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PFP NFTs: Meet 20 of the Best Web3 Art Projects

PFP NFTs or Profile Picture NFTs are where it all started. The main purpose of these tokens and NFTs are for the owners to flaunt them on their social media by adding them as PFPs of their social media accounts.

PFP NFTs: Meet 20 of the Best Web3 Art Projects

PFP NFTs or Profile Picture NFTs are where it all started. The PFP NFT projects are the ones that are currently the most popular NFTs in the world. These projects started to raise into prominence in the year 2021 and are continuing still. The developers of such projects are making significant additions and changes in the projects that are adding a lot of utilities for the holders.

PFP NFTs are NFT projects which are a collection of artwork NFT or a digital token. The main purpose of these tokens and NFTs are for the owners to flaunt them on their social media by adding them as PFPs of their social media accounts. There are various NFT projects such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Azuki, CryptoPunks, Doodles, and many more. The PFP NFT collections are similar to trading cards and usually come in large numbers such as 10,000. But not all of these are the same. They are adorned by traits and characteristics which make some of them rare than others.

Though most of the PFP NFT projects are generative art. The artworks are generated by a process in which users add a lot of traits such as hair, body, background color, and many more in software. The software will then compile and create a huge number of NFTs in just a matter of minutes. With this, a lot of PFP NFT projects have been developed by various artists and developers.

There are a lot of PFP NFT projects in the NFT space that has become popular and garnered attention as time went on. In this article, you will find the top PFP NFT projects in the NFT space. The NFT projects in the list are ranked according to their overall sales volume.


CryptoPunks is probably the NFT project which everyone knows. Whether they may be someone not involved with NFTs or someone thorough with NFTs, everyone knows that the CryptoPunks NFT project is the epitome. This was the very first PFP NFT project in the Ethereum blockchain and paved the way for other PFP NFT projects. Possibly the most famous avatar collection ever created is CryptoPunks.

Punks were some of the first NFTs ever issued on the Ethereum blockchain. The project was launched on June 22, 2017, by product studio Larva Labs, before being bought by Yuga Labs in 2022. The 10,000 NFTs in the collection include humans, apes, zombies, and aliens. CryptoPunks invented the concept of generative trait combinations, which is still used as an inspiration by the majority of PFP projects today.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is probably the most famous PFP NFT project among the ones which were recently released. On 23rd April 2021, the BAYC NFT project was launched and there were 10,000 NFTs in total. In the initial stages, the project was not as popular as it is now and it took time for it to rise to prominence and value. Although it was only a matter of months that the project amassed great publicity and popularity. The ones who got into the project early and held onto the NFTs have become millionaires by selling the NFTs.

The NFTs are not just for holding and flaunting for the owners. They come along with a lot of utilities for the owners and are access to several exclusive spaces of the project. The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s community is widely believed to be its most intriguing feature by those working in the NFT field. It now includes collections like Mutant Apes, Kennel Club pets, and the slowly developing Otherside project.


Probably the PFP NFT project is the most eye-catching artwork. The Azuki NFT project is an anime-themed NFT project which was released on 12th January 2022. The project consisted of 10,000 NFTs. In no time the project became a buzz in the digital world and quickly came among one of the most prominent NFT projects.

Early on, the creators of Azuki made it clear that they wanted to build and own the biggest decentralized metaverse brand. Azuki was one of the NFT projects with the quickest growth rate ever observed in the field of anime-themed projects. Even a scandal was unable to stop Azuki’s progress. And although the project took some time to fully recover from its trauma, community opinion has only become better.

Clone X

Takashi Murakami, a well-known multimedia artist, and the metaverse fashion business RTFKT teamed up to create CloneX. It was released on 29th November 2021 and there were altogether 20,000 NFTs. The CloneX line, which offers a wide range of 3D NFTs, has had the entire NFT community on its toes with news of various Nike connections.

The inaugural CloneX PFP collection sold out in less than a day, and since then, the project has expanded to include a variety of side projects like Space Pods, MNLTHs, and more. The initial CloneX collection continues to grow in popularity among both new and seasoned NFT collectors due to the frequent and interesting virtual and real-world expansions.


Moonbirds is hailed as one of the best PFP NFT projects to be launched. It was developed by Kevin Rose as part of his Proof Collective. The NFT project was launched on 16th April 2022 and the total number of NFTs was 10,000. Moonbirds became one of the highest-earning NFT collections ever only a few days after its release when secondary sales volume reached around 100,000 ETH (about $300 million at the time).

