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Powder Heroes – First Blockchain Game Clip NFT Collection on Solana

Powder Heroes nft GAME

Powder, an AI-powered platform for gaming content creation, is teaming up with studios and gaming creators from around the world to transform gaming highlights into iconic NFTs celebrating blockchain gaming, amassing 1111 collectibles for a drop on Dec 20!

Aimed at both gamers and NFT enthusiasts, Powder Heroes is a perfect occasion to invest in and collect unique gaming moments. Stored on Solana blockchain, the collection produced by gaming studios, including The Sandbox, DNAxCAT, and Life Beyond, in collaboration with streamers and content creators, will feature epic streaming highlights, generated by cutting-edge AI technology.

Clips of three levels of rarity will form part of the drop, with each NFT unlocking one Mystery Clip. Secondary marketplaces like Magic Eden will be available for future trading.

In addition to owning a piece of the first-ever, limited edition of Powder Heroes, NFT holders will benefit from community perks like voting rights, in-game prizes from partnered games, privileged access to creators, and more. The presale will open on December 18.

Powder Heroes NFTs is the first step towards linking Powder’s core game clips infrastructure to the turnkey NFT minting capabilities to share ownership across gamers, creators, studios, and gaming ecosystems and tokenize metaverse engagement. In the words of Powder’s CEO, Stanislas Coppin: – “Our mission has always been to democratize gaming content creation. With Powder Heroes, we’re entering a new exciting phase – creating a decentralized ecosystem where NFT holders are core stakeholders, who will shape the future of the project. We want to fully leverage the possibilities of web3 for the benefit of the gaming community, in terms of both content creation and games distribution.”

About Powder: Born out of a Discord community and backed by $20m+ funding, Powder is an ultimate companion app for gaming creators. It allows users to seamlessly source and edit gaming clips, whatever their platform. Thanks to proprietary AI technology, it automatically generates highlights based on gameplay and emotional cues, making content creation as easy and fun as playing games. Available on iOs, Android and PC.

Official Links

To learn more, visit Powder Heroes’ website as well as their latest Medium post on the long term vision for the project.

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