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Rhino’s Revenge NFT Collection | 7,500 Rhinos Stampeding on the Ethereum Blockchain

Rhino’s Revenge is a collection of 7,500 unique, randomly generated Rhino’s stampeding on the Ethereum blockchain. Every RR NFT is unique and made from over 60+ possible attributes and traits. They can have different backgrounds, skins, clothes, facial expressions, accessories, and headgear.

It’s one of the most unique NFT collections currently trending in the NFT community with a massive community, the project is set to break the standards of what a powerful NFT project can be.

The fact that, the projects main goal is to make a real world impact on Rhino Conservation and as we know, Rhino’s are one of the most important animals in the ecosystem, and they are now in the verge of extinction.

With such great vision for the future and for the environment, Rhino’s Revenge is one of exciting NFT projects currently in development.

Let’s take a deeper look at the Rhino Revenge NFT collection!

Rhino Revenge NFT Story

Rhino’s Revenge NFT is based on the idea of hungry, money minded poachers chasing Rhino’s for their horns. The core character of the NFT is the Rhino itself, who is given a strong character of courage, vigor and strength.

The story starts with a young Rhino from a tribe of Rhino families who remembers running away from poachers, gunshots and was just having fun in the open field, playing around, while half of his crash getting massacred.

He hears the unforgettable laughter’s of poachers and the deadly life taking gunshots that clearly plays in his mind. Since he and his fellow Rhinos are young, they were mostly left out and spared, as Poachers look out for Horns and they need them. He then wonders, whether if he will ever make it to adulthood, and the fact that only a handful of young Rhinos are left survived.

One day, Aliens visited them, that resembled a human like figure to which the Rhinos thought they would attack them, but instead, they didn’t harm them. The Aliens actually offered the Rhinos help that they offered us a way to fight back. The Leader of the Alien group – The Empress said “We are fascinated by your resistance but know that the humans will render you extinct within the next few years. We have a way for you to stand a chance against them – but there is no coming back from it. Are you willing to come with us?”

The Rhinos were skeptical at first but they still trusted the Aliens. They poked them,  shot lasers at their thick skins and made them starve for days without food. However, the Aliens didn’t kill any one of them and most importantly, their horns were never touched.

Ultimately, the goal of the aliens were to clone the Rhinos and make a ultimate undefeatable army for themselves that would wipe out the human civilization. The fact that suddenly, the Rhinos now had enhanced brain capabilities and were able to think and communicate in a different way.

However, that was a big mistake as giving the Rhinos, those unique abilities meant that they were now able to think for themselves and a new thirst and hunger for revenge started within the souls of each Rhinos. Now they wanted to take revenge upon all the human poachers. All the Rhinos came back home to planet earth after stealing thousands of weapons and armors from the Aliens. Ready to crash the poachers’ parties, by ease.

Rhino’s Revenge NFT Details & Purpose

Rhino’s Revenge consists of a collection of 7,500 unique, randomly generated Rhino’s stampeding on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every Rhino Revenge NFT is unique and made from over 60+ possible attributes and traits. They can have different backgrounds, skins, clothes, facial expressions, accessories, and headgear.

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They are all made with love (and a bit of vengence), but some are rarer than others. When you buy an RR NFT, you not only own a cool .PNG, but you also get access to our great events, own the commercial rights, holder benefits, automatically participate in our giveaways, and get to make a real world impact to help our rhino conservation!

The core purpose of the Rhino’s Revenge NFT project is the grow the Rhino’s Revenge as a brand and help the Rhino conservations, anti-poaching initiatives and so much more.

They are also launching their own Rhino Revenge comic book with plans to stake their claim into the metaverse and as they grow their story, NFT holders will benefit from their projects into the metaverse.

Rhino’s Revenge is also donating a portion of the sales to rhino conservations, anti-poaching initiatives and by purchasing their NFT, you are being a part of something special, helping our Rhino’s get revenge + rescuing their other crash in Africa. While, they are working on the launch of their kickass merch!.

NFT Roadmap

PHASE 1 – Pre-sale

  • We are doing a presale of up to 500 RR NFTs that you can mint for a lower price than the launch price. The funds will be used for marketing to get as much attention as possible for the public sale.
  • Two holders could win up to 1 eth each! Check out the benefits of this in our Discord

PHASE 2 – Public sale

  • We will peform our official launch!

PHASE 3 – 25% – Reward our crash

  • Giveaways via our Discord,
  • 10 Rhinos Revenge go to our Discord members.
  • Early members will be air dropped.

PHASE 4 – 50% – Rescue our herd from future poacher attacks

  • We will donate to Rhino sanctuarys and anti-poaching campaigns.
  • Discord members will be involved throughout the process.

PHASE 5 – 75% – The cross-roads

  • Member exclusive announcement Revealed!

PHASE 6 – 100% – Our story continues

  • It feels our story has just begun, we will be continuing our story through our comic book, only members will have early access to!
  • The Rhino’s memorial wall, will be revealed for members to write a message for our fallen rhino’s and a message to future poachers!
  • We want the Rhino’s Revenge community to last forever. That’s why we will do everything in our power to make the NFTs you minted from us more valuable.
  • This is good for the community, because they can profit from a good investment, but it’s also good for us, the RR team, because we will build trust with our community and keep that trust, which will help us in all the projects we do in the future. We will keep growing this together, forever!

The Team

We are a team based in South Africa, on average in the country, a rhino is killed for its horn every 22 hours. The Rhino’s Revenge collection is a limited generative NFT collectible project. Our aim is to educate the world about the senseless murdering of Rhino for their horns.

Rhino’s Revenge is sci-fi type of story of Rhino’s taking their revenge on the poachers, essentially the hunters become the hunted. Rhino’s Revenge NFT holders will benefit from helping to donate to Rhino anti-poaching initiatives, A Rhino memorial wall (On our website – will only available to NFT Holders, for them to write a passage on how they feel about Rhino poaching), Airdrops, Giveaways in eth, cool merch, and will receive access to our comic book. There’s also plans to move into the metaverse once our story had been developed.


  • Save our crash! – You become the hero!. All the sales that come from the NFT collection, a portion of it will be donated to rhino conservations, anti-poaching initiatives. As we have identified a few of the initiatives, we will soon contact them and figure out how we can grow together in partnership and as a brand. Meanwhile, we have shortlisted a few of them below:
    • Save The Rhino – In the last decade, more than 1,000 rangers worldwide have lost their lives in the line of duty, yet they often don’t have the basic equipment they need to protect rhino populations.
    • The Boucher Legacy – The Boucher Legacy – Help us to educate the world that the senseless murdering of Rhino for their horn which is made of keratin, essentially the same as our human fingernails, is just unacceptable!
  • Giveaways – RR holders will automatically be able to participate in these giveaways, because we can identify them through our smart contract. 10 RR NFT air-dropped, Ether giveaways go to our Discord members. Plus member exclusive announcements.
  • Rhino’s Memorial Wall – The world’s first NFT Rhino Memorial Wall. If you own an NFT you will be able to write a small passage on the rhino memorial wall, this is a message for our fallen rhino’s and a message to future poachers! This will become available on our website for our NFT holders. The rhino memorial wall is exclusive to NFT holders and will be part of the RR history!
  • Grow in value! – Our vision is to grow the Rhino’s Revenge Brand. As a RR NFT holder, you will be first in line to receive a free copy of our Rhino Revenge comic book! Our plans are also to stake our claim into the metaverse: As we expand our story NFT Holders will benefit from our projects into the metaverse. We also intend to launch our own kick-ass merch!


Be a Part of something BIG!

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