The Moonbirds collection provides its collectors with a wide range of benefits in addition to the normal PFP NFT roadmap promises, such as the creative commons (CC0) license, which gives owners complete creative control over their NFTs.


Doodles NFT project is a collection of 10,000 NFTs which was released on 17th October 2021. The NFTs feature Burnt Toast’s unique line-drawn style and are among the top NFT projects. Only a few months after its introduction, Doodles immediately expanded its influence both inside and outside the NFT community. Although the Doodles creators’ privatization of the Discord before launch caused some outrage. Even though, a long variety of well-known celebrities have since bought in and even joined the project’s crew.

Cool Cats

Cool Cats NFT collection might be the best cat-themed NFT project to exist. The Cool Cats NFT project was released on 1st July 2021 and it comprised 9,999 NFTs. It is a community-driven project and the NFTs of the collection are flawless.

Starting from its release the NFT collection has managed to create a position for itself in the NFT space. It has received praise in the NFT community for being a charming and welcoming endeavor. The Cats have had their ups and downs, with the collecting floor reaching 10 ETH at one point thanks to partnerships with Ghxsts and TIME magazine. There was also an almost viral milk chug challenge. No matter what happens the Cool Cats project is still regarded as the treasured NFT project of the community.

World of Women

The World Of Women NFT project, which was released on 27th July 2021, rose to prominence in the NFT space. It consists of 10,000 NFTs and the aims of the NFT project are clearly devoted to its further development. Yam Karkai designed the traits and characteristics that adorn the World of Women NFTs.

World of Women quickly became a favorite within the NFT community thanks to the primary sale’s charitable donations and investment in crypto art. The project was signed with Madonna and BAYC Manager Guy Oseary.


Gremplin, an anonymous artist, developed the CrypToadz NFT project at the time when PFP NFT projects were the hype in the NFT world. Although, the inspiration behind the NFT project was clearly the CryptoPunks NFT project. The project became a hit because of the community. The project is the best instance of an independent artist raising into prominence because of the community.

Gremplin’s CrypToadz collection, which was initially created as a meme, amassed a quick and significant sales volume after going on sale. It was praised for being among the first significant projects to release under a CC0 license in addition to becoming one of the most significant PFP projects of all time.

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Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins is a collection of NFTs with a penguin theme that has gained notoriety in the NFT community. The NFT collection was released on 22nd July 2021 and the collection consisted of 8,888 NFTs. The collection has experienced substantial ups and downs since its debut, but it has nonetheless built a strong ecology of NFT lovers.

Despite Pudgy Penguins’ success in the second half of 2022, its history is tainted by founder controversy, which prompted the appointment of new management. With intentions to develop into a full-fledged entertainment brand, Pudgy Penguins and its sister line, Lil Pudgys, have begun to go outside the bounds of the blockchain.


The Goblintown NFT collection is a one-of-a-kind NFT project which came as an amusing project for the community. It represents all the emotions that an NFT collector went through when the NFT marketplace went down. So one can say that the NFT collection is a detailed analysis of the situation with NFTs and NFT collectors. The project was released on 20th May 2022, and there were 9,999 NFTs in the collection.

The project’s founders were clear about its nature from the beginning, as they said on the official website: “No roadmap. No dissent. No Utility, CC0.” The creators of Goblintown don’t seem to care that an NFT project needs to have significant utility in order to be regarded seriously, despite recent comments from numerous well-known NFT collectors to that effect.

Okay Bears

Okay Bears NFT project comes as one of the most significant and popular PFP releases on the Solana blockchain. The project was released on 26th April 2022 and it had 10,000 NFTs. It significantly contributed to the stabilization of the SOL PFP market by constantly ranking among the top 50 most valuable NFT collections on OpenSea.

Okay Bears has offered a collection that PFP enthusiasts can relate to, similar to BAYC. A lot of collectors are moving away from the Ethereum blockchain in favor of more cheap NFT trading, and Okay Bears are the perfect NFT collection they can get into. The project has demonstrated that Solana PFP projects have the potential to be just as successful as those created on Ethereum, which is contrary to anecdotal evidence in the NFT environment.

Invisible Friends

This is a well-known NFT collection and these are animated PFP collections. Invisible Friends was produced by the artist Markus Magnusson in association with the Random Characters Collective. The NFT collection was launched on 23rd February 2022 and it consisted of 5,000 animated NFTs. But despite their apparent invisibility, these NFTs continue to be a significant example of a PFP collection living up to expectations.

In this series, the invisible figures can be recognized by their attire, which ranges from designer sneakers or elaborate caps to daily clothing staples. To further tailor the characters’ attire and associated features, the team is working with the clothing company Kith.


