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Seven Deadly Sins NFT | Join The Sinners!

With a massive community and a incredible Roadmap and Vision for the Future of the Metaverse for the NFT project, the Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most exciting NFT projects currently in the trend.

Seven Deadly Sins NFT

We all are Sinners, and we all are controlled by the Seven Deadly SinsEnvy, Sloth, Lust, Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, and Greed. Even the purest of the pure have had to face these Sins at some point in their life!. Only the selfless has the potential to earn redemption from these sins that have forever been part of human history.

That’s where the “Seven Deadly Sins NFT” come – It’s the very first and the only NFT collection in the entire Metaverse that represents the Human Sins.

The Seven Deadly Sins is a collection of 5,555 handcrafted art NFT’s, each one is unique and one of a kind, and each NFT art represents a particular Sin that comes with different styles, backgrounds, colors, and has its own unique personality that represents itself as a Sin.

With a massive community and a incredible Roadmap and Vision for the Future of the Metaverse for the NFT project, the Seven Deadly Sins is one of the most exciting NFT projects currently in the trend.

Be sure to Join their Discord Server and be a part of their amazing community and get your redemption from all of your Sins!.

Seven Deadly Sins NFT Collection

The Seven Deadly Sins consist of 5,555 NFT’s and They are crafted with seven discreet yet damning elements representing different vice categories. Each sin’s design and appearance is based on collective judgments that we make about ourselves and others.

Featured in some of the top NFT blogs and websites like NFT Calendar, The Seven Deadly Sins is currently on the road to becoming a potentially very profitable NFT project.

Each of the Seven Deadly Sins NFT‘s are unique and they cannot be duplicated or replicated and also has physical manifestation as a stylish collectible item.

These NFTs serve as an important piece for your crypto collection while spreading awareness about the seven sins of humanity through this radical new form of art.

Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, and Sloth. These are the 7 sins. 1 character for each sin. 777 versions of each character. 116 characters are 1/1s.

While they may be divisible through printing, each NFT will share characteristics that make each one unique on its own.

We noticed a gap in the NFT space for PFP projects. There was an increase in the number of creatures/animal projects being created, but saw this as a unique opportunity to bring the Seven Deadly Sins to Life! Our extremely talented artist, Jeev.

Seven Deadly Sins NFT Roadmap

10% of Public Mint Sold

  • With Quality in mind, our main goal is to make the Drop as cool as possible as that we all get our Freedom from the Seven Deadly Sins.

25% of Public Mint Sold

  • 3 Lucky Sinners will have the opportunity to Order a Custom Made Seven Deadly Sin NFT’s from our Best Artist @Jeev.

50% of Public Mint Sold

  • Sinner DAO will be Established and the Sinner DAO initially will be exclusive to those members who mint 5 Sins NFT.
  • Airdrops of Sinner NFT’s will be held and 33% of the secondary Sinner NFT sales will be distributed to all the DAO members.
  • Sinner Merchandise will be created and will be available for all the holders of the Sinner NFT’s. While Lucky Sinners will get the opportunity to win FREE Merchandise!.

75% of Public Mint Sold

  • The Sinner DAO will get an addition of 100 SOL.
  • Within the Discord Platform, Roles will be created for memebers to be able to show off their favorite Sins.
  • 3 more Lucky Sinners will be able to order custom made Sinner NFTs from @Jeev

90% of Public Mint Sold

  • Repurchase of Floor Sinners and will be Airdropped to Holders.
  • More Members will be able to earn FREE Sinner Merchandise

100% of Public Mint Sold

  • Expansion of Metaverse + Partnerships + Additional Dev Members
  • 100 more SOL will be added to the Sinner DAO
  • 50% of secondary sales fees will now be distributed to DAO members
  • 50% of secondary sales fees will be allocated to the DAO for investment purposes

The Sinful Team Behind the Seven Deadly Sins

  • AveMoon – Founder
  • Lavish – Founder
  • Jeev – Lead Designer

Official Release Dates and FAQ’s

The Seven Deadly Sins NFT, Minting will Official start on the 14th of January, 2022.

  • Platform: Solona – The NFT is based on the Solona blockchain platform.
  • How many Sins will there be? – There will be a total of 5,555 Sins. There are 7 base Sins with 777 variations each + 116 Sins that are completely unique.
  • Cost: The cost of each NFT will be 0.33 SOL
  • Mint Limit: Per member will be able to mint a maximum of 7 Sin NFT’s

How to Mint a Seven Deadly SIN NFT? – Minting can only be done directly through the Official Seven Deadly Sin Website. For more information and queries on Minting, Join their Discord Server.

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