Plant Next Door Nodes NFT | NFT Project That is About to Create a Revolution in the Environment Sector

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Plant Next Door is a Brooklyn-based plant-tech firm that uses technology to bridge the gap between the plant and flower industries and the rapidly changing cultural environment.

Starting with the formation of a female-only team led by plant industry veteran Gerard George, this NFT initiative offers real-world utilities and on-chain advantages designed to push MORE business into SMALL enterprises.

Plant Next Door Nodes NFT and Purpose

There are collectable Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with evidence of ownership, and nodes are these tokens. Each Node was created as an ERC-721 Standard token, which is the de facto standard for digital art and collectibles in the cryptocurrency world. They are worth 0.06 ETH each and may be stored and exchanged on the Ethereum blockchain, where they are produced.

Plant Next Door membership will be granted to you as a result of owning a Node. Redeem your coupon to become a member of the club and get a free houseplant (available only in the United States and Canada), as well as yearly savings on plant purchases. Future benefits will be unlocked as our community develops in size.

Join their amazing Discord community to know more about the project, mint dates and release dates!. – https://discord.com/invite/4FxJARbubX

NFT Details & Features

The first Nodes have now sprung on the Ethereum blockchain, indicating that the blockchain is officially operational. This initial drop has 10,000 distinct Nodes that were produced programmatically from over 200 potential attributes, such as plant varieties, container colours, spades, saucers, and other items, among others.

Plant Next Door NFT Roadmap

Here is a breakdown of the Plant Next Door Roadmap:

  • Sprouting – We appreciate you joining us as a Node holder and contributing your thoughts and ideas as we strive to create the first Web 3.0 plant community.
  • Seedling – PND-aligned relationships and cooperation will be discontinued. The Discord Premier programme will also include seminars on flower design, plant maintenance from industry experts, and cannabis growing instruction.
  • Growing – When it’s ready, we’ll announce the debut of our florist and plant shop marketplace. Direct bookings, AR/VR consultations, and other tools will be available to florists and plant store owners via the site.
  • Budding – Launchpad sponsored by our smart contract will be launched. In the flower, plant, and agricultural sectors, our Launchpad will provide potential start-ups and enterprises with early investment rounds, angel funding, and Launchpad ICOs and IDOs. To become a shareholder in our investments, you must become a Node owner and submit project ideas.
  • Blooming – Our relationships and NFT initiatives in the flower and cannabis industries will continue to grow.
  • Ripening – On-chain and off-chain community grows for food gardens, indoor/outdoor plants, and flowers as well as cannabis will be made available for your Metaverse experience. More information will be made available via Discord. Mint will contribute 5% of its profits to charity (partner announcement Jan 2022).

Benefits for Holders and Giveaways

Ten thousand distinct houseplant NFTs (0.06ETH) were produced from over 200 features such plant species, pots, and accessories. Plant Next Door’s membership card is a Node (0.06ETH). Owners get access to exclusive advantages, such as:

  • As in late 2022, the first Community Garden in the Metaverse, COMMUNIGROW, will be open to the members.
  • Plant discounts and free plants are part of the deal since we’ve collaborated with LOCAL plant stores.
  • We’ve been developing a marketplace for florists and plant shops. It is anticipated that by the end of 2022, the platform would provide florists and plant shop owners with direct bookings, AR/VR consultations, and more options to develop their businesses.

As a means of connecting with the natural world, we see giving and receiving plants as an important part of the human experience. We are here to assist the community by integrating plants, flowers, technology, and culture in a meaningful way.



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