The NFT influencer Sartoshi’s project, Mfers, offers NFTs that are based on his hand-drawn memes. It quickly became a hit PFP NFT project among the masses. Mfers was released on 30th November 2021 and altogether there were 10,000 NFTs in the collection. Sartoshi’s promise to collectors that there would be no roadmaps or secret incentives made Mfers special because he later withdrew and handed the project up to the community.

Sartoshi had already built up a sizable fan base on Twitter by disseminating memes, market observations, and general NFT maximalism way before releasing Mfers. With Mfers, the anonymous artist used the well-known “are you winning, son?” meme to comment on the ups and downs of the NFT market in a crypto-centric fashion.

Fluf World

Fluf World is a collection of 3D rabbit avatars created by a computer program using more than 270 attributes. The NFT collection comprises of 10,000 NFTs and was released on 7th August 2021. Each NFT in the collection is described as a metaverse-ready avatar that serves as a pass to a universe of premium material, online connectivity, real-world interactions, and more.

The project originally started as a stand-alone project, Fluf World has since grown into a sophisticated metaverse ecology that includes a wide range of secondary collections in addition to online and offline events. Fluf World’s IRL branch, Fluf Haus, continues to host unique in-person events at top-secret locations throughout the globe while the multifaceted metaverse project is still being built.

Creature World

A multidisciplinary artist from New York City named Danny Cole created the Creature World NFT collection on the basis of the Creature character he had created. The project is one of the most visually striking PFPs available and is based on lore that depicts the Creature’s quest to discover himself. The project was released on 28th August 2021 and it consists of 10,000 NFTs.

Creature World has reportedly attracted the attention of the NFT community, from an avant-garde online game to real-world playgrounds showcased at conferences like NFT.NYC. Danny Cole’s creation is just another example of independent artists establishing their own NFT microcosm through PFPs. It offers a welcoming, open community that even inspired basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal to join as a collector.


A PFP project with a zombie theme called Deadfellaz has grown to be one of the most popular and well-liked in the NFT community. The project was launched on 13th August 2021 and it consisted of 10,000 zombie NFTs. The project offers a variety of fascinating rewards and showcases a horde of cartoon zombies made by crypto artist Psych and his wife, Betty.

As one of the few spooky projects to endure, Deadfellaz naturally prospers in the autumn around Halloween and maintains a steady level of popularity throughout the rest of the year. Fellaz has thrived and changed the lives of its creators, working with artists like Steve Aoki and Cool Cats among others.

Psychedelics Anonymous

Psychedelics Anonymous is an innovative PFP NFT collection that centers around building and developing its community. The NFT project was launched on 23rd December 2021. The Psychedelics Anonymous Genesis collection consists of 9,595 NFTs and it is just one of the several collections of the project.

Within the Psychedelics Anonymous environment, each collection offers its owners certain advantages. Holders of the Genesis collection have access to limited-edition goods, wearables for the metaverse, real-world events, and more. They also have interoperability with the entire Psychedelics Anonymous NFT ecosystem.  

Sup Ducks

The Sup Ducks is a peculiar NFT collection and it was released on 15th July 2021. It oddly consisted of 10,001 NFTs. The developers of the NFT collection made this project with the aim to garner the best community and the art of this project is brilliant.

Sup Ducks debuted on the scene with intriguing, layered imagery and a straightforward “sup.” It appears that many people collected a Duck for the art PFP and stayed for the community, as evidenced by a vibrant Discord and a variety of past and present events.

Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult

In the NFT ecosystem, Forgotten Runes Wizards Cult is a magnificent and professionally-managed PFP project with a fantasy theme. It features a collection of pixel-art wizard NFTs with rich backstories and it was released on 30th June 2012. The project consisted of 10,000 NFTs. Forgotten Runes has endured the test of time, remaining relevant despite many ups and downs.

At first, Forgotten Runes became well-known for their original RPG-inspired concept and distinctive, animated minting procedure. The Forgotten Runes project team has developed initiatives as the collection has grown, including a conceptual realm or metaverse, a book of lore, a burn mechanism, companion collections, and more. These initiatives have led to Forgotten Runes challenging the legacy entertainment sector with a decentralized approach to IP rights and world-building.


It was the PFP NFT projects that first gained fame in the NFT world. Still, they are the leading type of NFT project. The developers of such NFT projects add a lot of utilities and benefits for the holders making them more compelling to the enthusiasts. These are just the 20 PFP NFT projects that have managed to become notable ones in the NFT space.

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