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Seth Phillips, The “Dude With Sign” Instagram Account Is Launching An NFT Collection On April 23rd

Seth Phillips, the man behind “The Dude With Sign” Instagram account, which has over $7.5 Million Instagram Followers, is now going to launch an NFT Collection. His announcement was made in his Instagram account where he stated that he had experienced a light bulb moment, when he heard of NFT’s and the crazy hype that’s going on in 2021. His announcement received over 280,000 likes and approx 2000 comments.

According to his post, he teamed up with @anonamister to create whats called “WTF is an NFT” NFT collection. The collection will be dropped this Friday, which is Today!, April 23rd.

So, Seth’s NFT idea is basically that he would stand with a placard that would read “WTF is an NFT?” and then convert it into an NFT and launch a full collection afterwards.

It makes total sense as his Instagram account is all about carrying a placard and displaying a particular message from it. And during his NFT hype, guess what is one of the most searched terms for NFT’s?

It’s What are NFT’s or WTF is an NFT?

Although, it may not make sense to a lot of people, especially to those who don’t know yet what NFT’s really are. Especially, if they see the NFT value rise to thousands of dollars, many would criticize, why would people invest in such a thing?.

Because the thing that Seth is selling is just a pixelated image of himself carrying a signboard. As we know, NFT’s have been famous for changing the Art Industry and basically helping artists in general. As 90% of the NFT assets or collectibles consist of Artworks.

But people fail to realize that he is just not selling art itself, in fact he is not selling art at all. He is selling a social community message in the form of NFT’s. He is trying communicate a deep message to his audience and basically banking from it.

Because any form of digital asset can be turned into an NFT. Including Twitter Tweets in which Jack Dorsey, who sold his first Twitter Tweet for over $2.9 Million Dollars.

Even memes can be turn into an NFT and be sold for a lot of money. Like the BAD LUCK BRIAN MEME THAT SOLD FOR $36,000 AS AN NFT.

So, the NFT hype is not just limited to the Art Industry and artists in general. Any form of Digital Asset can be turned into an NFT.

In case if you don’t know what NFT’s are?NFTs whose full form is Non-Fungible-Tokens are basically digital assets that are based on the blockchain technology. NFT’s can be anything from Original Artwork, Music, Videos, Trading cards, Collectibles or anything digital. When digital assets are converted into an NFT, they are stored in the blockchain and with NFT’s they are able to hold additional information like verification of ownership, history of ownership, date create and much more that makes the NFT just impossible to be duplicated or replicated.

Because NFT assets cannot be duplicated, replicated or replaced and since it’s data is stored in the blockchain, the original owner of the NFT can be traced on the blockchain network. No Two NFT’s are identical or same and they cannot be exchanged with another NFT.

Because of this many Digital Assets gain the ability of being scarce or having that rare feature so called “One-of-a-kind”. That’s why trading cards and the Art Industry are the first ones to take full advantage of the NFT technology. Because NFT’s are able to make Art valuable and irreplaceable.

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If you want to know more about Seth’s NFT collection, you can visit his website “”. All the details of the collection, “the WTF? Collection By DudeWithSign & FuckJerry” is given there.

More on Seth, aka DudeWithSign is a guy to rose to Instagram Fame stardom by documenting funny life things by displaying a sign board with a funny message written there related to life and life events and hobbies, and activities. He has been since featured and appeared on several popular talk shows including Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, numerous fashion shows, as well as 2 Super Bowls. He has also have had the opportunity to meet celebrities like Justin Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens and many more.

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