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PuppyTakeover NFT Collection | 1000 Cute Pups Living In the Ethereum Blockchain

With a community already growing even before the official launch date, there is definitely a wave of excitement surrounding them, which the mystery of hinted details only adds to.


NFTs have sparked a wave of excitement and interest in the world of crypto and beyond recently. While some see it as a fun hobby, some see it as a way to make their millions, and some see it as a new way to create, sell, and collect art.

One such group looking to innovate is PuppyTakeover, which is developing an NFT collection set to surprise and intrigue the community at large.

Wanting to push the boat out through design, innovation, and an organically grown and positive community, each team member has a host of individual ideas, some of which have been teased but not yet fully revealed.

By the hints, the team has been giving across their website and social media, the culmination of everyone’s input is set to bring a new wave of creativity to the NFT community.

But before we can get too excited about the ideas ahead for the future, let’s look at who PuppyTakeover is, their NFTs, and their plans in greater detail.

PuppyTakeover NFT Story

PuppyTakeover NFT is a brand-new collection of NFTs featuring beautiful dog-themed artwork. Feeling that there was uniformity and a set formula to most of the NFT collections that they were seeing, the PuppyTakeover team decided to produce a collection where each token is as unique as possible from its’ fellows.

Each collectible has different traits to vary the appearance and styles of each pup to make them individual and to increase their value.

They hope to build and support a community around the project while providing consistently high-quality, and building and improving on features, tokens, and opportunities with each new stage of the process.

The team is proud of the hand-drawn artistry that has gone into each and every one of the 1000 pups on offer (850 of which are classed as rare and 150 as exotic).  

The purpose of the PuppyTakeover NFT project is to let the unique art do the talking and draw in interest and investment to create a positive, supportive community through the art, with the NFTs at the community’s heart.

The team is excited for the opportunities and long-term goals that they have for their community through 2022.

They recognize that 2022 will lead to bigger NFT communities forming, and hope that with their new ideas, developing utilities, and strong community joining their cause, they can overtake the bigger companies who have unlimited resources.


PuppyTakeover has 3 seasons of collectibles planned, the first of which begins in February of 2022.

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Season 1 has already sold out in presale, having released a dedicated portion of the ultimately promised 1000 tokens, with pup breeds being released gradually and with increased rarity, beginning with the Labrador.

A mix of different traits, colors, and backgrounds gives each pup a sense of individuality, and with each pup’s individuality and style comes a (currently publicly undisclosed) meaning for that specific NFT.

As noted, the collection includes 850 rare and 150 exotic pups in total, which promise to add rarity, value, and stretch the concept of the NFTs, all while acting as the center point for the community to flourish around.

At the time of writing, the rare pups that are available on open sea are priced at 0.07 ETH (approximately 3,219 USD), with prices expected to increase as exclusivity does and the depicted breeds change. 

PuppyTakeover NFT ROAD MAP

Puppytakeover has put together an NFT roadmap with several interesting releases on it.

Running minting and community growth simultaneously to improve reputation and overall PuppyTakover! The yearly competition will start at launch.

As season 1 has already sold out, a giveaway is being organized, as are events, which will culminate in the release date for season 2.

As the community builds, upgrades and community involvement will be the priority

Season 2 will also include whitelists and increased community involvement, as the project is continually developing.

As season 2 sells out, giveaways and releases are set to become larger, with releases taking up a larger percentage of the 1000 total tokens.

Season 2 is also set to include a new breed and unlocking a previously inaccessible area of the PuppyTakeover website.

Season 3 will bring the release of the final breed as the project builds to its final heights, while still maintaining the uniqueness, innovation, and consistent quality that the team has prioritized from the beginning. 


It sounds great, but what else are you getting for your hard-earned crypto? Alongside your NFT purchase, you will be able to join an exclusive community, full of positivity, opportunities, and giveaways, all of which encourage community involvement.

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In addition to this, the team is running a year-long competition, where community members who are the most active, produce the best memes or create content loved by the rest of the community will be entered into a wheel of names, to be eligible to win a percentage of the NFT project’s royalty pot.

This competition is expected to run every year, alongside other events and competitions, which will have limited or unique puppy NFTs as prizes.


Founder and business manager KW became interested in the possibilities and communities behind NFTs after finding videos online explaining what NFTs were.

Through networking, KW met RB, a developer, community manager MM, pixel artist AI, and HJ, who became the moderator.

Together, they formed the PuppyTakeover NFT team and began working on the project. They are now looking forward to sharing their passion with the world and building a community together. 

I first looked into NFTS after stumbling across a few videos and from there I researched into it as much as I could, after becoming interested with the communities involved and the possibilities available ideas where constantly popping up, I was able to talk about my project and start networking finding very talented individuals along the way. We make a brilliant team, and we are all here for the long run.”Founder, KW

While much of the chatter around PuppyTakeover is yet to be seen as actionable or tangible for the public at large, there are clearly thought-out plans in place and obvious dedication to high-quality pixel-style art and genuine community.

With a community already growing even before the official launch date, there is definitely a wave of excitement surrounding them, which the mystery of hinted details only adds to. As a result, it’s worth keeping your ear to the ground on this one, as the group seems poised to set tongues and tails wagging everywhere.


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