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Samsung Just Announced 2022 Smart TV’s to Support NFT Trading

The first televisions with NFT support will begin to appear in stores in the coming months.

The NFT hype train has made its way to Samsung televisions, enabling you to see and buy artwork from the comfort of your own home.

Samsung has revealed that their next televisions will feature non-volatile memory (NFTs). The business is putting up a whole ecosystem to assist makers and purchasers in showcasing and purchasing NFTs, respectively. The first televisions with NFT support will begin to appear in stores in the coming months.

Samsung has announced plans to add support for NFT to its MICRO LED, Neo QLED, and The Frame televisions starting in 2022. Users will be able to display their digital artwork, acquire NFTs, and trade their NFT collections on the next Samsung televisions, which will be dubbed the “NFT Aggregation Platform.”

For artists, Samsung has included a calibration tool that will automatically alter settings depending on the artist’s preset values on the fly, ensuring that the artwork is presented exactly as the artist intended it to be.

According to Samsung, the firm’s foray into the NFT field was motivated by the growing demand for the technology. “With demand for NFTs on the increase, the need for a solution to today’s fragmented viewing and buying environment has never been higher,” the company said. NFT exploration and marketplace aggregation will be introduced on a TV screen in 2022 by Samsung, who will be the first to do so. This innovative platform will allow you to browse, buy, and display your favorite art in one convenient location.”

Furthermore, the platform will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about NFTs and blockchain, the technology that underpins all digital assets.

While some may perceive the move as an attempt to cash in on the NFT hype train, which has seen everyone from Ubisoft to the NBA scramble to grab a piece of the action, NFT devotees may see the feature as a handy method to explore and buy digital artwork. Only time will tell if Samsung’s NFT platform will go the way of 3D TVs or whether it will survive for a longer period of time.

NFTs To Be The Dominant Technology In 2022?

Nanostructured thin films (NFTs) were one of the most notable advancements in the year 2021, if not the most important development. The specialty had a meteoric rise in popularity, drawing retail investors as well as superstars on the big screen. Following this, several of these celebrities have gone on to distribute their own material, whether it be music or visual art, via non-profit organisations, and their efforts have proved to be a success.

There has, however, been significant opposition, particularly when the issue of value is brought into play. A number of investors believe that the NFT market has gotten bloated as a consequence of an excessive number of persons flooding the market with NFTs and incorrect values.

While there may be a broad reconsideration of the NFT area by 2022, it is difficult to see a significant decline in interest by that year. There is a lot of potential and income at risk for sports teams, corporations, and celebrities in the world of NFTs, and it seems doubtful that they will not take advantage of it.

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