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Playboy Releases it’s Iconic Rabbitars NFT


Playboy released it’s fresh NFT collection known as Rabbitars’ on the 26th of October. As an accolade to the year that it was founded i.e 1953, they will issue 11,953 Rabbitars, 3D Rabbit characters in NFT form. It is a distinctive collection of NFTs with designs influenced by the company’s iconic bunny logo.

Every Rabbitar will possess distinct attribute inspired by Playboy’s iconography, heritage and lore. Each Rabbitar has distinct features that correlates itself with the different manifolds of the playboy community.

The Rabbitars carry out the function of a key to the redefined Playboy club. They will allow their owners to gain access to several utilities like merchandise, artwork, and special members only events. Playboy has several plans to foster this project more into the realm of NFT, blockchain and web3.

Along with Possible Studios and WENEW, the art studio and blockchain technology company co-founded by Michael Winklemann and Michale Figge, Playboy’s devoted Web3 Innovation team developed Rabbitars. The aim in their minds while creating Rabbitars was to mould an entertaining and valuable world for all the members of the NFT community. Rabbitars come in the list of NFTs that live on Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 arranged on IPFS.  

Playboy even launched a Discord Server “The Rabbit Hole, a server committed to provide more involvement and interconnection with the NFT community. It is also hosting several weekly podcasts along with popular personalities in the NFT community. It is evident that Playboy with this Rabbitars is taking a huge leap towards its expansion in the blockchain industry, and to be more precise towards blockchain metaverse.  

Rabbitars are, as per mythology, a rare species of rabbit embedded by qualities of extraordinary speed, razor-sharp wit, unrivalled instincts, unmatched fashion sense and in rare cases extraordinary sexual prowess. Every Rabbitar is produced by taking in to account 175+ possible traits, such as fur, ears, attire, facial features and many more characteristics. The iconography of Playboy can be observed throughout the whole collection. There are also rare Rabbitars that are developed on the ideas of Playboy’s art and editorial history.

“Distributed ledger technology is revolutionizing how fans and consumers interact with brands today. At Playboy, we’re committed to moving out of the era of merely acquiring followers and into an era of building thoughtful communities where each member has a voice. Our goal is to deliver meaningful opportunities for ownership and unique value. The Rabbitars mark the beginning of true blockchain-based membership for Playboy. Just as Playboy Club keys gave millions of members a chance to step into the sophisticated lifestyle that the Playboy brand represents, NFTs today can do the same and so much more.” – Jamal Dauda, VP, Blockchain Innovation

“Playboy has a nearly 70-year history in groundbreaking contemporary art, art direction and graphic design and it all started with a playful, sophisticated rabbit, otherwise known as the Playboy Rabbit Head logo. So when it came to visualizing the Rabbitar world, our goal was to pay homage to our legacy in the arts while tapping into the spirit of innovation upon which it was built to create something entirely new and special for the NFT community. Some of the rarest Rabbitars are inspired by iconic moments in Playboy’s art and editorial history, and nods to Playboy heritage and iconography are woven throughout the collection so that every collector can have a piece of the Playboy brand in their MetaMask wallet.” – Liz Suman – VP Art Curation & Editorial

How to Purchase Rabbitars?

The Rabbitars can be purchased for 0.1953 Ethereum from the Official Playboy Rabbitar site either by crypto or US Dollars.

They can be bought through three different sales: a presale for whitelisted Ethereum paying collectors on Sunday, 24th October to 26th october.

On 26th October the Rabbitars will be on sale for USD paying collectors as the end of the whitelist sale comes.

For the Ethereum paying customers they will be available for purchase on 27th October. An Ethereum wallet is necessary for all the collectors no matter how they will pay for it. Whitelisted customers may purchase up to two Rabbitars during the presale. Throughout the two public sales a collector is eligible to purchase up to 10 Rabbitars. If you are not able to purchase Rabbitars during the sale you can always buy it from collectors at Opensea.

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