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Psychedelic Sloths NFT | Minting 20th December

Psychedelic Sloths NFT | Minting 20th December

The DMT-inspired Psychedelic Sloths is a NFT project that’s raising awareness for positivity, kindness, and mental health. Through unique and funky Sloth-based tokens, the team is tackling some big issues, including promoting mental health and fighting against animal cruelty.

Inspired by personal struggles and psychedelic experiences, the Sloths movement is perhaps one of the most inspiring projects in development.

From December 20th, 5,555 Psychedelic Sloths hosted on the Solana blockchain will become available to mint.

With a passionate team and an active community, it’s worth taking a closer look at the Psychedelic Sloths prior to this exciting launch.

What are Psychedelic Sloths NFT?

 Psychedelic Sloths NFT

The Psychedelic Sloths are 5,555 unique non-fungible tokens that feature Sloths in meditative poses.

Heavily inspired by the psychedelic culture of the 1960s, the artwork is unashamedly trippy. Tie-dye and headbands aplenty, each Sloth is comprised of 7 different elements. The tokens have been combined algorithmically and stylistically to ensure they are truly unique, meaning they not only look appealing but will appreciate in value over time too.

The roadmap is looking realistic and community focused with charity donations, one of the first milestones, a testament to the team’s integrity.

Later down the line, the project will be animating some of the psychedelic experiences of the community, turning them into a series of 10 shorts. After the series is finished, the community will vote for their favorite short, with the winner submitted to various film festivals.

Psychedelic Sloth Elements

The Psychedelic Sloth elements are:


Each sloth is offset against a bright and colorful backdrop that comes in 7 solid colors or 5 more exclusive, premium varieties. Keeping in the theme of wellbeing, spirituality, and psychedelia, the premium backdrops have a little meaning behind them.

The “Starburst” backdrop, for instance, inspires feelings of gratitude, joy, and creativity. Whereas find yourself in possession of a Sloth with the “Galactic” backdrop, and you may discover there is, in fact, no “self,” just oneness with universal consciousness.


Sloth fur comes in 5 varieties, with each evenly distributed throughout the collection.

Eye Expression

Each Sloth expresses their psychedelic experience through their eyes. There are 6 eye expressions with varying rarity, including “Cozy Calm” and “Divine Delight.”

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Whether it’s drooling, smiling, or tongue a-lolling, the Sloths mouths come in 5 varieties.


Some, but not all, of the Sloths, come with a treat. While most are “Solo and Sober,” some come with a blunt, a Shroom, or even some special tea. There are 4 treats that may, or may not, accompany your Sloth.

Head Accessory

Most Sloths will not sport a head accessory, but some holders may be lucky enough to have minted one with a “Hippy Headband” or even the rare “Third-Eye.” The collection features 4 head accessories that come in varying rarity.


There are 4 clothing variations in the Psychedelic Sloths collection. While most Sloths will not feature any clothing, some of the rarer tokens in the collection will be wearing a basic white tee, tie-dye, a vest, or even a ceremonial robe.

Who’s behind the project?

Behind the project is a women-led team that’s focused on creating a safe space for people to grow.

The project’s creator is also the artist, someone who appreciates their anonymity to maintain serenity. Unfulfilled and dissatisfied with the prospect of a traditional career, the Artist has been forging pathways as an entrepreneur for over ten years.

With a rich background in social media and coaching, the Psychedelic Sloths was conceptualized by the Artist after a powerful DMT trip in the Mayan Riviera. A survivor of domestic, the Artist found the experience so transformative they needed to bring awareness to the powerful benefits that psychedelics have on mental health.

Inspired by the underground networks of mycelium that invisibly unite the natural environment, the Artist saw a similarity to the decentralized and interconnected nature of blockchain technology.

Alongside the artist are a dedicated and impassioned team.

How can I get a Psychedelic Sloth NFT?

  • Minting of Psychedelic Sloths will be available from the official website.
  • Early pre-sale minting is available for 1000 members of the project’s discord from December 20, 12 PM EST (17:00 UTC).
  • Public minting is available from December 21, 12 PM EST (17:00 UTC).
  • The collection will be hosted on the Solana blockchain, and wallets can be linked via the official website.
  • Minting will cost 1 $SOL.
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