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Psychedelic Sloths NFT | Join the Amazing Sloth Community | NFT Artist Interview

Psychedelic Sloths NFT

Hi everyone, hope you are doing great. Today, I have a very special NFT feature and Interview. Featuring Psychedelic Sloths NFT!.

Led by a team of powerhouse Women, the Psychedelic Sloths NFT is fast growing NFT community with some of the best artworks of Sloths depicting the Psychedelic culture. The artworks feature Sloths in a meditative position with beautiful backgrounds, each sloth having unique appearances, clothes, styles, and props. With the goal of focusing on Mental Health creating a safe and healthy space for people to grow, Psychedelic Sloths is one of the best upcoming NFT projects thats going to Drop very Soon.

To get involved with Psychedelic Sloths, here are the places where you can connect with them.

Psychedelic Sloths NFT Artist Interview

Q1. A brief introduction about you as an artist, where are you from, what got you into art?

Artist: I’m a first generation Canadian, raised by a single mother who escaped communist Romania in the late ‘80s. Traditional careers didn’t fit me so I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, working in everything from general contracting to online social media marketing and coaching. I’ve always loved creating. I conceptualized Psychedelic Sloth after having a DMT psychedelic “trip” in the middle of the Mayan Riviera. As someone who is a domestic abuse survivor I turned to plant medicine as a healing modality. It was an incredibly transformative experience and this NFT project is the vehicle we are using to bring awareness to benefits of the psychedelics for mental health treatment.

Q2. What is your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Artist: My business and career are so exciting that everything else I do is rather low key! I just love having a night in with my partner and snuggling on the couch with our dogs watching Netflix. We’re hooked on Casa De Papel (Money Heist) right now.

Q3. Your background as an artist. What you aim for and live for in terms of art.

Artist: As an introvert I’ve generally been more inclined to throw myself into a creative project rather than be around people. I’m getting better at putting myself out there. I guess I see myself as a bit of a generalist. I love cooking, sewing, drawing, brand work, interior decorating, and see all of those things as artistic. I’ve had the privilege to do all of those things, some on a professional level.

Q4. What got you into NFT Art?

Artist: After my DMT experience I developed a growing interest in crypto and then that led me to discovering NFTs. When I think about Blockchain technology and decentralization I can’t help but think of how it belongs to all of us and none of us at the same time. It reminds me of
mycelium and how they create this underground network that connects everything we see in our visible natural environment.

Q5. Who is your favorite NFT Artist?

Artist: I really struggle with this one. I’ve always been awful at picking favorites. I don’t even have a favorite color. Every day I come across so many amazing independent NFT artists. For me crypto is business and NFTs are pleasure. @Thao_NFT, @officialjaneade, and
all independent artists I’ve recently discovered and love.

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Q6. Any other passions besides art?

Artist: Being with my family and friends and finding moments to relax and be present. I currently live in Mexico and I’m surrounded by a very spiritual and diverse community. I can hike to ancient ruins, take a yoga class on the beach, or attend a temazcal ceremony. I’m very grateful for having landed where I did. Mexico has embraced me.

Q7. What do you think of Crypto and Blockchain for the future?

Artist: I am by no means a professional in economics or finances, but I do believe that cryptocurrency will replace fiat currency in time. Almost everything you see and use around you will have some connection to the blockchain including movie tickets, property titles, and employment contracts.

Q8. Do you believe that Metaverse and NFTs are going to change the world, or has it

Artist: Yeah, most definitely! With web3 we’re going to see the Metaverse be where most of us are going to find community. Similar to how social media connected us, the Metaverse as well as NFTs with the use of VR are where we’ll meet based on our passions and values regardless of our geographical location.

Q9. Any upcoming drops.

Artist: Our whitelist mint is December 7th, and public mint is December 8th!

Q10. Any advice for Beginner Artists and NFT Creators

Artist: Lean into your community. This world moves so fast so there aren’t really “courses”. Education is open source and available on Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord. Keep your ear to the ground and do your own research. Also, you’ll likely take some hits and make some mistakes. Artists ARE Entrepreneurs. Get back up, dust yourself off, and try again.

11. Where can we learn more about you? Your links to website, social media and NFT
ART and works.

Twitter: @PsychedelicSLTH

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Meet the Psychedelic Sloths Team

  • Mama Sloth Psych – Project Manager
  • Party Sloth Dali – Marketing Team
  • Chef Sloth Mello – Marketing Team
  • Fixer Sloth Treasure – Development

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