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Pixel Cowboys Community Club NFT Collection | 7000 Pixel Cowboyz from the Wild West

It’s an NFT project for those adventure-driven collectors, who really want to own some premium cool NFT’s.


From the west coast mainlands of America, with fancy spurs, minted leather boots, and a vintage revolver on their sides to the wild western droughts of Mexico comes the Pixel Cowboys. They are cool, they are hot and most importantly, they don’t blink an eye.

Pixel Cowboys Community Club, a collection of 7000 Pixel Cowboys, each of them are unique and comes with various traits, styles, and properties. It’s one of the most interesting NFT projects currently on the trend with a massive community and following.

The NFT project is also a community-first-based project where the entire project is driven by the community and is for the community. It’s an NFT project for those adventure-driven collectors, who really want to own some premium cool NFT’s.

Pixel Cowboys FREE MINTING

Right now, currently, FREE Minting of Pixel Cowboys NFT’s are happening and as promised, all the early supporters of the community will be rewarded with a FREE mint.

This is done for the first 25% of our NFTs and after 1750 cowboys (25%) has been minted, we will start airdropping tokens and NFTs to the early holders.

To mint an Pixel Cowboy and enter the FREE Mint, go to their website:

or you can also join their Discord where you’ll get all the details of the FREE Mint:

Pixel Cowboys Community Club NFT

Created by a team of 2 computer engineers, namely, Clint Eastwood ( Gustaf Sjölinder) and Billy the Kid ( Carl-Bernhard Hallberg), who created the Pixel cowboys with the western spirit and influences from the west, with a slight touch of modern pixels.

The fact that only 7000 Pixel Cowboys can ever exist. They have been into programming pixel games throughout their career, and they now decided that they would take all of their knowledge and experience into NFT’s, with their passion for the wild west.

The Pixel Cowboys consist of 7000 NFT’s and each one of them will be unique and special with various traits, styles, colors, properties and so much more.

The Cowboys come with different hats, capes, sunglasses, backgrounds, boots, and even miscellaneous items on the ground such as money pouches, gold, and much much more.

As the creators really want to reward early adopters, therefore, there’s a FREE Minting for gunslingers in the community, and 25% of the Pixel Cowboy NFT’s are minted, the price will be open to the public with a fair price of 0.025 ETH.

As a matter of fact, each Cowboy is unique and the moment you are one of them, you have a say in the community. Pixel Cowboys is extremely community-driven and all the changes in the project run through each of every one of cowboys.

Additionally, there are also going to be frequent giveaways for Cowboy holders and members also have the opportunity to win exclusive rewards. While, as a part of the community, members can also share ideas as to how they can make the project better.

Pixel Cowboys Community Club Roadmap

Build the Community ⭐ (Roadmap Reached)

  • The initial phase of the project, where we reach 500 members in our Discord.
  • Reach 500 Followers on Twitter
  • Fill 100 spots in the whitelist.

Launch the Website⭐ (Roadmap Reached)

  • Get the website up and running.
  • Update the roadmap, team, and other components.
  • Add minor changes to the site for a better user experience.

Grow the Community⭐ (Roadmap Reached)

  • Reach 3000+ Cowboys in Discord
  • Reach 1000+ Followers on Twitter

Start Giveaways⭐ (Roadmap Reached)

  • 2021 – 11 – 08 -> 2021 – 11 – 13 – Giveaway 10 WL spots
  • 2021 – 11 – 14 – Giveaway 1 FREE NFT
  • 2021 – 11 – 15 – Start Collab giveaways on Twitter and Discord

Finish the last Designs (Roadmap Reached)

  • Ask the community for new attributes.
  • Remove overflow pixels from every layer.
  • Iterate over each attribute one last time.

25% Minted ⭐

The early supporter of the Pixel Cowboys Community Club will be rewarded with a FREE mint. This is because our vision is to build a community-driven project where revenue is secondary and community comes first.

After 1750 cowboys (25%) have been minted, we will start airdropping tokens and NFTs to the early holders.

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50% Minted ⭐

When 50% is reached, a BIG ETH giveaway will take place. We don’t believe in one holder winning a massive price, but instead, we want to give this to 20 cowboy holders, making your chance greater to win some of the ETH.

Along with this, we will also giveaway 5 Pixel Cowboys NFTs to 5 cowboy holders.

100% Minted ⭐

After all the cowboys have been minted, a MEGA ETH giveaway will occur. This giveaway will be distributed to 50% of the cowboy holders, making the chances for each holder to win ½.

We believe that this is the best way to do it, as we want as many as possible in the community to benefit from the giveaways. We will also give away 10 Pixel Cowboys NFTs to 10 cowboy holders.

The Sheriffs

  • Clint Eastwood – “The Good”
  • Belle Starr – “The Bandit Queen”
  • Billy the Kid – “The Infamous outlaw and gunslinger”.
  • Harmonica – “The Mysterious”.

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