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Puxxies NFT Project | Join the Puxxies NFT gang!

Puxxies NFT At a Glance

  • 9,999 cat-themed ERC-721 NFTs on Ethereum
  • Future gaming utility and rewards for minters and holders
  • Presale 0.01 ETH / Public 0.025 ETH
  • Minting date TBA
  • Whitelisting now

Those interested in investing in an NFT project with great tokenomics would do well to take a look at Puxxies NFT. With colorful kitty-inspired artwork, a sound deflationary distribution plan, future utility, and a team with a vision, Puxxies might well be the next big thing in the NFT space.

Puxxies NFT

The Puxxies project comprises 9,999 cat characters that exist as non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Inspired by the sprites from the 8-Bit console generation, Puxxies NFTs are rendered as pixel art, making them ideal for use as a profile picture.

Aside from social media clout, the small team behind Puxxies intends to bring several benefits to holding a Puxxies, including earning utility tokens, next-generation NFTs, and gaming functionality.

With a strong artistic background, the team behind Puxxies are fulfilling their ambition of combining retro aesthetics with futuristic technology. Through the combination of blockchain and the promise of web3.0, they have found an artistic outlet to enable this vision to come to fruition.

The Collection

The NFTs themselves are a successful mix of adorable and badass with the kitties sporting everything from afros and lightsabers to beanies, machine guns, and even fish tanks. This collection celebrates geekery, retro media, and the future all at once.

The initial collection of 9,999 tokens is generative and is the product of billions of potential combinations. Each Puxxie is 100% unique and looks great thanks to the professional-standard pixel art.

In terms of rarity, the first generation of NFTs – known as Gen 0 – is comprised of the following:

  • 25+ breeds
  • 10+ eye types
  • 10+ backgrounds
  • 250+ accessories and traits
  • 1 superpower per Puxxie

The collection is also deflationary, meaning further down the roadmap, the number of tokens will gradually decrease, with users burning multiple NFTs to produce a Gen 1, and Gen 2 Puxxie. This has the effect of making ownership scarce over time, increasing the value of each token for holders.

The Lore

Being a passion project, the Puxxies collection has some rich lore behind it. With many projects now looking to a future in the metaverse, this is not only necessary thematically, but also helps set a project apart from competitors.

The story behind Puxxies has the cats slumming it in Brooklyn only to be rescued by the project’s team who came to love each and every one for their unique character. Once considered cool and popular, the Puxxies had been left out in the cold, forgotten and ignored, living within abandoned arcade machines. During this time, the digital cats helped each other grow, keeping hope alive for a better future, building a strong community within their group.

The project intends to replicate this within its own community, with token holders acting as adopters of the Puxxies who can help build a supportive and positive online home.

Utility, Tokenomics and the Future

Central to the future of the project is the Puxxies-gang-DAO which will be used to vote on the direction of the collection. With big plans, the project’s team is hoping people will stick around and reap the benefits of ownership.

The utility token of the project is called “Cat Food.” Simply holding a token will be regularly rewarded with Cat Food and these tokens will be used as credit upon the launch of the project’s gaming utility, “Puxxies Battle Games.” These games will bring people together and allow users to earn rewards in a PvP style multiplayer scenarios. Details are forthcoming.

Cat Food will also be used create the next generation of Puxxies, in what’s being called “The Purge.” This second generation of collectibles will cost 600 Cat Food and at least 3 Puxxies, fusing into the “next level” of Puxxie.

In the process, 2 Puxxies will be burned, meaning the supply of tokens will eventually reduce to 3,333 or less as further phases are rolled out.

Whitelist and Minting

The project is whitelisting now with 300 spots now available for presale minting.

In order to get on the whitelist, you’ll need to sign up to the project’s Discord and complete one of the following:

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  • Be active (50 WL spots)
  • Write a short story (10 WL spots)
  • Create Puxxies memes (10 WL spots)
  • Draw a Puxxies (10 WL spots)
  • Take part in the Discord competitions (50 WL spots)
  • Invite at least 5 others (20 WL spots a week)

Private presale mint (900 Puxxies) will be where 450 NFTs are given away to whitelisted community members for free with 450 others given the opportunity to pay just 0.01 ETH.

Public minting will set collectors back more than double, at 0.025 ETH ($77).

With rock-bottom prices, this is definitely a collection that new investors will want to consider. At such a low cost, the collection is expected to sell out fast, especially being a deflationary collection.

To mint a Puxxie you’ll need to connect an Ethereum compatible wallet, such as Metamask, and ensure there are enough funds within it to cover the mint cost and gas fees.

Phase I roadmap

Puxxies is a full-time project for our entire team as we will be hands-on to push this project beyond its limits. We will have a Roadmap V2 coming out after mint, as this is a long-term project. We will also further continue to work alongside the community to go in the right direction. Thank you for joining us on our adventure, and welcome to the Puxxies gang.

25%: 1st Puxxies Art Contest

  • In the 1st Puxxies Art Contest, the winner will receive 1 ETH + 1 Puxxies NFT, and artwork will be featured permanently on our discord channel
  • 😻┃wall-of-fame .
  • 💎┃puxxies-gang-dao now exists!

50%: 5 ETH Giveaway + 5 Puxxies NFT

  • We are halfway! We want to share our excitement by giving away 5 ETH + 5 Puxxies NFT. We will randomly choose 5 Puxxies Gang DAO members and will airdrop 1 ETH + 1 Puxxies NFT to each one of the winners.
  • 🥮┃cat-food is about to be a real thing in a matter of minutes.

75%: 5 ETH Charity

  • Now it seems that we are a proper community. Time to give some love away. Why don’t we spread some positive vibes around by donating 5 ETH to the charity of your choice?
  • All the members of the 💎┃puxxies-gang-dao will have a word, we will vote to determine what worries us the most, and act on it instantly.

100%: WAGMI

  • WAGMI! It’s good to know that we’re not the only delusional degenerates. You gave us wings, and now we will give back to you. It will be a Roadmap V2, but for now, these are some of the things we are doing right away:
  • Updating our Puxxies Dapp so y’all can start getting your free 🥮┃cat-food
  • 👹┃the-purge date and info will be revealed and we’ll be doing a Puxxies Gen 1 sneak peek
  • ⚔┃p-b-g is in the making! FVCK YEA!!

With the project set to be listed on OpenSea, a long-term strategy, and with a low initial price, trading of Puxxies is expected to become frenzied.

Join the Puxxies NFT GANG!

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