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Savages Game – The Immortals: The New Play-to-Earn Game with Impressive Developers

A game of teamwork and greed – in the Metaverse! Discover the community that is Savages Game. Customize your farm, build powerful squads and get ready for battle.

Savages Game is the new Ethereum play-to-earn game from the developers that brought you Age of Empires IV, Titanfall and Elder scrolls.

NFT holders are guaranteed a free farm, which automatically generates our native token $SAVS. NFT holders play for free. The Immortals are limited to 10,000 players. Do not miss out.

Savages Game takes you on a journey to the Metaverse. Protect your farm against violent Savages. Loot other players farms and steal their produce. Battle alone or call in the reinforcements by joining a squad.

Or if you want to gain notoriety in Savages Game, create your own squad and lead your team to riches!


Phase 1

  • Twitter and Discord launch – Done
  • Website launch and auto-code generation – Done
  • Smart contract creation – Done
  • Game concept development, structuring and methodology – Done
  • Initial marketing and website listings (Rarity Tools, NFT Calendar, NFT Evening,
  • Seafloor, CMC etc) – Done

Phase 2

  • The Immortals NFT Collection minted (Dec 26th)
  • Native token minted
  • Game instructional development and design
  • Technical architecture

Phase 3

  • Beta game release
  • Free farms awarded to NFT holders
  • Certik Audit of native token
  • Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listing
  • Further marketing

Phase 4

  • User testing, iteration and polishing
  • Social features and integrations added

Phase 5

  • Deployment and continued iteration and bug fixes
  • Challenges and leaderboards
  • Unique Rewards
  • Additional collections based on player feedback

An Interview with the Founder

Jay Mychalkiw has got an impressive resume. He’s a Founder and Entrepreneur with over 300 employees across 10 different companies worldwide. We are talking about an untraditional start-up of his, this time, namely Savages Game.

Question – It is proposed to be the hottest new game on Ethereum. What is the idea behind the game?

We are creating a new play-to-earn game which we would love to play, so that’s what we set out to do from the start. Our developers have worked on Age of Empires IV, Elderscrolls Online and Titanfall, amongst a number of other games. We want to make a serious game for adult gamers which is worth investing your time into.

NFT gaming is creating community-based gaming which hasn’t been seen before and this allows our developers to go wild when we are creating characters and gameplay and really push their creativity to the limits. With our first collection (The Immortals), we created characters which are dangerous. They need to be capable of aggressive actions like looting other farms, battling in squads and protecting their farms from other savages, so cuteness went out of the window! We also added over 80 different traits, so players can achieve crazy rarity with their characters.

We are also adding in our in-game token which rewards players for owning a NFT through farming, whilst creating a competitive environment with leaderboards, battles, looting and teamwork.

Question – The immortals are lit!! How do I mint the Savage Games NFT? Do you have variable pricing for rare ones?

Thank you! You can mint directly on our website from Wednesday 22nd 8pm UK Time. We set all of our pricing low for all NFT’s, so you may get lucky and mint an ultra-rare Immortal for the same price as a more common Immortal.

Question – What is the price for each Savage Game NFT?

Jay: Our pricing is 0.09 ETH. You can mint directly from our website at

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