about to disappear.

In total, the collection is made up of 70 attributes which have generated 633,600 combinations through the algorithm. Jack selectively picked 10,000 from all the combinations to show you the real SHER under the armors.


  • 50% Sold – Setup a robotic physical figure plan (style like Marvel’s Hot toys series)
  • 75% Sold – Move on to the production of figures. NFT owners will have an early bird ordering scheme (cheaper price).
  • 100 % Sold – Create a Metaverse (SHERtation) on The Sandbox and Decentraland. All the NFT owners can come to join the community and play a game on it.

NFT Giveaways, Minting Dates and Benefits

All the SHER NFT owners can join the community and will have the privilege to enter the giveaways and contests.

In the community, they are can share their thoughts and discuss Al, Robotics, N FTs and so much more. While all owners can also have access to all checkpoints, for example, Purchasing a physical figure, Transforming to DAO in the future, Launching and airdropping a SHER token for the community and the project, and of course, the first entry into the Metaverse.

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Lots of Giveaways and contests are held like:

  • CAPTION CONTEST – Where Twitter followers caption artworks on Jack’s collection and the winners get a chance to win a free giveaway and WHITE LIST.
  • RUFFLES – Where the First 100 twitter followers that Retweet and tag 3 friend get an early Discord access
  • ART CONTESTS – Where Twitter followers who take part and design thier own armoury, 1 winner gets a chance to enter the WHITE LIST.

Currently, the project is set to launch it’s Official Whitelist Minting on February 4, 2021, where members who got throught the whitelist will get the first entry chance to mint SHER NFT’s.

To find out more about NFT Giveaways, Contests and Airdrops held by SHER NFT Project, follow SHER NFT Twitter to get more information. –


Jack Lee, a Hong Kong artist who devoted himself to his passion: painting. He actually has multiple identities. After he graduated in Design from Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, he worked as a graphic designer and a toy designer. He also got a chance to join Imagi Animation Studio, responsible for conceptual animation design for Ninja Turtles and Astroboy.

Afterward, he joined Unicorn Studios and participated in the cover design of comic series, illustration, and character setting for a Kung-Fu fiction novel – Blood and Steel. He never stops seeking self-improvement. Recently, he graduated with a first-class honors degree in Graphic Design from The University of Sunderland.

In 2016 and 2021, he respectively held his female-themed exhibitions, “Forgotten · ⅓ of the memory” and “Elle”.

He was born to be a watercolor lover. He believes that he can create boundless effects by mixing different shades. After years of practicing and pursuing perfection, he is not only a watercolor expert on paper but also on a computer.

Only a few painters could have mastered the techniques of using the computer to present the brush strokes and achieve the fine and smooth bleeding effect. After all, Jack has developed his distinctive painting style which has become one of the most iconic styles nowadays.

The female-themed design is almost always present in his work. Jack plays with color contrast to create multiple layers and unique textures which curate the diverse beauty of women.

Therefore, people are always being healed and touched by his work. He also blends nature, fashion, animation, and ink wash with this work that pops out of the market.

So far, Jack has collaborated with many well-known brands such as Lane Crawford, Pandora, Cartier, BVLGARI, Lancome, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chloe, Agnes b., Emporio Armani, Origins, RMK, Chow Sang Sang, and more. He also designed for many local media companies like Art and Piece, Sportsoho, Metro Pop, RTHK, etc.

He starts his NFT sale from Aug 2021, two his NFT collection had been sold out in just a single day. METAMO is the Artist management firm to bring Jack into the NFT world, as seeing his work can help a brighter future and suitable for NFT and Metaverse.


The SHER NFT Team consists of a total of 8 members from diverse professional backgrounds who worked together and have made the SHER NFT Project come to life.

  1. Jack Lee – Artist
  2. Eric, METAMO – Digital Technologist(
  3. Jacqueline, Metame – Strategy Advisor (
  4. BS. Crypto – Solidity Team Lead
  5. Alex A.K. – Community Manager
  6. Kristi – Moderator
  7. Josephine L. – Content Lead


  • Discord: Coming Soon!
  • Opensea: Coming Soon!
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