REMEMBER’s Memorial Stone NFTs to go on Sale on Dec.8, Owners to Get A Commemoration Place in the Metaverse

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Remember, the World’s First Commemoration NFT, is a place to remember the ones you
loved, respected, and admired that are no longer here with us today. Remember Memorial Stone NFTs are set to go on sale on December 8, and those who can get their hands on these commemorative NFTs get access to the upcoming Remember Metaverse.

Remember Memorial Stone NFTs to go on Sale on December 8

Remember’s Memorial Stones, a collection of 5,000 3D NFTs on Ethereum blockchain, is
scheduled to go on sale on December 8.

According to the Remember(www.remember.place) website, each 3D Stone art NFT is original and delicately crafted by artists, for you to tell the story of your dear person who passed away. As with any NFT collection, some Memorial Stones are rarer than others, but each NFT is guaranteed to be unique from the rest.

Owning Remember Memorial Stone NFT get your own space in Metaverse

The Remember development team is developing a Memorial Park Metaverse where the 5,000 Stone NFTs exist. Each of the NFTs serve as a personalized key to Memorial Hall, where you keep the memories of your loved ones.

You can also get 3D files of your Memorial Stones so that you can use it in different metaverse platforms. You can likewise download the static image of your Memorial Stone to use as a profile picture or for whatever other purposes.

What is the Remember Metaverse?

  • Remember Metaverse: Remember Metaverse is the virtual space built to keep everlasting memories of those who have or will have passed before us. The world consists of multiple unique places where distinct collections of Memorial Blocks are located and will expand as the project moves forward.
  • Memorial Stone: Each Memorial Stone is a commemorative NFT that will be located in the Remember Metaverse. Each artwork is original and delicately crafted with quality, for you to tell your dear person’s story.
  • Memorial Hall: Each 5,000 Memorial Block is a key to a place called Memorial Hall in the Remember Metaverse where owners can decide whom and what to keep and display forever and invite others to share such memories. Visitors can commemorate and engage with the memorabilia stored in each Memorial Block.

Website : https://remember.place

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RememberNFT

Discord : https://discord.gg/xdrcqqkKuJ


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